8 popular SaaS tools for startups to boost growth

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Growing a startup depends on two major criteria — hiring talented people and using the right tools for business processes. While medium and large enterprises have the option of trying as many good resources and tools, startups or small businesses cannot spend their efforts and money too much. They have to check various factors every time so that the business efficiency can be improved.

There are various SaaS tools available in the market which are curated to fulfill the requirements of a small business. Also, research by Gartner shows that by the end of the year 2022, the annual growth of the SaaS industry is expected to be $171.9 billion. If you are a small business looking for SaaS tools, then this article is for you. But let us first understand what is SaaS.

What is SaaS, and why use SaaS tools?

SaaS, an abbreviation for Software as a Service, is a technique for providing applications over the Internet. Users can access it directly using the Internet without any requirement of installing, maintaining, and upgrading separate software or hardware. It can also be called web-based, hosted, or on-demand tools.

These tools can be accessed based on a user subscription, which can be billed monthly or annually. SaaS tools have greater benefits over other hardware solutions.

  • They offer features that come at affordable and predictable costs.
  • It provides scalability to adjust to your company’s size and structure.
  • No separate maintenance is required. In case of a query, the customer support team can help you out.
  • Due to the cloud-based infrastructure, users can access it through any device, at any time, and anywhere.

Top SaaS tools to boost your startup growth

Based on our research, we have listed here 8 different SaaS Tools in different categories that startups can consider to revamp their business processes. We have kept in mind the different needs of organizations to prepare this list. Read until the last to find out the must-have SaaS partners.

1.Crowdfire — Social Media Management Tool

Crowdfire is an easy-to-adapt social media management platform that helps startups build their brand easily and quickly on various social media networks. This enables you to emphasize your social media strategy and enhance branding. Whatever social media you use for your business, be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress, Shopify, or YouTube, everything can be easily managed in a single space.

Key features of Crowdfire

  • Comprehensive analysis of social media platforms
  • Data-driven analytics and reports
  • Automatically finds and suggests audience-specific content, articles, and images
  • Single dashboard to reply to all comments or mentions
  • Schedule multiple posts at the best identified time or your preferred time

2.V2 Cloud — Virtual Desktop Solution

V2 Cloud is a leading cloud-based solution that facilitates desktop virtualization systems for growing businesses. This enables the workforce to access their applications and work freely from anywhere and on any device. You or your employees do not require any exhaustive training or certifications to implement the system. Especially for startups and small businesses, this system can be quite scalable and budget-friendly.

Key features of V2 Cloud

  • Control billing, backups, user access, security, etc., from the dashboard
  • Supports a multi-user windows OS, where your workers can access any required application on the go
  • Around 250 users can share important files with each other apart from having their own remote sessions
  • Offers unmatched security, daily backup, malware protection, and disaster recovery management
  • In-built live chat support anytime for any query related to settings and functionalities

3.FactoTime — Time Tracking Tool

factoTime is a mobile-first and easy-to-use solution that enables HR and managers to keep a tab on employees’ in and out times at work. It makes employees’ daily attendance capturing easy, accurate, and secure for HR with the help of features like a punch with a QR code and a punch with a selfie. It provides a web portal and mobile app which is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Key features of factoTime

  • Multiple pay rates configuration and automatic wage calculation
  • Day, night and flexible shift scheduling
  • Complete attendance details available on the dashboard
  • Accurate day status of the employees based on their punch-in and punch-out times.
  • Exact employee location tracking
  • Detailed report generation like all-in-one attendance report, daily selfie punch report, etc.
  • Configuration of work calendar with holidays

4.Retainful — Automate Email Marketing

Retainful is a simple and intuitive platform for online eCommerce businesses. It helps to improve customer engagement. Retainful’s primary purpose is to automate email campaigns. Which increase sales, attract new customers, and regain inactive ones.

Retainful provides smooth onboarding with live chat support. They will assist you throughout the implementation cycle and with post-implementation queries.

Key features of Retainful

  • Tracks abandoned carts and send automatic recovery email campaigns to customers
  • Dynamic coupon code generation for repeating sales
  • Send personalized welcome, thank you, and order follow-up emails to customers
  • Manage a referral program to retain customers
  • Configure various pop-ups
  • Integrate Mailchimp, HubSpot, Sendinblue, and your other favorite software

5. Freshdesk — Customer Service Software

Freshdesk is cloud-based customer support and ticketing solution that allows startups and small businesses to ensure meaningful conversations with their customers. You can integrate native applications and software like Whatsapp, Slack, Salesforce, MS Teams, etc. Extensive modules such as omnichannel service, support desk, contact center, etc., empowers your support staff to understand customer requirements and serve them proactively.

Key features of Freshdesk

  • Connect with your customer using channels that they love and use
  • Bifurcate, prioritize, and allocate raised customer tickets to corresponding support executives
  • Customer queries can be resolved even while working remotely
  • AI-powered voice bots and IVR
  • Intuitive knowledge base for customers to resolve issues
  • Data-driven analytics to assist customers in reaching their targets
  • Report generation to make proactive decisions

6.Piwik PRO — Analytics Suite

An affordable alternative to Google Analytics, Piwik PRO is a powerful analytics tool that helps businesses monitor user behavior across various platforms like web portals, mobile apps, or intranets. While doing this, they ensure that all the privacy-related compliance laws are followed effectively. They also provide personalized services for implementation, onboarding, product training, integrations, etc.

Key features of Piwik PRO

  • Easy-to-create reports about user behaviour
  • Flexibility to ensure data privacy
  • Accurate data about the customer journey
  • Control data collection and activation
  • Integrate with CRM and business intelligence tools for comprehensive data collection.
  • Customize consent forms

7.Microsoft Teams — Communication & Collaboration Tool

Microsoft Teams is a leading platform to connect people and teams across hybrid workplace environments. Small businesses can use it for free and get access to some of the basic features. With its video conferencing and messaging feature, team members can achieve more targets by collaborating with each other. VoIP is also possible. You can download and leverage the application on the Android or iOS platform or on your desktop.

Key features of Microsoft Teams

  • Shared files and meeting chats at one place for easy and quick access
  • Rest-easy data protection for meetings, chats, documents, etc.
  • Cloud storage for every user
  • Unlimited group meetings
  • Meeting rooms to connect and participate from anywhere

8.Smartsheet — Project management Platform

A flexible project management tool — Smartsheet simplifies your team’s work in seconds. It is affordable for a startup or small business to manage complex tasks, workflows, portfolios, etc. With the help of views, dashboards, and reports, you can get a bird’s eye view of your complete data, helping you make smarter decisions. Furthermore, it builds customized solutions for teams like marketing, IT, management, etc., to establish team collaboration.

Key features of Smartsheet

  • Access controls and activity logs to reduce data manipulation
  • Quickly integrates with your implemented software
  • Requests and ticketing management
  • Smart and automated workflows
  • Online asset management
  • Gantt chart and formulas

Wrapping it up

We have tossed here the top useful SaaS tools that can transform and spur growth in startup organizations. All the categories mentioned above are the most important business operations that must be simplified to focus on business growth strategy and improve overall efficiency. Now, these may or may not work for you, but you can evaluate their features to know more if they are suitable.

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