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Email might be one of the oldest strategies in online marketing, but it has stuck around because it works. It is one of the most cost-effective options for small businesses and it offers benefits that you still can’t find through other channels. Email also delivers a solid return on investment. According to one report, email campaigns can return $36 for every dollar spent.

While email marketing does still offer great value, the success of your campaigns is going to depend on the quality of your email list. If you are struggling to build a substantial email marketing list, you are not going to see much of a return on the time and money you put into campaigns. Fortunately, there are established methods that have been shown to be successful when it comes to building a verified email list.

With the following tips, small businesses can build better email lists and have more success with their email marketing campaigns.

1. Offer Lead Magnets

Most people are reluctant to give their email addresses to a business. With lead magnets, businesses can overcome these feelings of reluctance by offering subscribers something of value in exchange for their details. Depending on your business and your areas of expertise, you could offer any number of things like lead magnets. Infographics, ebooks, white papers, and educational videos can be successful lead magnets. You could also consider running a contest or giving a discount voucher as a lead magnet.

2. Make a Landing Page

If you are working on a digital marketing strategy to build your email list, you should have a dedicated landing page to link to. With a landing page that is optimized to collect subscriber details, you can get more conversions and have more success building your email marketing list.

When building a landing page for your email list campaign, make sure the page is only about getting visitors to sign up and focus on the benefits of being on the list. The page should have a single CTA that takes visitors to the sign-up form, and the form should be easy to fill out. Beyond that, you should run split testing to find the best possible version of the landing page. And always keep in mind to use the best email marketing software and email marketing tools for your business’s needs.

3. Use Pop-ups

Pop-ups can seem a bit intrusive when they appear on your website, but they are an effective way to get people to sign up for your email marketing list. When you create a pop-up form for your email list, make sure the pop-up highlights the value of signing up. You can even program the pop-up to be delayed by a few minutes to allow users to get acquainted and comfortable with what you offer before you ask them for something. This also ensures you’re capturing leads that already have demonstrated interest.

4. Keep the Form Simple

Most people do not want to spend a lot of time filling out forms to join an email list. Many will also feel uncomfortable providing information if they feel like it is not necessary. Do you really need their mother’s maiden name and pet dog’s name? No. Keep the form simple so people can sign-up quickly.

Ideally, you want to trim the form down as you can. If it is possible, try to get it down to just asking for a name and email address. Consider each field on the form and ask yourself if you are really getting value by requiring people to provide the information.

5. Promote Your List on Social Media

Social media makes for a great digital marketing strategy to spread the word about your business and its email list and promote the value that comes with being on the list. Posting about your email marketing list and the latest content you are sharing is one way to get people interested in subscribing, but you can also use paid ads to reach more people. Facebook’s lead generation ads can be one of the best resources for building your email list. With the large user base and precise audience targeting, these ads can offer a quick way to grow your subscriber list.

6. Create Good Content

Building a good email list is about more than just signing up new subscribers. Once you have people on your list, you need to keep them. If you are creating great content that provides value, your subscribers will not only want to stay on the list, but they will also want to recommend your emails to people they know.

Provide your audience with solutions to problems and answer the questions you know they have. You could even study your email marketing list to build different buyer personas to segment your list. With a segmented list, you could send targeted content that will increase the value of every email in the minds of subscribers.

7. Start With Appreciation

You should also try to start the relationship off on the right foot. Just because they gave you their email, that does not mean they have intentions to stick around or read your email marketing content. However, there are tactics you can use to increase the chances new subscribers will stay on the list. One of these tactics is to send a simple email thanking the person for subscribing. This email can be automated, and it is an easy way to make sure you set a positive tone with every new subscriber.

8. Use the Right Email Marketing Tools

The right software tools can take a lot of work out of email marketing campaigns while also making the efforts more effective. Most marketers will implement tools to automate the sending and testing of emails, but there are also tools that can help with building and maintaining your lists.

Beyond just building the number of subscribers you have, some email marketing software can help you maintain the quality of your list. Look for tools that offer services like subscriber verification and list cleaning. These types of email tools will probably cut the size of your list down, but the remaining subscribers will be more valuable.

9. Encourage Sharing

Word of mouth can be an effective way to attract new subscribers. For modern brands, that means getting people to email or post about you on social media. One way you can achieve this is by allowing customers to forward your emails. Not only that, you should encourage them to forward your emails to friends.

As another tactic, you could incorporate elements that connect your email marketing to your social media marketing. For example, you could put the social media buttons in your emails. This will get some of your subscribers to click through and engage with your social media accounts. This can help both your email marketing strategy and your social media marketing.


It takes time to build a good email marketing list. You don’t want to target easy subscribers that won’t engage, and you should definitely avoid buying email lists. Bought lists and poor targeting will just waste most of the rest of the efforts you put into email marketing.

With the tips we have here, you have a range of tactics marketers can deploy to build high-quality email lists. As long as you deploy the right combination of tactics, you will be able to grow a list full of valuable subscribers.

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