TikTok followers: how to get more views on TikTok [Guide 2022]

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If you’re looking for a way to get more views on TikTok and grow your following, this guide is for you. It’s time to take those creative videos of yours to the next level so that they generate more views and followers. From finding interesting content to adjusting your settings, we’ve got all the tips and tricks in one place.

TikTok is a social media app that has taken the world by storm over the past few years. It’s a great platform for creating and sharing short videos, and it can be a lot of fun to use. In 2021, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world. That’s no surprise — with its easy-to-use interface and creative content, it’s an amazing way for people of all ages to express themselves.

How to Get More Views on TikTok

There are a few things you can do to increase the chances of your TikTok videos being seen by more people.

1. Pay attention to trends

When creating content for TikTok, think about what is popular right now. Trends change quickly on this app, so be sure to keep up with the latest trends and make videos that are relevant to your audience.

In 2021, there were certain popular trends on TikTok:

  • Lip-syncing: This is always a popular trend on TikTok, and it will continue to be so in the future. It’s a great way to showcase your musical talents or just have some fun with friends. You can lip-sync to songs, dialogue from movies or TV shows, or even audiobooks. 2021 was definitely the year of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver License,” when Mel Sommers posted her interpretation of the music video.
  • Collaborations: When multiple users take part in creating content for one video together, this collaboration becomes a huge hit online. For example, the so-called sea shanty “Wellerman” by Nathan Evans practically got viral overnight after it was used in duet videos with added harmonies, beatboxing, bass, and even more bass.
  • Hacks: People love to learn how to do new and amazing things and then try them out. New hacks are constantly being posted online; in 2021, the “Salmon Leftover” clip was all over TikTok for some reason, featuring a non-melting cube of ice.

2. Create videos that are both creative and interesting

This is one of the most important things when it comes to generating views on TikTok. If your video is boring or unoriginal, no one will want to watch it. Try mixing up your content with different styles and genres to see what works best for you.

  • Be creative: Don’t be afraid to try out new ideas or experiment with your content. This is what will make your videos stand out from the rest and attract more viewers.
  • Use humor: A great way to get people interested in your videos is by using humor. If you can make them laugh, they’re more likely to watch until the end.
  • Keep it short: Although TikTok has introduced the longer videos feature to everyone, most people scroll past them. Keep your clips short and sweet so that people can watch them without getting bored.
  • Use good lighting: This is especially important if you’re shooting your videos outdoors. Make sure the lighting is flattering and doesn’t make you look too dark or shadowy.
  • Using filters and effects: Any video-making tool will help you give your video a unique look and feel, which will encourage your followers to like it.

3. Use hashtags for maximum exposure

One of the best ways to get more views on TikTok is by using hashtags. When users search for hashtags related to their interests, they may come across your video and decide to follow you. So be thoughtful about which hashtags you use, and make sure they are relevant to the topic of your video. You can use the hashtag finder tool on the app to locate popular tags that people are using.

You should also get creative with tags as well, so it’s easier to find you. Add unique tags that will differentiate your video from the hundreds of others. However, it’s always good practice not to use too many hashtags, as this could lead potential fans away from your content instead of towards it.

4. Post during peak hours

Your timing tactics can make or break your attempts at gaining popularity. If you know certain times of day will be popular with TikTok users, try uploading at this time. Research when it’s the best time to post on TikTok — the time when most people are online.

According to Hootsuite’s research, in 2021, the peak hours for TikTok were typically from around 5 am to 10 am PST. However, this may vary depending on your target audience and what content you are creating. Experiment with different posting times to see when your videos get the most views and likes.

How to get followers on TikTok and make them stay

Now that you know how to create videos that people actually want to watch (and view), it’s time to learn some of the best ways in which you can grow your following so that these followers become real fans who are interested in seeing everything you post. Unfortunately, there is no “magic trick” when it comes to getting more TikTok followers and increasing engagement.

However, here are a few tips to help get you started. Whether you’re new to this platform or have been using it for a while, these tips will help you get more views on TikTok videos and grow your following.

1. Optimize your settings

Make sure that your account is public and that you have filled out all necessary information (name, bio, website, etc.). Also, be sure to add a profile picture and cover photo so that viewers know who they are looking at. You can also turn on the location setting for your account so that people in your area can see your content.

2. Be consistent with posting new videos

If people know when a new video will show up in their feed, it makes sense for them to want to check back frequently. Posting two or three times every week is usually best because there will always be something exciting waiting for viewers.

3. Share your video on other platforms

Don’t just rely on TikTok to get noticed. You can also try sharing your videos on Twitter and Instagram, as well as adding them to your blog or YouTube shorts.

4. Follow and interact with others

When you follow and like other users, they might check out your profile and even follow you back. This is a solid way to expand your reach and get more exposure for your content.

5. Use call to actions

Asking viewers to like and share your videos is a great way to get them more involved with your content. If you make it easy for them, they’re more likely to do so.

Tips for staying motivated when creating content for TikTok

Creating content on a regular basis can be tough, especially if you don’t have the inspiration or motivation to continue. Here are a few tips that might prevent you from having a creator’s block.

1. Set small goals

Don’t try to accomplish everything at once. Instead, start by setting small goals (such as creating one video per week) and then gradually increase this number as you become more comfortable with the process.

2. Create a schedule

If you set aside time each week to create and post content, it will be easier for you to stay on track. In addition, by doing so, you’ll be less likely to get off task when trying to complete your videos or uploads in the future.

3. Reward yourself

When struggling with motivation during video production, treat yourself by giving yourself something special after every successful project. This could be anything from seeing a movie at the theater to taking some extra time out of your day just for fun. It’s important not to let these small victories go unnoticed — otherwise, they won’t mean as much if they’re never celebrated.

4. Have others involved

Having someone else help keep tabs on how often you’re creating content can be a great way to motivate you and stay on track. Find someone willing to take responsibility for this task so that it doesn’t fall by the wayside when you get distracted with other things in your life.

5. Don’t compare yourself

There’s no need to feel bad about how famous someone is or how many followers they have if their lives are totally different from yours. Don’t let these external factors affect how much effort you’re putting into growing your following — especially since comparisons aren’t always accurate anyway.


Whether you’re new to TikTok or have been using it for a while, these tips will help you get more views on your videos and grow your following. Do some research into what is trending right now so that you can create engaging content quickly — the sooner people see your video, the better chance they’ll follow you. And don’t forget to use hashtags and adjust your settings so that more people can see your videos. Good luck!

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