11 Advantages for Small Business Owners of Having a Website on WordPress

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When we talk about a website, it goes without saying that WordPress is one of the most used and friendliest open-source platforms to create. However, it usually happens that small business owners do not think that an investment in a website would worth much for their business.

Let us assure you that it is not right. Nowadays, a website is one of the most basic tools that a business should have, whether small or large. Considering how rapidly the business world is getting digitalized, you are sure to regret it in the upcoming years if you don’t get a website for your business now.

Moreover, if you believe that a website cannot do much good for you, take a look at the 11 advantages of a WordPress website for a small business owner.

User-Friendly Development

WordPress is not hard; thus, it doesn’t require much effort for someone who is properly familiar with WordPress. The platform consists of genetic coding options, easy-to-maintain features, and user-friendly plugins. All these provisions make WordPress’s components user-friendly. 

Prominent Designs to Increase Attraction

When potential customers visit your WordPress website, the first thing they see is the design and layout. And if you want them to appreciate the theme of your website—which can go a long way—you need it to be good. Because if it is not good, you can lose clients. A WordPress website solves this problem; it provides you with thousands of attractive and top-quality themes, free and premium. It also includes the plugins that suit your business and make it look more professional digitally.

Easier Customization than Other Platforms

In a small business, the availability of products and new arrivals change from time to time, and the business owner has to update such changes on a website. If you have a website on WordPress, you can easily customize it – add new things and erase old things – any time you want. That is a feature other sites do not provide you, such as Wix.com. Any trial of WordPress VS Wix would tell you that WordPress is better.

Innovative and Stable 

WordPress is innovative. It features time-to-time updates to expand the attraction and functionality of your website, so you can conduct your business with more opportunities. Moreover, despite the updates and a large pool of features, WordPress never goes down or exhibits any glitches. It is as stable as you would like your business to be.

Blogging Capability 

WordPress blogs are one of the great ways to increase the traffic on your website and lure in the target audience. Since the blogs are easy and simple to use, a business owner can create targeted keyword-rich content in the blogging section to promote their business and share knowledge. 

Optimum Security

Unlike other platforms where business owners are afraid to create websites because of leaks and hacks, WordPress features optimum-level security. Undoubtedly, WordPress is the most used CMS software in the world. That is why hackers always try to get through it and steal information. 

However, to disable the hacking attempts, WordPress offers modern tools and techniques for developers to use in order to make their site secure. If a website owner uses updated software and enables all the security recommendations, WordPress wouldn’t allow any funny business.


Worldwide stats show that the most used source of shopping is a mobile phone. And sales are the heart of the business. Considering how almost all online shoppers in the world use a cellphone to buy and sell, it is important for every small business owner to allow their website to be visible and functional on a cellphone too. 

In that case, WordPress helps the businessperson out. A WordPress allows your business website to be comprehendible on mobile phones, so you can reach your target audience easily.


There is no doubt in the fact that WordPress allows you to be as flexible with your website as you want it to be. There are literally thousands of elaborate themes and over 22,000 plugins for you to choose from. Using such features, you can allow your website to stay updated to the rapidly changing trends of the digital world.

For instance, you can install SEO plugins (Like Yoast SEO) for search engine optimization (SEO) and social media plugins for social media marketing of your site. 

From the vast and diverse library, the installation of such plugins is very easy and straightforward and takes only a couple of minutes, unlike other CMS platforms. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most unique and exclusive tools you can use to increase traffic on your site and, consequently, improve the profitability of your business. Where other platforms make it challenging for you to incorporate SEO in your website, WordPress makes it a piece of cake.

WordPress simplifies the use of keywords in your site’s URL and eases the input of Title, Heading Tags, and meta descriptions. Moreover, with the availability of easy-to-use plugins, you can make your WordPress website rank higher on Google and get frequent visits from customers that would definitely raise the bar of your sales.

Speed and Efficiency

You have made your website, but do you want it to perform? With full speed and efficiency? Well, that is something you don’t have to worry about. It might seem a little hard to believe, but you can build your website on WordPress in just a day, with pictures and pre-written content. We do not encourage that you hurry the process and create something just for the sake of creation, but the point is, you can do it as quick as possible. 

A lot of people argue that other CMS software offers more options and benefits than WordPress, but not even a single one of them would offer all features at once, and none of them will provide the value and efficiency as high as WordPress. Therefore, to speed up your operations of the business, incorporate a WordPress website.

Community and Support

You don’t need to have any special and technical knowledge about software and coding to create a website on WordPress. As said above, WordPress allows you to create a website as quick as in 24-hrs. That is because WordPress appreciates membership-based websites and communities, allowing everyone to choose from huge amounts of features in exchange for a little price.

The WordPress community is large, and it includes thousands of technicians and software engineers on various worldwide platforms to assist you in your problems and support your business. 

Final Word

It is a must for your small business to have a website to stay profitable and successful in the upcoming years. The question is: do you want your website to be as effective and efficient as possible? If yes, then WordPress is where you need to launch your Website. 

It features a free version; however, the premium version has a lot of different themes, plugins, tools, and techniques. Thus, it is cost-effective. The website features regular updates as the trends change.

Since a lot of businesses are using WordPress websites, it provides you surety that your business also has the potential to rank higher and more profits.

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