12 free and paid social media analytics tools to add to your toolkit

Social media analytics tools are essential for the success of your social media marketing campaigns. They help you analyze your campaign’s performance, identify the areas that need improvement, and track your ROI. Social media analytics is a key component of any social media strategy. It’s important to know what your audience cares about and where they hang out online. This information can help you make the most of your social media presence and bring you closer to achieving your goals.

There are many social media analytics tools available in the market today. We have compiled a list of top social media analytics tools based on their features and ease of use.

1. SparkToro

Main feature for social analytics: Audience insights research and analytics.

SparkToro is a social media tool for audience research and advanced analytics. It provides an overview of your audience’s interests, hashtags they use, other accounts and websites they follow and visit, and commonalities among your followers. The tool will also uncover different demographic interests you might not know of but can use in your marketing campaigns or content when speaking with your audience.

2. Crowdfire

Main feature for social analytics: Monitoring and tracking your competitors.

Crowdfire is a social media marketing tool that helps you find and grow your audience on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can use this tool to manage your social media accounts and boost engagement, find new audiences as well as for social analytics to gain other useful information that will help you grow your business. This tool is great for monitoring your competitors’ activities on various platforms. You can use it to track their number of followers, most popular posts, and more. It’s also helpful if you want to know their top followers or fans because this information can be very useful when crafting content for them or targeting them with personalized ads.

3. TapInfluence

Main feature for social analytics: Influencers insights analysis.

TapInfluence is one of the best social media analytics platforms that help marketers find, engage and analyze influencers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The platform provides a dashboard that allows marketers to keep track of their brand reputation and key industry leaders. The platform includes analytics data such as growth charts, follower statistics, and engagement history for each user. The dashboard also allows marketers to compare the performance of up to 10 different users or accounts at once. You can use TapInfluence’s “influencer maps” feature to locate potential partnerships within your industry. Other features include:

  • Hashtag tracking: See how many times people are using certain hashtags about your brand or product offerings.
  • Audience demographics: Find out who’s engaging with your content and where they’re located (or their IP address). This can help identify potential target markets when planning future campaigns.

4. Sprout Social

Main feature for social analytics: Brand mentions and hashtags monitoring, content suggestions.

Sprout Social is easy to use, affordable, and powerful enough to help you get the most insights from every post. Here’s why Sprout Social makes our list of top social analytics tools for 2022:

  • Comprehensive insights: With Sprout Social, you can see who’s talking about your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, including mentions by name or hashtag. See your follower growth over time and which posts have generated the highest engagement rates, reach or other interactions among your followers.
  • Content suggestions: Sprout Social will automatically suggest relevant content based on past performance and keywords used in other posts related to your platforms.
  • Real-time reporting: This tool reports on your brand’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and more. You can see metrics like engagement rate and follower growth over time.

5. Google Data Studio

Main feature for social analytics: Customizable visualization on one dashboard for analyzing different channels.

Google Data Studio is a free, cloud-based reporting and analytics tool that allows you to create visualizations and dashboards from a variety of data sources, e.g., Facebook and Instagram Ads/Insights, LinkedIn Ads/Insights, Pinterest Ads/Insights, etc. You can analyze all the channels on one dashboard in a desired way of visualization.

It has the following features:

  • Real-time updates: Changes in your data are automatically reflected in your reports and you can make changes while viewing them in real-time.
  • Powerful visualizations: Create reports with tables, charts, and gauges that are easy to understand. You can also use the data in your custom visuals.
  • Customization: Use prebuilt templates or create your custom dashboards. You can even bring in data from other sources such as Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, or other social media to create reports specific to your business needs.

6. Grow

Main feature for social analytics: Followers analysis, audience segmentation.

Grow is a social media analytics tool that helps you understand your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t, so you can make the best use of your time and resources to reach more people.

Grow makes it easy to manage multiple platforms, track engagement, and find new growth opportunities.

Here are the key features:

  • Follower growth: Grow uses an algorithm to identify new followers based on their behavior so that you can increase your audience with relevant users. It tracks engagement rates for each post and notifies you when someone unfollows or blocks you so you can take action if needed.
  • Audience segmentation: Using its algorithm and machine learning technology, Grow identifies audiences based on their interests, behavior patterns, and other factors so that you can target them more effectively. You can even create custom audiences from existing ones to target specific groups of people who might be interested in your brand or product!

7. Audience

Main feature for social analytics: Social media accounts monitoring and management.

Audience is a free tool that offers a complete solution for social media monitoring and management. It allows you to monitor all your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. You can use it to track your competitors’ campaigns, find influencers or analyze your performance over time.

The audience has a user-friendly interface that makes everything easy to use, even for beginners in digital marketing. The dashboard contains information about mentions, reach, or engagement rate with a single click.

You can create reports based on metrics (number of followers/likes/retweets, etc.) and get an overview of your account performance at any time without having to do any manual calculations yourself.

8. Sendible

Main feature for social analytics: Tracking social media performance across various platforms.

Sendible is an alternative to Google Data Studio but is made exclusively for social analytics. The tool makes it easy to manage multiple accounts and collaborate with team members. Here are some of the key features:

  • Customized dashboards: Track your performance across various platforms and create custom dashboards for each team member for easy access to the data.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts: Set up alerts for keywords or hashtags, which can help you respond quickly when something happens online.
  • Collaboration tools: Real-time messaging and commenting for quick and easy communication with team members.

9. Brand24

Main feature for social analytics: Brand monitoring across different channels.

Brand24 is one of the best social media analytics tools for monitoring your brand on multiple channels.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Real-time analytics: Brand24 shows you who’s talking about your brand in real-time. This means that you can respond quickly to any customer feedback or negative comments. The tool also allows you to see what people are saying about your competitors so that you can react accordingly if necessary.
  • Keyword monitoring: You can monitor all mentions of keywords related to your business or product, making it easier to identify potential leads from social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. For example, if someone mentions “baking” in their post, this could be an opportunity for a local bakery to offer some free goodies!
  • Social media monitoring: Monitor posts from specific people or brands to stay on top of trends and influencers within your industry. You’re always one step ahead of your competitors!

10. Bazaarvoice

Main feature for social analytics: Tracking brand and product shopping performance on Instagram.

Bazaarvoice or old name Curalate (which was acquired by Bazaarvoice) is a social media analytics tool for tracking brand and product performance on Instagram. It offers the following key features:

  • Track your brand’s performance on Instagram: See which posts get the most engagement, how many impressions your post receives, and how many people are engaging with your content.
  • Analyze consumer insights and reach: Learn more about your target customers and shopping channels and what content would be the most suitable for them.
  • Measure ad effectiveness: Measure whether or not social media ads are effective at driving sales or leads by comparing conversion rates before and after running ads.
  • Product Insights: See which products are most popular and which ones require improvements. You can also see which products get the most engagement, and reviews and which ones don’t perform as well as expected.
  • Campaign Insights: Get insights into your campaign performance to make better decisions going forward. For example, if someone clicks through one of your ads on Facebook and then shares it on Instagram, Curalate will tell you this information to know where to focus your efforts next time around.

11. Keyhole

Main feature for social analytics: Tracking content performance across multiple social platforms.

Keyhole is a social media analytics tool that provides real-time insights into your brand’s social media performance. It offers analytics for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Keyhole has the following features:

  • Social media analytics tool: Track your content across multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Keyhole also provides detailed information about each post, such as the number of comments, likes, and shares.
  • User engagement reports: Get in-depth insights into user engagement for each post on your social media pages. See which posts perform better than others and when, and what needs improvement.
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard: View all your data in one place without having to go through multiple websites or applications separately.

12. UTM Parameters Builder as a Tool

Main feature for social analytics: Tracking campaign performance.

UTM Parameters Builder as a Tool is a unique tool that helps you create UTM parameters for your social media promo campaigns. There are a few options of UTM builders available on the market like the one from Google — called Campaign URL Builder, Bitly, and others. With UTM parameters you can track your campaign, content or audience performance.

It is a handy free tool that anyone can use but it’s especially useful if your business also has a website and installed Google Analytics where you will be able to see all the data related to campaigns with UTM parameters.

For example, if you have a promo in the influencer’s account that directs the audience to your website to buy a product, you can add UTM parameters to the link you send to the influencers and see how the campaign performs in Google Analytics.

In Conclusion

Possibilities for monitoring your brand on social media are endless. There is true value in tracking the performance of your efforts. Hopefully, this list has inspired you to put some new tools into action and make them a part of your everyday routine that will help you expand your business.

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