How to Use Quizzes to Drive Affiliate Sales

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If you’re a blogger, content writer, or internet personality – you’ve likely had your fair share of affiliate products, websites, and links. Every time one sells, you probably get a commission out of it, so driving affiliate sales is detrimental if you’re looking to make any money.

If you know what you’re doing and do it well, you can make quite a pretty penny from affiliate sales. But, no one was born an affiliate advancing expert, and quite a lot of content creators aren’t sure how to drive affiliate sales without harming their reputation or digital presence.

Worry not, as we have the solution for you. In this article, we’ll outline all there is to know about affiliate sales, how you can pump the numbers up, and why quizzes might be the best tool for the job.

What Are Affiliate Sales?

Affiliate sales are the products that are hyperlinked or promoted in your content. A company solicits a content creator’s services and entices them to include the companies products into the content. Every time that particular piece of content leads to a visit or sale, the content creator gains a commission.

Popular bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators can earn quite a considerable sum of money just out of affiliate sales. Companies have been approaching content creators for years, as this is an efficient way to broadcast their brand, services, or products to an already established audience.

In more technical terms, affiliate marketing is a process in which a content creator such as a blogger earns a preset amount of money for marketing a product by a company that has approached them.

At times, the affiliate (content creator) browses the company’s selection and selects a set of products to promote in their content. In other cases, companies send the affiliate a list of the products they want to promote, and the affiliate promotes them.

What Drives Affiliate Sales?

There are many things that drive affiliate sales, but all of them ultimately boil down to the content itself. If the affiliate links and products are well placed, promoted, and reviewed, chances are that the sales are going to drive up.

Catering your content towards affiliate sales isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially if you’ve never made sales before. Augmenting the revenue garnered from affiliate sales should be your priority as a content creator, but it shouldn’t infringe on the integrity, quality, and flow of your existing content.

Affiliate sales that are promoted too heavily can harm sales, your online reputation, and overall revenue – so you’ll have to pick your battles.

How Do You Drive Affiliate Sales?

If you’re looking to drive affiliate sales, you have two options –include them in your existing content, or create specific content to promote affiliate links.

Including affiliate links in your existing content is a great way to drive affiliate sales. This means you should subtly include links into your existing content without putting too much focus on them.

Lastly, the best out of the lot is to create affiliate sales-oriented content that is fun, engaging, and, most importantly, results in conversion.

Why Quizzes Make the Perfect Tool for Affiliate Sales

Suppose you’re looking to drive affiliate sales. In that case, the best thing you can do is create specific affiliate sales-driving content that markets the links directly to your audience without coming off as a salesperson. Depending on your particular industry, you can have many different ways to create affiliate sales-driving content, but by far, the best one across all industries is probably quizzes.

Quizzes have been a staple of the internet ever since the early days, as consumers love to answer questions, especially if the questions are about them. Through the use of quiz builders, you can make quizzes that include your affiliate links interestingly and engagingly, which means your audience is far more likely to interact with the links as opposed to including them in your regular everyday content.

Quizzes are incredibly useful in driving affiliate sales, which directly result in commissions.

How to Create an Affiliate Sales Driving Quiz

If you’re looking to create a quiz that will drive affiliate sales and result in a hefty and hearty dose of commission, you’ll have to put in some time, effort, and resources. Everyone can make a quiz these days, but not everyone can make a good quiz.

As a content creator, you’ll know how to appeal to your specific audience, and you’ll need to lay the grounds before you make a quiz that converts.

To make the process as streamlined, simple, and straightforward as possible, we’ve split it up into six easy-to-follow steps. Follow these, and you’ll make a fantastic quiz in no time.

Select the products

The first thing you’ll want to do as an affiliate marketer is finding the right products. If you can pick the products, you should browse, selecting the picks that best resonate with your audience.

Doing a little research on your existing audience and target demographic should tell you all you need to know about the products they might be interested in.

Pick a Platform

When you have the range of products you’re willing to affiliate market towards your user base, you’ll have to pick a top-of-the-line quiz builder, and in this case, that’s probably going to be ProProfs.

ProProfs is a well-established quiz creator that makes creating affiliate-driving quizzes a breeze. Using ProProfs is very easy, as it’s adept to almost all quiz creation purposes, from affiliate marketing to scholarly quizzing.

Think About the Questions

If you’ve found the right quiz creation tool, you can start to devise the questions you need to ask your audience. Think about what questions your audience wants to be asked, and when you do so, think about how you can include the affiliate links.

The easiest solution would be to base the questions on the products themselves, but this isn’t always the best solution. Depending on your target audience, the affiliate links, and your internet personality, you’ll need to concur with a different blend of questions.

Make It Engaging

Whatever the questions maybe, you’ll want to make them as engaging as possible. Add sounds, graphics, and other audio-visual stimulants to make your quiz that much more appealing to your audience.

Make It Brief

People on the internet don’t have hours on end to spend on awning your quiz, so you’ll need to make it short but sweet. The quiz should be centered around your audience with a tasteful dash of affiliate marketing, not the other way around.

Don’t try to market too many products at once – market as many as possible without infringing your content.

Promote It

After you’re finished with creating your quiz, it’s time to get it out there. You’ll want to give your quiz as much exposure as possible, and this means promoting it on all of your social media, your pages, and even your website.

The quiz’s integrity and quality are practically useless if no one does it, so you’ll need to put it out there as much as possible.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to dabble in affiliate marketing, you’ll need to use quizzes. Quizzes are known for their fantastic ability to earn you a commission check every month, as they continually outperform most other types of content for content creators.

Driving affiliate sales isn’t the most straightforward process globally, but if you use the right means and tools, it becomes far more comfortable and easy-to-do.

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