5 best way to integrate search engine and email marketing

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Email Marketing and Search Engine Marketing are two different ways of marketing. Both are commonly used for driving traffic towards your website. In email marketing, you invite each prospect with an Email wherein SEO/PPC the prospects come naturally to you. The very thing which matters most in both cases is the content.

Aligning your SEO strategy with your email marketing campaigns will not only save you time—you’ll see some great results. There are many exercises and marketing methods in the digital marketing world that act as jigsaw pieces in a company’s overall marketing strategy. Whatever the niche, every industry will have certain marketing tactics that work for them, but every single business should understand how their SEO (search engine optimization) efforts can work in harmony with their email marketing strategy, to further drive results, therefore enhancing both their lead-nurturing and sale funnel.

Your content needs to be so appealing, that the traffic would consider your website worth visiting. Once your content starts losing a good gist in it, the email subscribers will lose interest and search engines will also stop ranking you in a good visible position. A good SEO gets you traffic and some of them ultimately will be converted into prospects. While email marketing strategy is a kind of inbound marketing strategy for the companies.

As the medium and art of generating leads in both cases are completely different, it is difficult to integrate both platforms for a single purpose. Undoubtedly, the integration will make a good lead generation for you but it should be done minutely. Let’s discuss the five best ways both strategies can be combined.

The inclusion and Exclusion techniques



You can use historical data from your email marketing campaign to create custom lists in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing, and other channels. The historical data obtained from your Email marketing campaign could help you in making a custom list for your ad promotion purpose. The process includes two techniques as below.

  1. Exclusion of incurious
  2. Inclusion of sleepings

Exclusion of incurious

In exclusion, you can exclude the people from showing the promotional ads who are not interested in your ads. Suppose, you have a list of the people with whom you have started your email marketing campaign from the last six months. There are some who are seeming interested and some of them are not interested in you. Make a list of those people who are interested and run Ad considering their demographic, gender, ethnicity, and other parameters. This will save time on manual research and bring you a handsome amount of leads.

Inclusion of sleepings

On the opposite side, you can include the customers who have enjoyed your services in the past. They are active in the business with you but now they have stopped doing so. Now, study their responses and purchase patterns to make changes in your Ads as per their preferability. You can either ask them about their disinterest or changes they want in your content and offers. Then make some development in your Ads copy, headlines to attract those customers. It will retain or re-engage the customers who have stopped business with you.

Link Building and Traffic Engagement Through Email-



Search engine traffic provides a good flow of leads over time. But, making people come to your pages and filling the form on your pages is not so easy. Your email marketing campaign can help here. You can distribute content like infographics, and blogs gist in your emails to redirect traffic. This will grow your reach and authority of the pages. Once the traffic starts coming to your pages, you can place a form out there for lead generation.

The Subject Lines A/B test


Investing in search Ads or PPC will cost you, only if you are not getting ample leads out of it. Your planning for PPC ad making should be error-free and you should avoid the common mistakes. The ad copies, headlines, and offers need to be appealing and should be visible where they needed to be shown.

You must be doing A/B tests on various subject lines and ad copy for your search ads promotion. The findings from those A/B tests, help to know about the most engaging ad copy or headlines.

You can collaborate those headlines and ad copies simultaneously for your Email campaign and in your search ads promotions. Now email the prospects who are engaged with the most perceived headlines and ad copy. Only CTR on your ad won’t help you until the prospect hires you.

Now, you have the data, connect them through email to ask them their preferences. Similarly, you can run search ads using the most engaged subject lines, and email content vice versa.

Email marketing can help you optimise keywords for SEO


As you have been doing email marketing for a long time, you must have a good amount of historical data.

The data could help you to know about the most earned click-through rates topics and offers you have circulated in your email content. Now, pick the data and keywords to utilise in your search engine optimization efforts. Those keywords will help in ranking high on SERP.

When both seen unitedly in a single platform- Gmail ad




Gmail ads are now intensively being used by companies. It has a great result on the campaign performance. The promoters use Gmail to run those ads because it has been a habit of most of us, checking Gmail frequently. These ads are shown as ads in the promotion section of Gmail. It expands when it is clicked. It can be an infographic or an article with a landing page link or form.

Using PPC to intensify Email Click-Through Rate



Don’t be in a hurry for starting an Email campaign. A general human behavioural tendency says, people will follow that, what they have heard of several times before. The incentive from a proper PPC campaign can help you achieve a greater RoI, that is why PPC will make you forget everything. You can run a PPC ad with the same content, headlines, and offers which will be going to be used in your next email campaign. Let the Ad be famous and attract attention for two to three days from people. Then launch your email campaign, because look-alike email content will grab the prospect’s attention more. Now, keep the ad for a few more days after completion of the email campaign to provide more success to your email campaign.


Email marketing provides us access to a pile of historical data. The perceiving methods of every customer to an EMail is different. Some are incurious to even open it, or some will express their wants, or some will negotiate with you and so on. You can grade every choice into a niche and target accordingly. The niche marketing here will help in SEO for keyword stuffings, guest posting and link building and same for ad making as well. Hence merging Email marketing with Search Engine Marketing would be beneficial for your business.

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