5 Ways to Personalize your Advertising Campaign on Social Media

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Social media has established itself as one of the ideal platform facilitating everyone in the advertisement of their business all over the globe. It is because of the huge audience that it enables you with. A perfect plan of social media advertising can enhance the leads and conversions of your business. Following up the recent research, there are around 3.48 billion active users of social media platforms around the world. And the numbers are still expected to increase with the timeframe.

Another research about social media advertising shows us that it’s growth will increase by 21% this year. The most interesting thing about social media advertising is that it has no boundaries, you can spend and approach the number of users you have in your mind. 5 ideal ways to personalize your advertising campaigns on social media are as follows.

1. Recognize Your Audience

The most initial part of your social media marketing plan is to identify your target audience. Analyze the nature of your customers, what age groups you will be targeting, the ratio of male and female users, and where they belong? These are some of the major questions that you need to know to target wisely. 

After you are done with the analysis of your customers, then you can collect relevant data by using advertising tools. Facebook pixel is one of the best that you can use for this purpose. After collecting all the data of your customers, feed it into your marketing campaign and now you can target them more effectively at social media.

2. Retargeting

It is also one of the most effective ways that facilitate you in personalizing marketing campaigns on social media. When a person visits and checks some of your products on your website. The data is stored using cookies on websites. You can then use that data and advertise similar products on social media platforms. It enables you to show only ads that your customers are interested in.

This way you can show your ads to the persons who have already checked your products on your website and it can immensely increase the conversion rate. Following this strategy, you can target the customers who have knowledge of the products and they are more likely to buy your product or service.

3. Social Proof

It is referred to as when someone buys your product or service and then further recommend it to people. It can facilitate you both in online and offline business. One form of social proof is when you hire experts for reviewing your product. The other form is hiring influencers to promote your brand.

 Most of the people also use incentive travel as a tool to motivate participants for the extraordinary level of performance in advertising your product all across the globe. According to a survey, 88% of social media users trust reviews of other users. Social proof can enhance your marketing strategy and give you a huge success.

4. Personalized Recommendation

Entertainment websites and emerging online stores analyze user behavior deeply. Both Netflix and YouTube are recommending shows and videos to its users. It is because it analyses the activities of the users like what they watched previously and then recommend them with personal recommendations. These recommendations are based on their previous activities on that platform. The same goes for the shopping stores as they recommend you products based on your previous purchases. It can enhance your marketing and advertising plan.

5. Quizzes and polls

It also plays an essential role in personalizing advertising campaigns on social media platforms. Many businesses nowadays use fun quizzes to engage with their audience. Interactive quizzes help you in grabbing the attention of the user and you can engage him better in this way. They analyze the nature and interest of their users and later use it in their marketing strategy.

It is also listed as one the ideal strategy to make your advertising campaign more attractive as social media users share valuable information with the businesses by using fun polls and quizzes. And, later they fill this data of those users in their marketing plan and target them with the right content at the right time. This way, they get more leads and conversions and runs an effective advertising campaign for their businesses.


Social media platforms have been recognized as the best and powerful marketing tool for advertising products and services. It has attained a lot of attraction for the users in terms of advertisement and marketing. People choose social media amongst other marketing tools as it has no limits and you can target a much wider audience here.

Another aspect of its attention is it is a lot cheaper than other marketing platforms. Within a few minutes, you can approach millions of social media users and convey your brand’s message to them. Personalized marketing campaigns on Social media platforms can be very effective and produce results in no time.

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