7 things that changed on Instagram in the last 30 days

Back in June Instagram mentioned that they are not a square photo-sharing app anymore.
Post that, we’ve seen them work on multiple features, tried and tested some with a percent or two of the users on the platform, and eventually shipped them to all the users based on feedback.
But, they’ve made quite some changes in the last 30 days.
Let’s look at 7 specific things that changed along with a few bugs and security fixes?

1. Video changes

After Instagram announced that they are no more a square photo-sharing app, they also mentioned embracing the shift to video content being popular and playing a big part.
In fact, as per Instagram, most of their users say they come to Instagram for is entertainment.

With this, they recently made some changes back in October to make videos easier to create and be discovered. This made them try and test new ways to change things a bit too.
So they put the IGTV and feed videos into one tab – Instagram videos.

2. Collabs

Collabs allow you to create partnerships between creators and online brands.
Here’s how it works, when two people collaborate, one of them can publish and add the other as a Collaborator/ Business partner.

When you tag a Collaborator/ Business partner they can share your post to their profile grid/ feed with their followers once they approve of it on their end. If they share it, they’d be shown as another author of that post.

The best part about this feature is having all the stats in one place. This most definitely reduces the process of re-sharing insights and reports that often happen when there is a collaboration.

3. Stickers

Instagram added stickers to help get more exposure and for particular causes.
Since Instagram has a good number of people/ user base from India, they worked with a creator to bring in the festivities in the first week of November.

The Diwali stickers for Instagram stories were created by @kneethee

They also included a “Add yours” sticker where you can create and add your own sticker.

For example, you can add a sticker like – “Your view”,  “Outfit of the day”,  or “A recent photo you took”

4. Link Sticker

Instagram is working on making the platform inclusive. Remember the swipe-up link feature that was available only for Instagram users who have10k followers?
They’ve worked on making it available for everyone. This also meant the ‘Swipe- up’ feature was removed once the Link sticker was introduced.

Swipe up was replaced with the link sticker for a few reasons like –

  • Stickers fit in well with how Instagram works
  • With the swipe up you could not react or comment. So, to ensure no obstacles while engaging on Instagram stories, they’ve been replaced with links.
  • Lastly, it is for you to have more creative control.

5. Lyrics for Reels

They introduced two updates for Reels,
1. 3D & Dynamic lyrics – This allows you to look at lyrics on videos in real-time.
2. Super beats – This feature automatically applies visual edits/effects to a Reel based on the song of choice.

6. Feed creation on desktop

A lot of people have been requesting a feature that allows them to plan/ upload photos/ videos via the web app on the desktop/ laptop.
While it took more than a few years, Instagram finally decided to ship it out to all users.

So you can tap the + icon on the top right and then upload images/ videos to your feed.


7. Take a break

This feature is in process and would be rolled out once it is tested and has proved to be helpful + gets good feedback for the purpose it was created.
The purpose being- “Focusing on well-being and making the app better for everyone who uses it”

You can opt-in for this feature that sends you notifications to take a break after a duration of your choosing.
The options are to choose from 10, 20, or 30 minutes.
When you receive a break reminder, you’d be asked to close the Instagram app and also be suggested what you could do in this break based on expert tips that ask you to –

  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Write what you’re thinking
  • Do something on your to-do list and more.

That’s it, folks! 🙌

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