10 tips to stay motivated with your Instagram content

We’re all going through a time we’ve never imagined, some of us are on the other side and some of us are trying to stay put and look at the bright side of what’s ahead.
In these difficult times, it’s very natural to face social media burnouts, creativity blocks and not feel our best. But, life goes on and so do our efforts to bring together our Instagram content ideas and hacks that keep us motivated while keeping our Instagram account active and engaging.

While monotony, boredom, and the constant need to keep creating content can get to us and cause demotivation, Instagram as a platform keeps you on your toes. Especially, because there is no specific way or guide to reach your goal and relax and the algorithm is slightly tricky to crack.

Here are 10 tips that will definitely help us stay motivated with our Instagram content.

1. Do your research

Browse, read, read more, and then again, to stay updated. Learn, unlearn, fill in your knowledge pits and keep grasping information. Bookmark sites posting relevant content.
This is because it is super important to understand what’s new and trending, know what other people are putting out on social media and specifically on Instagram. What works for who and how you can implement something makes it easier to fit in learnings for your own little social media strategy.

2. Pick a planning day

We all have our days where we can instantly think of something Instagram-worthy, upload, type the caption, and post. But, that’s not the best thing to do while managing Instagram accounts as a creator or a business.
Having ideas put from brain to notebook or a digital doc makes it easier to create content that works best for you or your business.
So choose a planning day every week or two every month and brainstorm on ideas and the kind of content you’d like to create, schedule, and publish.

3. Seek inspiration

Look around, scroll mindfully, consume content related to your space.
You can source information, bookmark some, save more on Instagram and recreate something that resonates with you or your business.

There is something for everybody who keeps an eye out to seek inspiration and create content based on what you’ve grasped!

4. Take care of yourself

There is nothing more important than a calm mind and body in order to give your whole.
Your creativity, inputs, and quality of work depend a lot on how you take care of yourself. So, take that day off, reduce your screen time, meditate, consume positive content, rest well, play your favorite music, move your body, do what is a happy therapy for you, practice gratitude journaling and remember to put your mental health first.

5. Use a grid planner

Also, the way your Instagram feed looks and interests someone who lands on your profile plays an important factor in deciding to hit the follow button or not.
Using an Instagram planner like Planoly or Preview makes it easier to place images, pick and rearrange and plan your Instagram feed.

When you have your feed planned, it automatigically keeps you thrilled to create + add more content to the grid and motivates you to maintain it.

6. Create an Instagram content calendar

A content calendar is a list of important dates, posts, images, captions that you’d like to put out on your Instagram account. It also has different promotional events and collaborations you may plan along with the time and date to be published.

Apart from this, the content calendar serves as a good source of what has already been published in the past. It also makes a pool of inspiration.

7. Schedule posts ahead of time

Imagine having a set of posts that are planned and scheduled for the next 30 days or more.
For this, all you have to do is, plan in advance, pick an app that helps you schedule posts on a future date, and publishes on your behalf.  One such app is Crowdfire, a social media management tool that helps you manage your Instagram accounts.

All you have to do is create multiple posts, add the captions, set a “Post per day” to publish, and let the app take care of publishing posts on your behalf based on the time and date you set. And, you do not have to look back at it for the next three weeks.

You can also choose to publish at “Best time” where Crowdfire scans the time your Instagram account is engaging the most based on your activity.
This tool also helps you save time, publish on the weekend or days you’re not available, and has your back in times you lack motivation.

Instagram content

8. Repurpose content

One of the best ways to cover up a social media content burnout is by repurposing content that has already been published.
For example, if you’ve uploaded a tutorial on YouTube, you can pick points and create fun Instagram stories, or a reel, or a carousel.
Here’s one example of a creator who created a tiny snippet as a reel of a video that was earlier uploaded on YouTube

You can also use templates by Canva, to re-purpose content that you’ve published earlier.
Like quick blog headers, or 5 tips that you shared on Facebook, and so on.

9. Find your HPP (Hyper productivity pockets)

HPPs are small tiny pockets of time when you’re super productive.
These could be early in the mornings or late in the night when your surroundings are the calmest. For some, it’s at an odd hour and a specific corner of the room too.

It’s important to trace these HPPs for yourself and wrap up all your main tasks around Instagram post ideas and content calendar creation during these hours.

10. Four-One-One rule

There is no rule that is definite or works for everyone.  These stand handy in times when your motivation drops and you need something to bring you back to creating content and keeping your Instagram account active and engaging.
So when you’re at a low, you can follow the 4-1-1 rule that suggests you should publish 4 posts with new content (mix of original + content curated), 1 self-promotion or soft-selling post, and the last one could either be a repost or a hard-selling post.
Also, remember to entertain and inform your audience first, sell to them second.

That’s all folks!
Let’s plan ahead of time and stay motivated to keep our Instagram accounts on point ⚡️

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