Here’s how Idea Hub Nepal is using Crowdfire to tell their story

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Our time in a day is limited and we need to make sure that we use it to do things that matter.

We all understand this and still, we end up putting in time, energy and efforts into the wrong direction. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, an entrepreneur or a creator, you need to make sure that you have a marketing plan that requires the least amount of time and effort so that you can focus on your work. 

To do this, you need to invest in the right tools.

Finding Crowdfire

That’s what Kamal Subedi, the CEO of Idea Hub Nepal did. 

Meet Kamal Subedi, CEO Idea Hub Nepal

Idea Hub Nepal is a registered voluntary, non-profit, national-level organization rendering social service. It is dedicated to working for the underprivileged & physically challenged people in Nepal, since 2015. They are committed to giving free accommodation, food, medical care, tuition fees, vocational training & computer training, etc., to the visually impaired students.

Amongst all this, it can be tough to find time to share their stories on the internet. But the fact is, these stories are important and these stories need to be told. So, Kamal did what any of us would’ve done. He went on Google to find a tool to help him solve this problem. When he typed “The best Social Media Management tool” in the search bar he found Crowdfire as one of the results. When he tried the product, he knew that it was made for him. 

Using Crowdfire

Idea Hub Nepal uses Crowdfire for 

  • Scheduling their posts.
  • Discovering curated content.
  • Reporting and Analytics.

Their workflow is simple 

  1. Schedule posts on all the Social network to make sure their accounts are active and their stories are heard.
  2. Discovering curated content based on their topics so that they can keep their timeline active even when there isn’t enough content getting created.
  3. Check Analytics and download PPT reports so that team can discuss their plans and progress.
  4. Analyse the data to improve their marketing plan.

Let’s understand Idea Hub Nepal’s Social Media management with Crowdfire in depth

Purpose of Social Media –

To reach the maximum audience and use Social media as a multiplier. 

One goal – Brand awareness!

Social Media is one of the ways how Idea Hub Nepal’s audience can know more about their vision and mission and can help them grow. They rely on being active on all the channels to reach this goal. The other important thing here is to spend as less time as possible in doing so.


General flow – Go to each Social network individually, post natively. Something that has to be done every day without a fail. 

Enter Crowdfire – Schedule weekly/ monthly content for all the Social networks on a single dashboard and forget about it.


General flow – Go to each Social network and download or copy paste analytics. Then create reports.

Enter Crowdfire – Build your report template using custom report builder and schedule to export it every month. Analytics delivered to your inbox.

Solving the BIG question – What to post on Social Media!

General flow – Create a content calendar. Fill it with interesting posts, articles, blogs, news and share them while they are relevant. Spend time looking for this content, find rich sources and always be on a lookout for something share-worthy!

Enter Crowdfire – Add your topics and find rich, share-worthy content curated just for you!

Want better brand awareness, traffic and better results from social media?

Try Crowdfire for free  


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