How to use keywords on Pinterest and get your content found

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Pinterest is a platform for sharing and storing content in virtual collections called boards. The network has a website with the same name and a mobile app. This platform is a great choice for promoting your content, especially for people of creative professions (photographers, designers, artists, etc.) If you decide to master this tool, you probably noticed that it takes a lot of time to work with it. You have to constantly search and share useful and interesting content. And if this process is not optimized, you will have a hard time growing your brand. By setting up this social photo service correctly, you can get the most out of it.

There are many factors to consider making your content recognizable. These are the planning of the post, adding links, composing visuals, using hashtags and keywords. And today we’re going to talk to you about the last aspect. Because more often, keywords don’t get a lot of attention and as a result, active efforts don’t get the results you want.

How to start promoting on Pinterest?

To make your content recognizable on Pinterest, you need to organize yourself a base for brand promotion:

  1. Create a business account. It will open up two new features:
  • highlighted statistics showing the age of the audience interacting with your pins and other data related to your profile visitors;
  • launch advertising campaigns to promote individual pins or boards within the social platform.

2. Make a content plan that acts as a roadmap to guide you along the way in filling the profile with new content.

3. Check out the platform in advance. Look at what similar brands are posting, prepare boards with relevant content.

4. Make an awesome visual. It is the key to making your content interesting. You may create impressive pins using different graphics. For example, MasterBundles offers many web solutions such as photo and video effects, overlays, eye-catching fonts, and other tools to help you stand out from the competition.

5. Work with hashtags and keywords that will help you be at the top.

What are Pinterest keywords?

Pinterest is a visual search engine, and it helps answer the same questions that Google does with picture pins. Just think back to how you find information in your browsers? Yes, you type in keywords. For example, “gift ideas,” “world news,” “brand promotion.” It’s the keywords that help you find many different articles with a similar topic. This increases your chance of finding the information you want. Pinterest also works according to this scheme. Keywords in this social network are the guarantee of successful promotion. And they are the ones associated with the majority of questions.

Keywords are the search query that the user enters into the system, and your task is to find these words, write them down and use them correctly.

There are different types of keywords on Pinterest. But it’s also very simple here. They can be short or long. For example, “wedding” is a short keyword, “oceanfront wedding” is a long keyword. The shorter the search query is, the more information there is on it, and the more difficult it is to compete in search results. The longer the query — the less competition for it, but the search traffic will also be less. To successfully promote the content it is worth using a mix of short and long keywords.

It is essential to write down keywords as they appear in search results, even if it doesn’t sound good.

In spreading your content, you may use the keywords that were originally chosen for your products or services.

Why is it important to use keywords on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a marketing tool for developing and promoting businesses, products, and services. Users on the platform search for content that interests them using specific keywords. It’s the keyword analysis for each of your business areas that allows you to understand what content your potential audience is looking for.

Thanks to the data collected, you will be able to adapt your content (make the right descriptions for your pins) to meet the needs of your potential customers and readers.

Using keywords is a must-have on this network because when someone visits Pinterest, their goal is to find material that matches exactly what they’re looking for. And if you use these words, you can attract more followers to your art, business, products, and services.

Using keywords on Pinterest

Basically, using these tools for promotion is not hard enough. For this, you need to understand how to search for keywords and where exactly to place them. Now let’s understand this in more detail.

1. Searching for keywords on Pinterest

To find the most popular keywords for your topic, there are several proven ways.

You can find keywords on Pinterest by using the search bar. It’s easy to do.

Start typing in a keyword related to your topic or niche and see what comes up. For example, let’s type in the word “wedding.”

You now see the most popular search queries related to this topic. Pinterest automatically suggests related words that users often use when looking for information about weddings.

2. Where to use keywords to promote on Pinterest

To promote on Pinterest, you need to use keywords in all strategic places. There are 3 of them, and each includes 2 aspects (that is a total of 6 places), and you shouldn’t miss any of them if your goal is to successfully promote on the platform.

So, your words should be in:

1. Your business profile

The first one is your profile title. Be sure to use a keyword there. For example, it could be “wedding organizer”, “wedding agency owner”, etc.

Next is the description of the profile. If your blog, online store is aimed at a particular niche or audience, clearly indicate this in your business account. For example:

“I’m a wedding store owner talking about my business promotion experience.”

2. Boards

It is recommended that you include keywords in your board titles and descriptions.

3. Pin headline and description

You have 100 characters for the headline (40 is recommended) and 500 characters to write the description for the pin (100 is recommended). Also, you can add keywords to the alt text.
Basically, you have up to 500 characters to use there.

Try to build sentences for the description of the pin using the keywords. A few tips:

  • Add keywords that your audience is likely to use to find your content.
  • Don’t use high-frequency keywords such as “wedding ideas,” but start compiling longer keyword phrases such as “original wedding photo ideas.”
  • Include a call to action. You want the user to click on the pin and go to your website or at least save the pin to your board.

Let’s sum it up

Pinterest is a unique resource for developing your brand and getting your content known. If you have chosen it, you need to understand that a simple registration will not lead to success.

A comprehensive approach to maintaining the page here will ensure the desired results. Take care of the visual part of the account, add relevant pins, as well as keep track of which ones got more reactions. This will help you engage more of the audience. The keywords we’ve talked to you about also play a special role here.

The proper use of keywords ensures that the right people, your potential customers, and readers, will find the content. And it will help you increase traffic to the website, online store, or blog. Use the tips from our post and you’re sure to get the effective keywords working for you.

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