Social Media Updates this week [June 12 — June 18, 2021]

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What happened on Social Media this week 👇

  • Added group fundraisers, facilitating new awareness opportunities.

“Offline fundraising is often a group activity, from things like walk-a-thons, to bake sales, to concerts, and we wanted to bring that same sense of community to Instagram fundraisers so people can activate together around a single cause. 100% of the funds go directly to the nonprofit you’re raising money for, too.”

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  • Launched Reels Ads in all regions.

Reels ads will be full screen and vertical, similar to ads in Stories, and will appear in between individual Reels. As with regular Reels content, these ads will loop and can be up to 30 seconds. People can comment, like, view, save and share Reels ads.

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  • New @Mention controls are coming soon.
  • Hosts will soon be able to download audio file of their space.
  • Emoji-styled reactions are almost here.
  • Is developing a new way to re-create text styles based on an example image.

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  • The ‘smart crop’ feature for automated video editing is now available in Creator studio.
  • Shared new insights on the effectiveness of its blood donation alerts program.

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  • The first live test of new Facebook ‘audio rooms’ feature in the US happened.
  • Shared insights into key topics of discussion across Facebook and Instagram in Q1.

Top topics 👇

  1. Travel Photography
  2. Streetwear
  3. All-Inclusive Resort
  4. Body Positive Movement

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  • Launched new gaming fan groups as part of its broader push into the gaming space.
  • Added a range of new group admin tools, including an updated dashboard and ‘conflict alerts’.

Admin home, a new one-stop shop to manage your community.

Tools to help moderate conversations and potential conflict:

  • Restrict people who don’t qualify to participate based on several options, such as how long they’ve had a Facebook account or how long they have been a member of the group.
  • Reduce promotional content by declining posts and comments with specific links, with the ability to provide feedback for the author, so they can edit their post and re-submit it for review.
  • Use suggested criteria from Facebook to help defend the group against spam, maintain positive discussions and resolve conflicts within the group. Admins can browse, add and edit that criteria to meet the needs of their group. Admins have the option to undo specific actions from Admin Assist, or to change and refine criteria over time.
  • In situations where it may be helpful to slow down a conversation, admins can temporarily limit how often specific group members can comment, and control how often comments can be made on certain posts that admins select.

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  • New podcast listening tools are set to be launched next week.

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  • Launched new independent artist program to provide exposure opportunities for unsigned musicians.

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  • Is granted a new opportunity to restrict data-scraping in its app.

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  • Became a major sponsor of VIDCON 2021, taking over from youtube.

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  • Added new control options for shorts remixes, tested shorts analytics in the main app.
  • Added new developer tools for spotlight, providing new creative and promotional options.

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That’s all folks!

Please leave kind comments on anything I might have missed.

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