Instagram content ideas to keep your account active and engaging in 2021

It’s easy for a marketer to fall into the gloom with the creative block they struggle with more than a few times to put out original content.
Especially for Instagram, apart from battling the algorithm, it gets a little more difficult if your Instagram account has a theme and a definite colour palette as one is restricted by the aesthetics of what goes out.

But, this burnout should not stop us from ensuring our Instagram game is 💯 and it’s also one reason you’re reading this post!

Let’s get to all the different kinds of content that you can publish on your Instagram account to keep it active + engaging ✨

Content for your Feed

1. Product post:

Instagram started off as an image sharing platform that allowed only square photos to differentiate itself from other photo-sharing apps. The most popular type of content on Instagram is on the feed. You can share pictures focusing on your product.

2. User-Generated Content (UGC):

While original content is great to have, UGC is the best because your audience would always trust fellow consumers than what you say about your own product.
It also gives your brand an entirely different perspective while blessing your feed with good engagement.

3. Contest/GiveAways:

Who doesn’t like Freebies?😝
It’s always a good idea to give your followers/ users in order to get love and organic following!
Publishing giveaways are one of the nicest ways to let your audience feel special and also win something.
As a brand, you can collaborate with other brands to host giveaways.
Here’s how a scrunchie company collaborated with a cookie store and luxury flower boutique to host a giveaway!

4. Seasonal posts and Quotes:

These could be Holiday season posts, Sale posts, simply a quote to motivate someone and bring a smile on their face or festive wishes like this one by Crowdfire

5. Infographics:

It’s one of the best ways to put out a lot of information in a single post or a few more.
The more animated, colourful and informative the post, higher would be the engagement.
Here’s a guide to creating infographics that’ll make picking a tool easier based on the type of content you’d like to share with your audience.

6. Carousels:

You can add about 10 photos or videos as a single carousel post that one can swipe through.
It could be a few images of products from a new launch or a post around how-to style a Burberry scarf in different ways like the one below –


1. Instagram live:

One way to closely connect with your audience is to go live and interact on a personal level through comments and having candid conversations.
Saving these live videos as an IGTV helps you to create one extra post to put on your feed.
Can we say IGTV is one of the cool features Instagram gave us? 😁

2. Product Demo or Tutorial:

IGTV lets you add videos that could be 15 to 60 mins.
A quick product demo, a how-to video, a tutorial or a guide like this one by Tricolate Coffee or a tutorial of how to use the image recommendation feature on Crowdfire would make perfect content for your IGTV!

3. Bloopers:

While sharing well-crafted posts, edited videos and aesthetically pleasing content is great for the feed, it’s also necessary to let out the real snippets of what goes behind creating content.
Bloopers are a fun way to put out one extra piece of content while assuring your audience you’re only human and can make them giggle or put them through a fit of laughter 😂

4. Elaborate QnA:

Your audience will always want to know more and have a lot of their questions unanswered. A quick Instagram story asking to drop their questions in the recent post or DM would serve as good engagement and a one-stop for you to go through the questions and then record a video answering them in a way your audience would relate best.


1. AMA (Ask Me Anything):

The Question Sticker is another way to engage with your audience. It’s as simple as adding the sticker to your story and wait it out till you get replies as a notification. You can share these replies with your answer while choosing to keep the questioner anonymous.

2. Polls:

Instagram has stickers that allow you to add a poll, slider emoji and also a quiz to your Instagram stories.
This would be super helpful to hear your audience, know them better and get them to engage with your content.

3. Templates:

There are plenty of tools available to create templates and share content in a more beautified way. These templates could be sharing a collage or just a fun activity to up your engagement game.

4. BTS:

I think we all love raw behind the scene content. It creates an image and allows your audience to know the “real you” behind the Instagram page.
The best part about these posts is that it does not have to be polished and can be put out at any time for your followers to feel closer to the brand and you.
Here are a few stories of a Celebrity Chef who takes us through a day in her life at her dessert HQ!


1. Repurposing / Plug-ins:

Instagram’s newest feature allows you to create fun 15 seconds and 30 seconds videos. It is one of the best ways to extend the life of content. This means you can stitch a few snippets from a full-fledged YouTube video and share it as a Reel just like how Robin from – Bakery behind the door did here

2. How — to’s :

You can create short how-to videos or clips with quick tips, steps and tricks like this cool phone photography/videography reel by Zono

3. Challenges:

This content is subjective to trends on the gram. Like the #thisandthat challenge or the #HandGestureChallenge or recreating a #dancechallenge.
Here are some more content ideas for Reels 😉

Bonus: Highlights & Guide

Instagram also included Guide as the newest feature and here’s how a protein bar brand – The Whole Truth added a guide – The Whole truth about sugar 

They also share stories about clean ingredients, the process, reviews, product updates, BTS, informative reels and save them all under highlights –

That’s all folks! 🙌
Let’s go work on our Instagram content now? 💪

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