How to get the verified blue tick on Twitter

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We all have been waiting for this day! Twitter verification process is back and so I’m with all the information you need to get verfied.

Eligibility criteria for Twitter verification

To qualify for verification, you must fit the criteria of one of the six categories listed below:

  • Government
  • Companies, brands and organizations
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and gaming
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

Eligibility criteria.

How can you apply to get verified?

Over the next few weeks, everyone on Twitter will start to see the new verification application directly in the Account Settings tab. If you don’t see it right now, don’t worry, it will be available soon.

Here’s what the application flow will look like:

Once you submit your application, you can expect an emailed response from Twitter within a few days, but this could take up to a few weeks depending on how many open applications are in our queue.

If your application is approved, you’ll see the blue badge automatically on your profile.

If you think they made a mistake, reapply 30 days after receiving our decision on your application.

Good luck!

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