Social Media Updates this week [Apr 10 — Apr 16, 2021]

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So now you will able to decide if you want to show your likes or hide them.

  • Remember we talked about Instagram for children, that is not happening.

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  • Introduces responsible Machine Learning initiative.

This will eventually impact the algorithm.

Responsible ML consists of the following pillars:

  • Taking responsibility for our algorithmic decisions
  • Equity and fairness of outcomes
  • Transparency about our decisions and how we arrived at them
  • Enabling agency and algorithmic choice

Researching and understanding the impact of ML decisions. We’re conducting in-depth analysis and studies to assess the existence of potential harms in the algorithms we use. Here are some analyses you will have access to in the upcoming months:

  • A gender and racial bias analysis of our image cropping (saliency) algorithm
  • A fairness assessment of our Home timeline recommendations across racial subgroups
  • An analysis of content recommendations for different political ideologies across seven countries

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  • Will soon offer campaign budget optimization across platforms.

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  • Launched new legal action over attempted domain name abuse scams. Read more.
  • Added new volunteer features for Earth day and share new data on climate change awareness.

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  • Added new scheduling options for Instagram and Facebook Stories.

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  • The independent oversight board will now be able to hear a broader range of content appeals.

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  • Launched new vaccine awareness prompts in news feeds to help maximize take-up.

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  • Added ‘stay-at-home mom’ and other job title options to help address career gaps.

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  • Launched a new AR art project which places digital ‘monuments’ across LA.

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  • Coming soon: Previews to ads and product display options.

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  • The android version is almost there.


  • Reddit clubhouse clone might be on its way.

The front page of the internet may be getting a voice.

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That’s all folks!

Please leave kind comments on anything I might have missed.

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