THREADS -  Everything you need to know about Instagram’s Twitter Rival!

Dear Social media managers, the Instagram algorithm is not the only thing you’d need to wrap your brain around.
We have a new social media platform and here’s a big hug for you!

Now, let’s get to the talk on the web.

Yes, there is a new social platform, folks!
It’s called Threads, an app brought to you by Instagram and Meta, and from all that we’ve been hearing, it’s positioning itself as a strong competitor to Twitter.

Through this blog, we’ll find out what Threads is all about and how it intends to use a large number of Instagram users to improve the Twitter experience in a more user-friendly way.

What is the THREADS app about? 🤔

First things first, instead of focusing on sharing pictures and videos like Instagram does, it’s all about having conversations. It does allow you to post videos and images too but that comes as an add-on to the predominantly text-focused social platform.

When you sign up for Threads, you use your Instagram account, and then you can share text updates and join public discussions.
The app looks a lot like the comment section you see on Instagram, but it works more like Twitter.
You can reply to posts and share them with others. The posts you make can be about 500 characters long and can include links, you can add up to 10 photos, and videos can be up to 5 minutes in duration.

Now, Let’s look at what we can do with Threads and its key features.

1. Integration with Instagram

Threads was built with seamless integration into Instagram. It’s super helpful to be able to start your journey without having to make an effort to get people to follow you and your content.

To start using it, all you have to do is —

  1. Download the app from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Sign up using your Instagram account or credentials.
  3. You can choose to import your Bio.
  4. Pick if you’d like your profile to be public or private
  5. Follow all the accounts you follow on Instagram
  6. And then, Start exploring 🚀

2. Real-time engagement

Those days of delayed interactions and missed opportunities have been put to rest. With threads, you can start conversations in real time. You can have live discussions, respond to queries, and make your relationship with your audience better, making them feel heard and valued.

A real-time conversation and quick resolution are super important for your audience, especially them knowing there is a real human behind these threads.

3. Storytelling

Most people enjoy reading short forms of content. As a writer and storyteller, authenticity is valued.
With threads, being able to put your story straight from the brain to the compose button is much easier, especially with how user-friendly the mobile app is.

On the app, you can use text predominantly with a mix of visuals, videos, and GIFs to be able to make an impactful conversation.

4. Discover and amplify

When you start using threads, you’d be able to discover people at random on the platform. Each time you refresh your feed, you’d be introduced to a new set of people who belong to different industries and niches.

This helps you stay on top of the talks, explore and learn more, discover people, and amplify content that interests you and accounts you feel need to reach more people.

To be able to discover, you can refresh your feed and amplify it, by engaging with the content you see on your feed, reposting, or using the Quote feature that allows you to share your thoughts about someone else’s thread.

5. Community

All of the above-discussed points gradually boil down to one big umbrella and that is building a Community of like-minded people.

Threads App is helping to carry forward and also build a community, creating an engaging and inclusive environment where people can connect, share, and build relationships based on shared interests.

Over a period of time, it’ll also provide ample opportunities, an influencer ecosystem, and a space for individuals to express themselves and contribute to the broader conversations happening within the app.

Current Limitations of The Threads app

1. No draft feature

The Threads app currently lacks a draft feature, which means users cannot save their posts or conversations as drafts to revisit and edit later.
At this moment, you can only discard a thread and start from scratch.

This limitation can be inconvenient for users who prefer to work on their content over time or need to pause their writing process.

2. Character count

While typing, Threads does not provide a character count, which can make it difficult for users to track the length of their posts.
Since Threads has a character limit of 500, it would be helpful to have the character count show up on the compose box to make it slightly more user-friendly.

3. No bookmark feature/ save option

Currently, Threads does not offer a dedicated save button or feature for users to bookmark or save posts that they find interesting or want to revisit later. This absence can make it challenging to keep track of valuable content within the app.

4. Account deletion process

Deleting a Threads account is a cumbersome task.

Users can only deactivate their accounts, but there is no straightforward way to permanently delete a Threads account without deleting their entire Instagram account.

This limitation can be frustrating for users who wish to discontinue using Threads while keeping their Instagram profiles intact.

However, this was addressed by Adam Mosseri on Threads :

4. Spam and fake news monitoring is limited.

Threads will most likely face challenges in effectively monitoring and controlling spam content and fake news within the app.

These limitations can impact the overall user experience and trust within the community. However, Instagram has always made security and authenticity a priority and we hope there’ll be a way to eliminate it to an extent, which will make the platform a more reliable and safe space.

5. No desktop app yet

Being succumbed to using platforms on computers and laptops, Threads at this moment are limiting users’ accessibility. This can be inconvenient for individuals who prefer or need to use social media apps on their computers or laptops.

6. Following Tab

Some of us really want to know what’s happening within our close-knit circle. Instagram brought the following tab and that is currently missing on Threads. This means that we cannot filter content to only see posts from people we follow. The limitation can make it challenging to keep up with updates and conversations from specific individuals or accounts and may contribute to doom-scrolling.

The good news is, Adam says it’s coming soon —

7. Inability to switch accounts

Users with multiple accounts on the Threads app do not have the option to switch between accounts easily. This limitation can be inconvenient for social media managers and individuals who manage multiple profiles or need to access different accounts for various purposes.

Wrapping up!

The key features are quite exciting on Threads and it’s important to note that while the above limitations exist, Meta and Instagram developers often address feature requests, and feedback and continuously update the platforms accordingly.

As Threads evolves, it is possible that some cool features like GIFs, Image cropping, video length editing, etc also be rolled out along with the limitations being addressed enhancing the user experience and functionality of the app.

Lastly, we know how important it is to be able to Thread through Crowdfire!
We’re as excited as you and are waiting on Threads API which is yet to open to third parties.

But, we have something more exciting coming up!

Stay tuned to know more 😉

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