Product update: Image Search is now on Crowdfire!

Content curation is one of the best ways that you can ensure your social accounts are active and engaging.
It not only amplifies your voice but also connects you to others in your field, saves your time, and helps you diversify your content calendar.

On Crowdfire, we have a dedicated tab to help you level up your content game!
Earlier, we had 4 options to make this feature whole —

1. Articles – These are articles from verified sources that are fetched based on the keywords you add.

2. Your posts –  If you have a Youtube, Etsy, Shopify, WordPress, Medium (or any blog with an RSS feed) connected to your Crowdfire account, the Your Posts feature will kick in. When you post a new update to any of the above platforms, Crowdfire automatically and immediately pulls that update and creates a beautiful post for you to share on your social accounts announcing the new update. This way you no longer have to remember to or go through the time-consuming process of creating a shareable post for each of your new updates on social media. You can then use the Publish feature to post the update to all your social accounts.

3. RSS – You can add RSS feeds of websites publishing content that is relevant to you and your audience. Crowdfire will then fetch these within the app (under the RSS tab) for you to share on all your social accounts.

4. Images – Crowdfire curates images based on generic keywords you add within your Crowdfire settings.
You will see a bunch of images as and when you scroll through the Image option within Crowdfire’s content curation tab.

What’s new on Crowdfire?

Our newest addition and the 5th option added to the content curation tab is an advanced version of the Image option that we already have. The “Image Search Feature” allows you to exclusively search for keywords and fetch super relevant images in a few seconds.

When the feature went live we had Maria from our team tell us something straight from her heart!

And just like her, many other social media enthusiasts including you and I would most definitely agree to it as soon as we give this feature a spin ⚡️

What exactly is the Image search feature?

The Image Search feature allows you to type in keywords in the search box to fetch relevant images within Crowdfire.
The images are fetched from verified sources like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Imgur.

When you add the keyword and find images that you’d like to share on your socials, all you have to do is select the image from the search results and then select the social platforms you would like to share it on via Crowdfire.

How can you access it?

You will be able to access the feature by following just three steps.
1. Once you fire the app, tap the Content Curation Tab
2. Now tap the last option- Image search
3. Add the keyword of your choice and it’ll fetch you images within Crowdfire.

You can edit captions, schedule these images at a later date and also publish it immediately.
Here’s a quick video of the image search feature –

Who is this available for on Crowdfire?

The feature is live as beta and is currently available for all users.
You can give it a spin here and let us know how you like it?

That’s it, folks! 🙌
Got a question? Ask us at
We’re listening!


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