Online Customer Retention Tips to Win Back Lost Customers

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Have you ever lost potential customers from your business? How did you feel? Losing potential customers from your business is the most painful thing to go through in a business as they are always the main source of profit in a business. Most businessmen and women do not know how to handle this situation. Some of you may even lose hope and end up shutting down the business. Thus I will give you the customer retention tips to help you know how to win back lost customers through the social media platform. You should follow the following steps to help you win back the customers you lost back to the business to maximize your profit.

Get to Know the Lost Customers

How do you know whether a customer is lost or not? If a customer always makes a regular purchase from your company, say weekly, monthly, or at regular intervals like after every three months, it is easier to know whether he or she is lost. By this, you can identify them as lost customers when they miss coming for their regular purchase.


If a customer makes purchases, you can decide on the time frame to consider them as lost customers. After identifying them, your sales manager can now help you identify which customers to contact first, giving priority to high-value customers in terms of purchase.

Get To Know Why They Left

When you are targeting to win back your lost customers, the first important step is to get to know why they are lost. How do you do this? It can only be done by asking them why they’re lost through customer engagement methods and asking them different questions. Most customers may not complain to you, so they decide to keep quiet and look for services elsewhere.


It’s you to contact the customers and get to understand why they are lost. If your business website is outdated, look for SEO services to optimize it. This exercise can either help you get them back as your customers, and the information they provide will help you rectify the complaints so that the remaining customers do not leave for similar reasons.

Winning Back the Lost Customers

After identifying the lost customers and the reasons why they are lost, the next thing now is to look at ways of bringing them back as your customers. You should follow the following ways to help you bring them back.

  • Advertise Your Changes

After you’ve identified the reasons for your lost customers and have made the necessary changes based on the feedback they gave. Also, you need to let them and other prospective customers know that you’ve made these changes. After informing the customers of these changes, it will, in turn, to decide whether to come back or not. The prospects can also be interested in being your potential customers based on the changes you’ve made. His will, in return, increase the number of your customers.

  • Send Re-Engagement Mail

Sending the lost customers a re-engagement message through email can turn them back into active buyers. These messages should be persuasive enough and try to convince them to come back as your potential buyers. You can also decide to lower your prices by offering discounts and letting them know through these messages.

  • Meet the Lost Customers Face to Face

If you sell a high-value product, you may need to meet the lost customers face to face to convince them back as your active buyers. As people tend to believe in first-hand information said by word of mouth rather than recorded, these customers will also be convinced when they hear it from your mouth rather than sending them messages through different social network platforms.

  • Stick Around Them for the Catch

Customers may be lost due to their inability to buy your products, but the best option is not to give up on them. Instead, stay around them as you are looking forward to bringing them back as your active buyers. Get into their inbox, their social platforms, and send them motivational messages. By the time they are in a position to purchase these products you already have a good relationship with them.

  • Regularly Give the Customers Reminders to Bring Them Back

Instead of concentrating on your competitors, spend more time looking at how to bring back your lost customers. This will, in turn, boost the business outcome. In addition to this, give them reminders on your products. You can as well enhance product visibility though through various search engines such as Google and renowned websites.


To increase your number of customers, you need to look for a way to bring back your lost customers through the procedures mentioned above as they are the major source of profit in a business. But above all, you should try not to lose your customers rather bringing them back after they are lost since it is costly.

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