Best Software for Virtual Teams Post COVID-19

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It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic unceremoniously spread worldwide, and many countries are still suffering heavily from its effects. Economies are the hardest hit, with the latest statistics putting cancelled meetings and conferences at 38%.

That’s a huge percentage, considering 29% of businesses lost profits, and more delays can only mean more losses. Tools that allow for proper communication, among other tools, are essential in combating the challenges of working from home.

Below is a list of the best tools for a virtual workforce, covering everything from communication to monitoring to social media.

Best Project Management Software: Workpuls

Boasting tons of features, Workpuls is an all-in-one solution every manager needs. The employee work tracking software enables keeping track of remote workers, providing you with data on which sites they visited. With this app, you can get screenshots of questionable activities during working hours.

Workpuls’ work from home management software also has other vital functions, including:

  • Identification of active and idle hours
  • Automatic and manual logging of activities
  • An option that allows employees to know when their actions are under scrutiny.

Moreover, the software features attributes that enable you to improve your company’s efficiency and potentially enhance your productivity. These include:

  • Tracking remote workers and determining the days and hours every employee works
  • Daily reports on the level of productivity realized
  • Reports on each employee’s performance accessible for up to two years

With the app, you can let different managers log in and accrue information from their team to ensure they keep progressing. You can also allow your employees to get reports on their performance to make sure they keep your company’s goals in mind as they work.

Besides allowing you to identify which team members contribute the most and which are letting down your brand, the information allows you to calculate payments. Depending on the number of hours worked, you can easily determine the salary due if payment is on an hourly basis.

Best Message and Chat Software: Slack

Slack is an excellent software to connect with your workmates or workers asynchronously and even in real-time. Its features are intuitive, making the learning process simple for first-timers.

Nevertheless, you need to heavily customize it to ensure you get a better deal than its competitors. Identifying the suitable times to use the software, how to do so, and what to expect from Slack ensures you make the most from it.

The compose button permits you to structure your message in a larger editor and have time to peruse before forwarding it to the recipient. Thanks to additional upgrades like its lightning bolt icon, you can select what you require instead of typing the command.

It’s wise to schedule time to catch up with other employees, as asynchronous communication on the platform may not be the best.

While you also get video and audio calls, Slack’s support is arguably the least impressive in this context.

Best Video Conferencing Software for Virtual Teams: Zoom

One of the disadvantages of remote working is the inability to grasp what a colleague might be saying fully. Fortunately, some of the best video conferencing apps, led by Zoom, allow you to share your screen. This way, you not only can relay your message across but show others precisely what you mean.

Besides having intuitive features suitable for first-timers, the software also has excellent customer support ready to attend to your issues. Given its easily customizable design, you can adjust the software to tune to your desires.

Unlike Slack, its video quality is much better, and you will hardly experience any distorted displays or extensive buffering durations.

Given its excellent video quality, you can observe how others respond to what you are telling them. If you engage in digital marketing, Zoom presents a worthwhile option to conduct your webinar sessions.

Best Data Sharing and Cloud Storage Software for Remote Workers: Google Drive

Able to store up to 15GB at no cost except for internet access, Google Drive is an excellent solution to share and store your information.

The software allows you to write, edit and collaborate in content creation. With Google Drive, you can structure your documents depending on different departments, working requirements, and so forth.

Besides providing your teammates with valuable information, you can also duplicate your data in a few steps to share with a different group.

If you need more than 15GB of storage, the app is free and still highly affordable if you need up to 5TB. You get access to Google docs, Google sheets, Google photos, and more. These features allow you to achieve exactly what you need.

Best Workflow Automatic Software: Zapier

Like most apps, Zapier offers a free account to get a taste of how its features work. The software allows you to interlink a series of productivity apps and multiple businesses into one zap. However, you can only do 100 jobs per month with up to five zaps running simultaneously.

The nice thing about Zapier is support for premium apps, something you won’t enjoy with the free option. Therefore, your company is better off switching to a paid plan to enjoy more of these features and fully exploit remote talent. For instance, you get attributes like paths and auto-reply to ease usage when using paid plans.

Autoreply allows the task to rerun automatically in case of failure. Zapier also includes built-in operations to translate text, execute codes, filter data and delay functionality.

Some of the apps you can link with include:

  • Google sheets and docs
  • Slacks
  • Facebook lead ads
  • Quickbooks

The software allows you to automate your procedures, therefore, offering an avenue to spike your productivity.

Best Social Media Management Software: Crowdfire

If you want to improve your company’s customer engagement, Crowdfire is the best tool to use. The main Crowdfire features you’ll gain include:

  • Content publishing
  • Content curation
  • Post analytics
  • Hashtag recommendation
  • Image and article curation
  • Bulk scheduling

Admins can also tailor their RSS feeds to meet their needs and look at post previews to verify everything before publication.

A Final Word

The future of working remotely is bright given the invention of more sophisticated software as more individuals work from home. Sustaining a fantastic remote connection ensures you maintain your level of productivity, something the best software for virtual teams can help you achieve.

We believe you have all the crucial software categories to tackle the challenges of working in a remote team with the options highlighted above.


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