Here’s how the team at Game For Love uses Crowdfire to schedule posts

“We love how Crowdfire saves us time and how our team can use these extra 30 minutes a day to create content instead” -Alec (Marketing Coordinator)

Games For Love is a 501(c)(3) public Charity dedicated to easing suffering, saving lives, and creating sustainable futures for children.
Let’s understand how this non-profit organisation is saving 30 minutes a day via Crowdfire?

Before using Crowdfire

Alec found it inconvenient to log in and publish individually to each social platform.
Especially Instagram that needed him to switch to his mobile device to post making it more manual.
It would also take him a few more minutes than usual to create, schedule and then manually publish via notifications on the mobile app. He would have to type the caption/ text manually, copy it and then paste it to Instagram.

Using Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a one-stop social media management tool that allows Alec to manage his accounts under one roof and schedule posts with zero hassle.
For Instagram, Alec uses the direct posting feature that allows him to schedule posts on both, the desktop as well as the mobile app.

It also helps Alec save time by planning his content calendar and scheduling to multiple social accounts at once.

To sum it up, the team at Games For Love extensively uses Crowdfire and performs 4 tasks.

  • Creating content.
  • Scheduling them at the custom time and date.
  • Scrolling through the Calendar view. 
  • Looking back at the analytics of the published posts.

Here’s how Alec’s workflow looks like –

  1. He first creates the outline of the posts using different software.
  2. Strategically sorts the posts as per the dimensions for all the social accounts he’d be scheduling the posts for.
  3. Gets these posts reviewed internally.
  4. He then schedules them to the social accounts via Crowdfire using the “Custom Best time feature ”

Why Crowdfire?

Alec and the team spent a lot of time creating content and scheduling them manually for each social account.
The founder Nathan “Jetti” Blair who has over 17 years in the Nonprofit industry sat around with Alec to understand how Crowdfire could help them meet their social media goals.
This is when they gave Crowdfire’s 14 days trial a good spin only to realise the tool was a good fit and figured that they were ready to take the step, so they opted for a Premium subscription 💪

Games for love recommends Crowdfire!  

Crowdfire is a social media scheduling software available on both desktop and mobile platforms. It allows us to connect to multiple social media accounts and schedule posts for a future date.
The interface is neat, easy to use, and has all the available features one would expect from a scheduling software.

More reasons Games for Love prefers Crowdfire over any other tool!

  1. Content Curation-Crowdfire’s cool content curation feature, allows the team to gather information from topics in their niche for research. Helps them to gain more inspiration from the posts they scroll through and create unique 😃
  2. Analytics – The team finds the analytics available within the app very helpful for a quick overview of how each post is doing and also easily create reports within the app.
  3.  Customer Support- Oh and we’d like to quote Alec one last time, “The customer service has been awesome. We’ve received useful answers and support for our questions and concerns” 😎

Alec sounds like he’s getting all things right with his first attempt using a tool like Crowdfire.
If you want to be like Alec, you can give Crowdfire a good spin (for free) here

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