How to use Crowdfire for your essential social media tasks?

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As a startup development company, if you have started to make your presence felt with some award-winning or industry-acclaimed app releases, this is the time to stay focused on keeping the momentum. This is the time to make your voice heard around every corner in the digital space. For your small team, it can be challenging to make a dominant social media presence. This is where CrowdfireApp helps.

Crowdfire is a great platform to streamline your social media tasks with content planning and curation, publishing, sharing, user engagement, and support features and tools. To make your app project visible to a larger audience, Crowdfire offers the right tools. How to push the visibility of your app through Crowdfire content marketing? We will find out.

But before that, let’s spare a few words on the importance of building an app with an intuitive experience to get faster traction across social media channels.

Build a winning app and get the advantages of Crowdfire

As is well known in the marketing circles, all the buzzes around a wrong product can only be short-lived. On the other hand, when marketed well, a great product can make dreams come true. This is no different in the case of the app business.

You need to build an intuitive app that instantly engages the audience and ensures continuous engagement. Just figure out how to create an app from scratch with an intuitive experience, and then all your marketing efforts start delivering results. A great app user experience coupled with the proper content marketing and social media strategy can cement the success of your app startup.

Do you want to know how to build your app right? Read this comprehensive guide on mobile app development and ensure that your basics are right.

1. Content planning

By curating content, any company can establish its thought leadership with ease. The process of content curation is basically about finding content from the internet that has the potential to engage your audience and add value to their user experience. For example, quality content further updated with your voice and perspectives can altogether end up achieving more traction and appeal to the audience.

Now, make no mistake of considering content curation as the key to your content strategy. A robust and powerful content strategy should offer a balanced mix of curated and original content. Moreover, to make your content strategy work in the right direction, you should have your social media marketing strategy ready.

2. Content curation

For startups, it becomes tough to track the relevant content that can be used for curation. This is where Crowdfire helps and simplifies your content curation process. Crowdfire offers four distinct ways to curate content. Let’s explain each of them separately.

  • Crowdfire constantly brings to your notice the most relevant articles from the web based on your niche or focused topics
  • It also helps find relevant images from around the web-based on the focused topics.
  • You can add RSS feeds to show all the latest posts under RSS easily.
  • Crowdfire also offers a dedicated Chrome extension through which one can share content easily with his audience across social channels.

Making Use of Content Curation for Social Media Outreach: How to do it with Crowdfire?

You can use the Crowdfire platform to improve social media outreach through curated content. In a typical case, you need to make a calendar for date-wise schedule and social media posts publication of both curated and original content.

This is where Crowdfire helps by taking care of the ideal time and date for publishing content to reach the maximum audience. You only need to spend less than half an hour for a week-long content publication. It’s that easy.

1. Content publication across social channels

Many app startups struggle to manage their ambitious social media presence regularly. Just forgetting about posting is the most common problem. Not finding enough time to stay tuned to multiple channels is another problem. Choosing the wrong time for publishing your content when most of the audience is inactive is another common problem.

This is where maintaining a social media content publication schedule and calendar help in a big way. While using Crowdfire, just after composing your post, you only need to tap on the “best time” button for posting, and it is automatically taken care of.

2. Content sharing across social channels

Ultimately, sharing makes the most important and sought-after action across social media platforms. Sharing makes content viral and generates traction for it. Crowdfire helps share your blog and YouTube content in real-time.

Just link your blog and YouTube channel, and as soon as new content gets life, it is instantly shared, providing an instant boost to visibility and traction. Of course, apart from this, all your posts can be shared in deferred time as per your preferences.

3. Streamlined customer engagement & support

Crowdfire not just streamlines your content curation and social publication, and outreach strategy, it also brings the advantages of seamless customer engagement and support.

Crowdfire keeps you informed in all instances when your post gets any traction or interaction from the users across social channels. Whether your Tweet gets retweeted or your Instagram post is commented upon, your Facebook post is shared, or other interactions happen on different channels, you are instantly notified and mentioned by Crowdfire.

Apart from this, you can choose to stay tuned to the latest trends, trending topics, or conversations by selecting your preferences for being notified. You can also choose several automation rules to facilitate social media activities automatically for different contexts.

Crowdfire will be providing a unified inbox to keep track of all mentions and notifications from different social channels. Last but not least, you can always get detailed reports regarding the performance of your social media posts. And yes, Crowdfire also provides detailed engagement reports to find your delays and shortcomings in responding to your audience across social platforms.

Summing it up

Crowdfire has brought a robust opportunity for app startups to push their content marketing and social media presence. Doing it right has become more accessible thanks to the content marketing automation tools of Crowdfire. As an app startup, you can take advantage of the level-playing field of social media marketing through Crowdfire.

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