8 Highly Effective Email Personalisation Techniques to Boost Engagement

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More than 300 billion emails were expected to be sent and received each day. But how can you make your emails so engaging to persuade your subscribers to open your messages and interact with your brand?

Well, you’re not alone. This is a common question for most email marketers. The answer is personalization. Studies say that 70% of brands failed to personalize their email messages.

In fact, email is 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring new customers.

Source: McKinsey

The best way to earn conversion rates is to make full use of email marketing tools available to you. Unfortunately, many businesses didn’t know how these tools work and were valuable to their campaigns. They miss out on the foundational element: email personalization.

“Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged, adding to healthier open rates and ROI.”

~ Karl Murray

That’s truly said by Karl Murray, having an engaging subscribers list is more profitable for you as new subscribers are more likely to make a purchase through your campaigns and become aware of more product offerings. Subscribers that are more engaged can help to build a great reputation and boost email engagement.

Personalizing your emails has become the best practice to boost engagement and drive increased revenue. According to research, personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

Source: TATTLY

We’ll take a look at why email personalization matters as well as eight to create more personalized emails in order to charge your email marketing strategy.

Let’s get started.

So, what exactly is email personalization?

Email personalization, in the context of email marketing, is the act of using subscriber’s data to produce targeted and relevant email campaigns. Data here could be of their first name, location, address, the product added in the wishlist, how many times they interact with your app, or the user’s preferences.

Personalizing your emails is a proven way to increase your engagement rates and can have a measurable impact on email marketing metrics. These campaigns are customized to feel as if they’re specifically created for that particular recipient. Today, many B2B companies are using this effective approach to reach the target audience in a personalized way and enhance conversion rates at a rapid scale.

Why is personalization so important?

Do you want to drag people’s attention to your email campaigns and interact with your emails, here personalization works really great? As you already know, personalization is the best way to send campaigns that get people to convert. It also increases customer engagement and boosts ROI and revenue.

Here are a few techniques to help you get started.

1. Start with buyer’s persona

If you’re shooting campaigns without a buyer persona, then you’ll never know that if anyone is going to interact with them. You’ve to create a buyer’s persona to create customized email campaigns. 

With a clear buyer persona, you can surely build trust, loyalty and boost conversion rates that help to convert subscribers into customers. In fact, 82% of the companies that used buyer personas were effective in creating quality value propositions. 

Source: ITSMA Survey

2. Segment your subscriber’s interests

It’s important that you tailor your email strategy by segmenting your audience. Instead of guessing your subscriber’s preferences or tastes, simply ask what and how often they would like to receive email newsletters in their inbox.

Sending more personalized campaigns that are relevant and effective will directly speak to the audience with the information they prefer the most. 

3. Personalized Subject Lines

People are drawn when called out their name. Using audience first name in email campaigns increases open rates and click through rates. As campaign monitor reports on personalized subject lines: Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. 

Simply adding the recipient’s name within the body or subject line intends the recipient to open your email and check what you’ve got to say. 

Source: dot&key

4. Send personalized emails to fit your audience

Does your email contain the information that your subscribers care about? Do you know, 50% of companies feel they can increase interaction within email by increasing personalization.

Source: Marketingcharts

Furthermore, email personalization is a proven way to increase customer engagements and boost revenue. Send emails based on their behaviour and activity. 

5. Gather and analyze data

It’s obvious, to shoot personalized email campaigns, you need to collect data from your subscribers. Analyze the data you receive to understand what your audience mostly responds to. According to Experian, 57% of consumers are willing to share their personal information.

Source: Experian

To create engaging email campaigns, gather all good parts from each of your campaigns to improve your metrics.

6. Special offers that interest your subscribers

We know your goal is to get your subscribers to convert, but firstly it’s necessary to understand what kind of offer they would like to receive. In fact, 55% of consumers have stated that they like email messages that contain relevant products and offers.

Source: Firstcry

To know their interests, you can ask them directly by sending survey email campaigns. After acquiring the information, instead of receiving general offerings, your audience will receive emails that are more relevant to their interests (product offers, promotions, discount coupons, etc.)

7. Leverage product recommendations

We’ve already talked about many techniques, but don’t worry this one sounds like a simple way. It’s highly effective to personalize email campaigns. If the customer bought something in the past, you have their data. You can take advantage of that information to create engaging and relevant campaigns. 

Source: myfitnesspal

In fact, 56% of online shoppers are more likely to return to a website that recommends products. Start personalizing emails with product recommendations based on their past purchases or browsing history.

8. Link to landing pages

Email personalization can increase click-through and open rates, but your ultimate goal is to convert your subscribers and checkout. Just as you personalize your email content, you’ll also need to personalize the CTAs to connect your email with landing pages.

You can also create custom landing pages that specifically relate with buyer’s interests. This can let your readers purchase and boost conversion rates.

Wrapping Up

Email personalization might seem complex, but latest marketing tools made it easy to create relevant and engaging email campaigns. It is one of the effective and easiest ways to convert readers. 

As a marketer, make the most of email personalization in your marketing strategy and cultivate more lasting relationships with subscribers. Utilizing the eight email personalization techniques outlined above, retailers and marketers can easily craft personalized campaigns that consistently build engaging audiences for your business. 

Following these techniques with the right approach towards personalization, we guarantee you’ll see impactful results, engagements, build trust among your audience and increase sales.  

What personalization techniques work best for your business? 


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