How To Create A Conversion-Oriented Landing Page

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Creating a high conversion isn’t that hard, but it takes tremendous amounts of time to make it work. A landing is how you showcase your brand to your prospects.

Therefore, a landing page should answer all the questions of the customers, which makes them convert. For that, you need to go above and beyond to research what they want and need.

But how can you create a landing page that will boost the conversion rate? Read on further; you’ll know all about it.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is either a homepage, standalone page, or any other page that helps prospects convert. The objective of a landing page is conversion, either asking the prospects to fill out a form, subscribe to a weekly newsletter, or even straight buy the product or service.

There has always been confusion understanding the difference between a landing page or homepage. Well, the only difference between them is how a prospect finds those pages.

A homepage is found via word of mouth, or social media, while a landing page is found via organic searches by utilizing the relevant keyword.

Digital marketers work on driving traffic to the landing page, enticing the prospects to convert. They leverage various marketing channels to drive traffic, it could be either from social media marketing, running ads on Google and other search engines, or even emailing the prospects directly.

There’s no one size fits all in terms of conversion rate. It depends on several factors, including the industries and their goals.

How To Start Building Conversion-Oriented Landing Page?

As we said for there’s no secret formula to generate a high-conversion landing page. So, your process of designing a landing page should start from understanding the industry and your niche. You should then know how to leverage your brand’s value propositions to provide the best experience to your prospects that land on your website.

Split A/B testing is a good way to determine the result of your landing page. But you need to refrain from devising landing pages solely based on instincts or intuition. As it could adversely affect your business as a whole.

So, you need to constantly work on testing and optimizing your landing pages. As it will help you make better conversions in the long run. Rather than using intuitions, you can try out heatmaps and tracking and analytics tools that will help monitor your prospects’ behavior when they land on your website. That, in turn, will provide you valuable data that you can leverage to iterate your designs and improve your conversion rate.

Essentials Of Conversion-Oriented Landing Page

Compelling Above-The-Fold Content

Above-the-fold content makes a tremendous impact on your conversion rate. It refers to all the visible content when your landing page is loaded and displayed to your prospects. So, include all the important elements on the above-the-fold screen that will help improve your conversion rate.

Nielsen Norman Group leveraged their eye-tracking software found that 57% of users spent their time viewing above-the-fold content. As you can see in the image below.

Graph: Percentage of Viewing Time

Image Source: NN Group

The study above makes it all more important for businesses to spend time iterating on above-the-fold content. Because only then will your prospects view the rest of the content.

That’s why almost all the major brands incorporate important and eye-grabbing information on the above-the-fold screen to capitalize on their marketing efforts.

Create A Headline That Makes An Impact!

A headline can make or break the conversion rate or even business. did split testing of their headline and came up with a dynamic that helped increased 9.52% of their conversion rate. The left one is the outdated one, the other is the optimized one.

Comparison Of Control Variation Of The Ab Test On Imsider

Image Source: VWO


Generally, the main objective for the prospects is what your landing page benefits the prospects. And they can get by clicking on call-to-action. So, when you create a landing page, you need to address your prospects’ pain points and provide a solution in a time-sensitive manner that they won’t hesitate a second from clicking the CTA.

No matter how you strategize to invoke enticement to your prospects, always ensure iterate and split test to optimize your landing page.

An Attention-Grabbing Sub-Headline

A compelling sub-headline should always complement the headline. As a result, it will help the prospect to take action. When creating a subheadline, you need these tips to impact your prospects’ minds.

You need to make the subheadline short and sweet. Showcase your unique selling point that will solve the prospects’ problem and provide a compelling CTA that will tempt them to take action.

Let’s take an example of Slack’s homepage.


Image Source: Crazy Egg


The headline “Where Work Happens” clearly informs the prospects why they should sign up for a Slack account. It hooks the attention of their prospects right away.

Moreover, in the sub-headline, Slack tells the main features of using which businesses can leverage to better manage their operations.

In the end, “Get Started” prompts the prospects to sign up and get started to streamline their business processes.

How To Devise A Sales Copy

When you’re devising a sales copy for your landing page, you need to address your prospects’ pain points. In this way, it will pique their interest in reading what you have to say. Basically, there are three important aspects that prospects look for in a sales copy.

  • Does the value proposition on the landing page solve my problem?
  • Does it answer all my questions?
  • How much time would it take the read the landing page?

When you cater to all the essential questions with valid answers, it will improve your conversion rate.

The Color Psychology And How To Leverage Them

The colors and layout are key factors of your landing page that make a lasting impression on your prospects’ minds. To effectively leverage colors on your landing page, you need to have a thorough understanding of color psychology.

Most importantly, the colors you choose and branding should resonate with your brand. Moreover, you should know a thing or two about contrasting colors. That will complement your text while providing aesthetics visuals to engage the prospects.

Here’s an illustration of color psychology, showcasing the meaning of each color.

Psychological effects of colors

Image Source: User Testing

In recent times, orange has most commonly used in various major brands, including HubSpot, Neil Patel, TekRevol, among many others.

When you understand color psychology, you will better blend the right color combination to boost conversions from your landing page.

Selecting And Incorporating Relevant Images

Aesthetically appealing visuals are a great tool to compliment your colors and text. However, you need to leverage the right image in the right context of the landing page to draw attention to your prospects.

One of the prime examples of leveraging the right image for your landing page is POSist, which offers a SaaS solution for restaurants. The image below showcases the split test of their homepage.

Comparison Of Control Variation Of The Ab Test On Posist

Image Source: OVW

The image on the left showcases a protagonist holding the tablet, while the image on the right is solely based on graphics.

The image on the right helps in improving leads to 16%, which is an astounding figure. It goes to show the importance of using the right image for your landing page.

Prominent CTA button

Having a prominent CTA is an elementary tactic to boost your conversion rate. Therefore, you should always iterate on CTA and split test to get the best results.


Variant 1

13.18% conversion rate

Variant 2

Image Source: Klient Boost

There is one major change in the image above. The variant 1 CTA had the same color as the background, while on the other one, the CTA is effectively utilized the contrasting orange color. Thus, highlighting the main objective of creating the landing page in the first place. The simple change in color help boosts the conversion from 9.57% to 13.18%.

Another example is of TekRevol,

Variant 1

Variant 2

Image Source: TekRevol

A simple tweak on the CTA of “Get Quote” and “Let’s Build” made a significant difference, boosting the conversion rate from 4.79% to 9.46%. That’s the power of utilizing prominent colors for CTA.

Social Proofing: Trust Badges and Logos

Creating trust and confidence is the decisive factor in boosting conversion rate. When you incorporate awards, badges, and logos of your well-renowned clients, it will build trust into prospects’ minds. Most of the time, prospects only see your awards and famous clients’ logos to decide on doing business with your brand.

Moreover, you can also incorporate testimonials and customer reviews on your landing page. It’s one of the best marketing strategies as prospects are inclined to believe in happy customers instead of sales copy.

88% of consumers are reported to trust online reviews as much as their friends’ recommendations.

Not only that but also 72% of consumers are reported to trust the brand that has positive reviews.

These stats are sufficient to understand the sanctity of incorporating social proof into your landing page.

Devising Landing Page Form

When you’re incorporating a form on your landing page, you need to work on the layout and the design. As it will tremendously impact your conversion rate. It goes without saying if you iterate on your form will result in better conversions.

One of the best ways to optimize for landing page form is to include as few form fields as possible. This is because filling too many fields in the form is downright boring, and prospects don’t have enough time for all that. So, better include one or two form fields to make the most out of your landing page form.

Incorporate Live Chat Option

After all your marketing effort, sometimes it still fell short, but it shouldn’t have to go all in. You can leverage live chat on your landing page so that your prospects can easily clarify their queries and confusion promptly by chatting with your brand’s sales representative.

It will also give you a chance to push sales directly when you get in contact with a potential lead.

Parting Words

When you optimize your landing pages leveraging these tips, your conversion rate will become much higher than your competitors. You can utilize various strategies to drive conversions, including running ads on search engines, social media marketing, or even SEO.

These marketing strategies will drive traffic to your landing page and have a higher chance of conversions and achieving sales.




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