10 best reasons to use Instagram for your business

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Do you know Instagram has a global active user base of over 1 billion users, among whom 500 million access the app every day? Shocking, right?

And surely this number is not going to stop; in fact, it is on the verge of exponential growth. So, if you are not taking your business on Instagram now, you are already missing out on a huge chunk of potential buyers.

Since its establishment, Instagram has been a robust marketing tool for social media managers and creators as well. People from all age groups are using this platform to connect to different informative pages, be it travel, diet and nutrition, outfit deeds, jewelry, home decor, plantations, and more, and buy products using the platform.

Seeing the changing buying patterns of customers from offline to eCommerce sites to well-known social media platforms like Instagram, several industry-specific businesses such as food, beauty, travel, and fintech have also taken their businesses to Instagram and are earning potential revenue.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur or have been in business for a while, continue reading this blog, as we will be sharing the 10 best reasons why, as a businessperson, you should use Instagram for it.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Why should you use Instagram for your business?

The primary goal of any business is to drive sales. Surely there are organic strategies and web design that affect SEO rankings and boost business sales; however, Instagram can do more than that.

1. Find more potential audiences on Instagram

As of 2023, Instagram is the sixth-largest widely used social media platform, with a monthly active user base of more than 1 billion globally. And the country that is leading the pack with the largest Instagram audience size is India, followed by the USA and Brazil.

Do you know what this means?

This simply means that more and more people are coming on Instagram, whether they are creators who are turning into influencers or the general public who are taking advantage of these accounts. Now, as a businessperson, you have a wider audience than ever before, and you can now direct your efforts to locate them and promote your products and services.

The better they engage with your page in terms of comments, DMs, likes, and shares, the better it will be for your brand. And with an effective Instagram marketing strategy, you can generate significant sales for your business.

2. Instagram benefits businesses of all sizes

The best thing about Instagram is that it is not only specifically designed for established brands; businesses from small-scale to medium-sized to large organizations can benefit from this platform.

Instagram has a wide audience with a wide array of interests, which is why businesses of all sizes and from different niches can thrive on this platform. Although, while starting your journey on this platform, bear in mind that this success will not be an overnight process, with a great strategy team and the right baby steps, you can take your business to the next level.

There is a lot you can do using this platform, such as educating people about the services you offer, persuading them why they should opt for your products, and creating more awareness about your brand. And don’t forget to maintain that kind of consistency in your daily posts.

This is how big names like Puma, Adidas, Sephora, Starbucks, and many others used the Instagram platform to make their businesses grow.

3. Take leverage of Instagram ads

Driving organic traffic to your website and social media handle is a time-consuming thing. However, you can pace up this whole process and boost your business account On Instagram with the aid of Instagram advertisements, but only if your budget allows it.

With these ads, you can choose targeted demographics, run your ads in those specific regions, and reach new customers. You can even add your website link, monitor the users’ interactions, collect the data, and use it further to better strategize your marketing campaigns.

4. Provides more sources of income

The world has majorly shifted to social media, and this has greatly influenced the purchasing habits of consumers. Unlike the old buying patterns, where people used to scroll through the entire website to make an informed purchase, now they are more inclined to ask their fellow purchasers about the product’s credibility before buying them.

Moreover, according to a study of retail touchpoints, 72% of Instagram users mentioned something they saw while scrolling through their feed, which is way more than the other known platforms like Facebook (23%), or Pinterest (22%).

Impressively, Instagram lets profile handlers tag their products in their posts containing photos of their items along with the link and the product description, which makes it easy for people to purchase them by simply following the link.

5. Instagram helps make your business more recognizable

By taking your business to Instagram, you let your prospects know that you are more than a faceless organization. And you can implement it by hosting various live events or by using your Instagram stories creatively to let your audience know what your brand is all about.

For instance, in Instagram Stories, you can share the BTS (behind-the-scenes), such as how your products are getting manufactured, how your company’s employees are interacting with other community members, or how your office culture is participating in activities that actually represent your brand’s beliefs.

Another one is the Instagram live events, where you can conduct a poll or Q&A session, ask people for their valuable input, and interact with them.

All these different ways will help you and your brand build credibility and rapport among your followers and will eventually aid you in generating more business for your company.

6. Use hashtags to increase your brand’s visibility

As much as Instagram opens a gateway of opportunities to businesses of every kind, it is crucial to consider that the door is wide open for all. So, to keep your business standing out from the crowd, you need to take advantage of Instagram marketing strategies, and using hashtags is one of them.

Some of the very popular hashtag marketing campaigns that successfully managed to win the hearts and attention of people are #NationalFriedChickenDay by KFC, #ShareaCoke by Coca-Cola, #LetsDoLunch by Domino’s Pizza, #WorthSaying by L’Oreal Paris, and countless others.

And if you are a startup, there is still no need to worry; using hashtags in a strategic way is, either way, going to be fruitful for your business.

7. Instagram lets you effectively interact with customers

Engagement is the core essence of turning potential audiences into loyal ones. That is why social media marketers make it one of their primary goals to increase engagement, and what could be better than the Instagram platform?

The channel provides a plethora of options for businesses to interact with their followers, such as going live, Instagram stories, Q&A sessions, polls, feedback forms, and a lot more. Moreover, the more you persuade your audience to take part in the interaction sessions, the higher the chances of them engaging with your posts (likes, comments, and shares). Also, you can partner with your fellow creators, influencers, or brands to reach a wider audience.

8. Collaborations with influencers

Influential marketing is another ballgame and has greatly impacted the gross sales of online businesses. On social media platforms, there are onlookers and there are influencers. Influencers are public figures that have a niche-specific loyal audience and often utilize their pages to educate or promote a specific kind of product or service.

With the support of influential marketing, you can take your efforts to the next level, reaching out to areas where you would otherwise probably not be able to reach and generating a better-than-expected ROI. Even collaborating with a single influencer can take your brand to millions of followers just through word-of-mouth marketing.

But here is the heads-up: not all influencers are meant for your brand’s promotion. Only choose ones that go with your brand’s beliefs and services.

9. Creates a room for in-depth creativity

The Instagram platform is known worldwide for its likelihood of attracting creative aspirants. This channel offers a great opportunity for those brands that are open to a different sense of creating eye-catching content, be it in post, reel, or shout-out forms.

Always try to ensure you come up with new ideas that capture your audience’s attention. Try to build a network with people in the same niche who have a larger follower base than you. This will give you a chance to connect with more people who are interested in similar products or content.

10. Keep a close eye on your competitors

Working on your marketing campaigns is not enough. You need to keep a close watch on your competitors. How are they interacting with their followers? What kind of content do they generate? How often and when do they post? What were the mistakes they made in their previous campaigns?

Collecting all these metrics will help you better plan your campaigns and avoid repeating the mistakes that your competitors made. And at the same time, you will be able to learn from their success stories and implement them in your social media business model.


Every day, hundreds of people are signing up on this platform and become a part of the Instagram community. Not taking your business on Instagram means missing out on a whole lot of potential customers. So, don’t do that.

Moreover, it’s a great way to reach out to a wider audience without spending a dime, which is pretty great in our eyes. So, without giving it any second thought, take your business Instagram and start planning your content accordingly.

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