9 cool tools content creators are using right now!

Content creators are putting all their love, sweat, and research to help us learn something new and stay informed in a fun way! They create content to engage new and existing users on behalf of you or your brand. The content they create is not restricted to one kind.
It could be blog posts, videos, guides, photos, infographics, etc.

While they already invest time and effort into research, the remaining time may not be enough to pull a show off all by themselves.
However, it is very fortunate that we live in a world where we have a new app in the market every now and then to make lives easier.

Let’s look at 9 such apps that are helping content creators to bring their A-game to social platforms while putting most of their time into research, creating that content, and staying focused on what they want to communicate.

1. Canva

Content creators swear by Canva to create design different infographics and carousel posts. This is because of all the features Canva as a tool offers that declare it as one of the best tools to up your social media content.

You’d like to create a blog banner? An infographic to communicate a cause? A short video? A logo? Instagram stories?
I mean, you name the kind of content you’d like to create and Canva has solutions for each of them.
And, all of it just by dabbling with the features and exploring what works for you along the way.

2. InShot

This tool is for mainly video editing with super powerful features.
It helps you create and edit videos, add filters and effects and also replicate trending videos.

The coolest bit about this tool is that you can create Reels within the reels editing feature in the app. It allows you to import music, add transitions, emojis, stickers, and text too.

3. RemoveBg

You can remove the background of an image or and also replace it with something else. All you have to do is upload your photo to get a transparent background, automagically. Umn, at no charge!
The background eraser handles edges, like hair and other tricky parts of the image you upload really well.

4. Google Sheets / Google Docs

Google Sheets and Docs is the best place to add and maintain insights, plan content, create an idea bank to always look back to for help when you face a creative block or have run out of content ideas.

As and when you have thoughts flow you can quickly access it on your mobile phone and just put it out there. You can also use it to keep a record of the posts that have been published, yet to go live and needs

5. Otter

The mind is usually occupied trying to find new ways to make content fun. In the midst of this, it may not be able to store all the thoughts you’ve had.
What if you forget them?
Traditionally, you would write them down but, here Otter allows you to quickly put all your ideas by transcribing your thoughts or conversations from your phone.

This way, you have social media content ideas or the content itself in text for you to share to other social platforms too.

6. FreepikUnsplash

While creating content, there is going to be a day you run out of time to create original content. This is when you can look for free design resources.

Freepik and Unsplash are sites that allow you to source free illustrations, designs, and images.
You can also credit the owner here as good practice.

7. Dropmark

This tool helps you organize all your files, links, and notes into a visual collection. You can add websites to folders and tag your content too.

This tool is super helpful to have all your resources in one place. It serves as a collection based on labels and visuals you add.
These collections can also be shared with a team member and make teamwork and collaborations more seamless.

8. Answer the Public

This tool allows you to understand the kind of content people what to consume on social platforms.
It gathers data from auto-fill, search engines to display keywords and phrases that people are looking up.

As content creators, we may know the keywords. However, it is always a good idea to cross-check if what you’re creating is also something that is searched for on the internet.

9. Crowdfire

A social media management tool makes it easier to plan your content, schedule them, engage with your audience, dig deep into analytics. You will gradually ace the social space, as a result of the efforts you’ve put in.

Amongst the different tools available, Crowdfire is the most affordable tool for social media management.
It helps with scheduling posts, Curating Content, Mentions, Analytics, Report builder, RSS feeds, Social listening, Content planning, Sentimental analysis, and Profile/ Client management.

Here are the key features of how you could use Crowdfire to the fullest –

  • With Crowdfire’s content curation tab, you can share relevant content from the feed. This helps to keep your social accounts active and engaging when there isn’t enough original content.
  • You can Compose posts and schedule them using the “Best time feature” or a time and date you’d like the post to be published on your social media handle.
  • The Mentions feature fetches all the posts on your social accounts where your account has been mentioned. You can reply to these with text, GIFs, and emojis.
  • The RSS feed feature allows you to add RSS feeds of sites publishing content relevant to you.
    Crowdfire will then pull all of their content in the app for you to share.
  • The calendar view is basically a bird’s-eye view of all the posts you’ve scheduled on a particular social account. The master calendar allows you to view the scheduled posts for all your social accounts at once.
  • Analytics plays a super important role to understand what works best for social platforms. Crowdfire’s analytics gives you an in-depth understanding of your posts, audience, engagement, and more.
  • There’s a cool Report Builder feature that allows you to fetch data and create reports within a few minutes. These are entirely customizable in terms of the metrics and data you’d like. You can download them and share them too.
  • Crowdfire’s Listening feature allows you to track and monitor your and your competitor’s mentions. This feature is important for your brand to know everything you need to know about your audience.
  • Crowdfire’s free plan allows you to manage and schedule 3 social accounts.
    In addition, to access the advanced features, you can opt for the paid plans, and these start from $9.99 per month or $7.48 per month if you opt for a yearly plan.

You can explore the Web App here.

That’s all folks! ⚡️

With Crowdfire, you can find curated content, schedule your posts, engage with your audience, deep-dive into analytics and create custom reports. it for free.

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