Affiliate marketing 7 steps for beginners

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The Odyssey is an affiliate measurement solution that measures the incremental value of your partners. Affiliate marketing is something in which you promote products of other companies with specific limits and affiliated link and when you sell the product more than their limits then you get a commission. It is the way of earning and gets a commission by promoting or selling other companies’ products. As a role of affiliate marketer, you can sell products of different companies and get a commission from all of them. The seller does not need to be indulged in the marketing activities, but they may also be the advertiser and associated with affiliate marketing products. In theodysseyblog, affiliate marketing includes both branding and performance and gives a great opportunity to merchants.

There are seven steps of affiliate marketing for beginners:

1. Decide your platform

2. Select your niche

3. Search affiliate programs to join

4. Make a great content

5. Move traffic to your affiliate site

6. Take clicks on your affiliate link

7. Transfer clicks to sale

1. Decide your platform:

Firstly you can choose your affiliate platform for example Instagram in which you can sell companies’ product by getting more followers or through your blogs or channel. Now a day, making blogs or creating a channel is much easier you can easily create or make blogs on your related products and sell your products very quickly and easily. There are lots of videos or blogs on YouTube that teach you how we can start? Through online, selling you can earn dollars very easily. Uploading content on YouTube is free, which creates it ideal for some people. Enhance your videos for SEO, and add affiliate links in your description box.

2. Select your niche:

If you are a beginner and want to start your work of affiliated marketing on YouTube so you are facing tough competition because there are tons of blogger that are competing. Firstly for this step, you must have to choose an interesting topic that people likes the most for example food; related things and given the best title to your blog that attract the people like grill food etc. keeping your topic tightly that attract the audience and keep binding the audience with you then you become a best blogger or seller. Through this step, you can earn many dollars easily and get more customers. After this then you choose other areas to expand your products to other people. Many affiliate sites expire due to a lack of constancy. So, if you are very curious about a topic then you will find it much easier to press on when the going gets very tough.

3. Search affiliate programs to join:

There are the following ways to choose an affiliate program to join:

The first one is high paying and low volume affiliated programs. This is the high payout niche program for example:

The Jungle Scout Affiliate Program suggests a large commission for all customers you send on their way. The commission organization is you can also select to receive a flat fee of $150 per reference, or 100% of the buying amount in the very first month.

On average, Shopify affiliates get $58 for each reference. There is a big chance to get a flat fee of $2,000 if a user only signs in for Shopify Plus.

On the odyssey site, we read that the Sellers see affiliate marketing as a small bonus and barely give it any efforts.

The Second way is Low-paying, high-volume affiliate programs.

For instance:

· Some people play PS4, but the average range of a game is around $50, and affiliate commissions are frequently in the single digits, which means you will get $2–3 per sale if you’re the luckiest one.

· The savings of these kinds of packages is that they generally offer lots of products to sell. You can Take Amazon’s affiliate program, for instance; you can easily get up to 10% commissions on nearly all amazon sales.

· The other thing is that you frequently get commissions on the complete value of the buyer rather than just the product you suggested.

The Third way is High-paying, high-volume affiliate programs:

· Fiverr: when you sign up for the Fiverr affiliate program then you got the support to the world’s biggest marketplace for online facilities. After supporting these services, you can earn up to $150 for every first-time buyer.

· Hostinger: it is another web hosting platform that can suggest up to $150 per sale. The affiliate partner program bids a base charge of around $60, with the chance to create up to $150.

4. Make great content:

If you want that your affiliate site moves toward success as theodysseyblog then you create great and strong content that leading you towards success. Don’t move blindly accurate products from Amazon’s best sellers. Move to the extra mile and make sure that your content solves the visitor’s problem.

If you are new and you don’t have any money to purchase products you can start whatever in your home and you can create reviews related to that one.

5. Drive traffic to your affiliate site

After creating great content then the next step is to get lots of people who read your content and use your affiliate link then you follow three traffic strategies:

1. Paid traffic: this is you pay traffic for the site and through by ads. The benefit of paid traffic is that the way you start paying, you will get traffic. Firstly, you will run ads that will dig into your incomes. It’s generally normal for advertisers to lose money before they make it and then you will stop paying then your traffic will automatically stop. TheOdyssey shows a ‘commission’ for every traffic source.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO is the way of enhancing pages to high rank in search engines. When you can get rank high in the search engines then you’ll get consistent and inactive traffic.

3. Build an email list: email list will help you to stay connected with your readers. By using the email you can tell your fan about the new content very easily. This method will help you to lead towards success.

6. Get clicks on your affiliate links:

An amazing piece of content doesn’t mean that people will click on your affiliate links.

There are a few steps you must have to consider

A. Link placement

If all your affiliate links are at the middle of the page where people scroll rarely, clicks will not be seen to few people, you should make every other word a link in your introduction, and your content looks spammy or not attractive. You must have to place the link accurately with the other factors below.

B. Context

For instance, you were writing an article on the best kitchen utensils for under $50.Your starting probably shouldn’t look like this: Today, I’m reviewing the best kitchen utensils. This will look out of context and spammy. So you must start with the attractive lines that will encourage your readers to read it

C. Callouts

Using callouts like buttons, tables, and boxes can help attract your readers’ attention and make the post more skimmable.

7. Convert clicks to sale:

A few ways to find them:

A. Public income reports:

If people are creating money from an affiliate program, then it’s likely that the product changes well.

B. Ask questions:

If there isn’t much more information existing related to an affiliate program, sign up and ask questions. This can help you if the affiliate program is cost stimulating. After this, you use your institution because it’s good to go with you.

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