The complete guide to using Pinterest for Business: 2022 Updated

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Have you ever considered using Pinterest for business?

Or do you think of it as just a “Pretty Face” of social media?

A whopping 433 million+ people actively use Pinterest monthly.

That is a LOT!

It’s 433 million+ people who are actively looking for inspiration. Imagine getting their attention and pitching to them?

It is also considered a safe space far from toxic negativity that usually encumbers social media channels.

How can you channel this positive medium into making your business’s balance sheet smile?

We’re breaking down the key things you need to do to use Pinterest well for your business, even if you have never done it before.

Let’s start with why you should use Pinterest for business?

When you think about Pinterest, think of it as a search engine. And not a social media channel.

Imagine you’re planning a photoshoot for your small biz; what is it that you would do? 

Go to Pinterest and look for photoshoot ideas. 

That’s what you need to do. 

When your audience is looking for inspiration, be right there. 

‘WOW’ them with visual inspiration. 

Now let’s get a little more specific.

  1. If you’re a content creator: You know that your community can help bring in money. When you build a community of like-minded people passionate about what you do, you can later monetize it. The best part? Pinterest content is evergreen, so it will literally never expire. 
  2. If you’re a business owner: Pinterest reports that shoppers tend to spend 2x more per month than people on other platforms. Using tools like Collections and Shopping ads will help you get your product in front of the right eyes.
  3. If you’re a social media marketer: Use Pinterest Ads for your clients to help bring awareness to their products. Like google search, Pinterest ads are also intent-based, giving you a higher chance of conversions.

Pinterest for business comes with additional tools like ads and analytics and it’s completely FREE to use.

How to set-up your Pinterest Business account

  1. If you already have a Pinterest account that you want to convert to a business account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the drop-down arrow on the right-hand side of your home page and select convert to business.Visual of how to convert your pinterest profile to business 1

Step 2: ‘Build Your Profile’ by adding your business name, website and country details.Visual of how to convert your pinterest profile to business 2

Step 3: Fill in details about your business next!

Step 4: And your Pinterest for business profile is ready to go!

2. If you want to create a brand new account for your business…

Step 1: Visit: and click on ‘Create an Account.’Visual of how to create a pinterest business profile 1

Step 2: Fill in the required information and set up your profile.Visual of how to create a pinterest business profile 2

How to link your Pinterest account with Crowdfire

Step 1: Once you’re in your Crowdfire account click on ‘Pinterest’visual of connection pinterest account to crowdfire 1

Step 2: Next select ‘Connect your account’visual of connection pinterest account to crowdfire 2

Step 3: Login to your Pinterest account, and if already logged in, then authorize Crowdfire to post on your behalf by clicking on ‘Give access.’visual of connection pinterest account to crowdfire 2

Step 4: Your Pinterest account will now show up in your Crowdfire account.visual of connection pinterest account to crowdfire 4

Take a tour of the Pinterest feed

Your account consists of Two different types of feed.

  1. Business hub: This is the dashboard where you can create new pins, take a look at your analytics, and find resources to use your account better.
  2. Home feed: The home feed is where you can discover pins that are related to your interests in the ‘For You’ section. The ‘Today’ section has daily content curations from Pinterest. 

Pinterest Vocabulary

Let’s also get familiar with some Pinterest lingo (do people still use this word?)

  1. Pins: A post on Pinterest is called a pin. There are different types of pins you can post.
  2.  Boards: Boards are like albums. You can save and organize your Pins here. Creating boards is like organizing your content into various buckets. When your audience goes through your profile they can easily spot inspirations for the areas that interest them the most. You can check accounts boards by visiting the ‘saved’ section. For e.g. one look at Elle Decor’s ‘saved’ section and you are greeted by numerous boards for very specific decor inspirations.


  3.  Rich Pins: They are organic pins that can be used to get more traffic and sales (eventually!)They are great if you have online shops because it helps you put your product in front of your consumer and makes the shopping experience seamless as it automatically syncs information from your website. You can identify rich Pins by the extra information above and below the image when you click into the Pin. If something changes on the original website, the rich Pin periodically updates to reflect that change.Rich Pins are a free product available to anyone on Pinterest.Types of rich Pins
    • Recipe rich Pins can be used to showcase recipes from your site.
    • Article rich Pins can be used to share blogs and articles from your site. 
    • Product rich Pins can be used to showcase products with up-to-date pricing, availability and product information.

    If you want more information on how you can create a rich pin, we recommend going through Pinterest’s guide: How to create rich pins

    It’s an awesome resource, with step-by-step instructions.

How to Pin

  1. Save a pin from another creator/account: Hover over the image you want to pin, click on ‘save’ and select the board you want to save it to. Visual of how to save a pin

2. Create an original Pin

Option 1. Pin directly on Pinterest Visual of how to create a pin 1Step 2: Upload an image, text and link, select your board and publish your pin. Visual of how to create a pin 2

Option 2: Pin using Crowdfire

Step 1: Click on compose and select Pinterest as your platform of choice. Visual of how to create a pin on crowdfire 1

Step 2: Select the board you want to post on Visual of how to create a pin on crowdfire 2

Step 3: Add the content! If you want to add a link, include it in the description box to make your pin clickable. Visual of how to create a pin on crowdfire 3

How is content discovered on Pinterest?

  • Home feed: The Pinterest algorithm presents a user with pins that they are most likely to engage with. 
  • Searches: A user may use keywords to find the right visual expression to make their decision.
  • Related Pins: When a user clicks on a Pin, similar Pin options are displayed. 
  • Today Tab: Users can explore a feed of trending content from inspiring creators curated by Pinterest.

If you’re with us until now, BRAVO!

This guide is enough to get you started with Pinterest for Business. 

We’re excited to see how you use this information to make a difference to your brand or business.


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