9 essential skills to game up your digital marketing

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Jeff Bezos once correctly quoted, “It is hard to find businesses that do not sell online.” This quote is pretty much evident that gone was the time when digital marketing was just a trend. With time, it has become necessary for businesses to amplify their digital marketing.

With the rise of so many digital marketers all around the globe, there are only a few who are able to stand out from the crowd. The difference between the two lies between the skills and abilities of the marketers in handling the given project.

Hence, it has now become more of a necessity for marketers to level up their skills in digital marketing to avail of its extraordinary benefits. Digital marketing includes every marketing channel operating online such as Emails, Social media, Websites, Youtube, and so on.

However, before heading ahead, let’s have some of the substantial statistics that highlight the importance of digital marketing in the contemporary world.

  1. Almost 88% of marketers claimed that video marketing provides them a positive ROI.
  2. Email marketing has the highest ROI for businesses.
  3. 84% of consumers claim that they’ve been convinced to purchase a product or service by watching a video created by a brand.
  4. The company Purple experienced a 34.6% enhancement in brand preference for their orders by using Google Ads on YouTube.

Moving ahead, in the contemporary world, it is notable that it is the skills of digital marketer that makes their strategies and tactics different from others. But now the question arises what exactly are the skills that are required to hone the game of digital marketing?

If you are also here with a similar question then do not hesitate to read this blog till the end because it is just the blog you need. This blog will effectively highlight the 9 crucial skills that are the lifeblood of digital marketing. So let us dive right into the blog without any further ado.

9 Prerequisite skills for boosting digital marketing

1. SEO Skills

It is an undeniable fact that SEO is far from dead. Search engine optimization will always remain one of the most effective ways to enhance a business’s online presence. There are multiple strategies that can be implemented by digital marketers in order to boost their on-page and off-page SEO. The most essential SEO skills with respect to the latest digital marketing trends include the following.

  1. Interlinking
  2. Backlinking
  3. Keyword stuffing
  4. Knowledge of meta descriptions and short descriptions

Probing further, blogging is one of the most vital forms of on-page SEO techniques that is widely used by digital marketers all across the globe. It helps in attracting readers to your website and enhancing your website’s visibility on search engines. In fact, as per statistics, blogging generates 97% more links to business sites as compared to ones that don’t use blogging. Moreover, over 68% of consumers claimed that a blog makes a website more reliable and trustworthy.

However, you as a marketer need to make sure that your blogs are well structured to foster good readability and are keyword optimized to avail the maximum benefits of SEO. For enhancing your blogging skills, you need to captivate writing skills that will assist you in hooking your target audience to your content.

Moreover, as the digital marketing world keeps on evolving, so do SEO skills. Hence, it is really essential to understand and adopt the latest and most actionable SEO skills to hone your digital marketing. Having said that, self-improvement should always be a key objective to excel in digital marketing.

2. CRM skills

Customers are one of the most crucial pillars that determine the success of your business. That is the only reason, it is really essential for you to take care of the needs and demands of your customers.

In order to accomplish that, it is essential for you to foster good customer relationship management skills. Some of the key skills that are required to enhance your CRM skills are

1.Communication Skills

Communication is the basis of any customer relationship. The way you deliver your message or communicate with your customers is the key determinant of their engagement and retention. Hence, if you want to retain and maintain good relationships with your customers, it is really essential for you to practice good communication skills.

Moreover, when we talk about communication in a business, it is more of listening rather than speaking. It is essential for you to listen to your customers first and then respond accordingly.

2.Good Influencing Skills

Influencing is the basics of every business and as a digital marketer, it is even more important for you to have good influencing and negotiating skills.

The major reason behind this is that there are millions of businesses that are pitching to your target market. Hence, it is your influencing skills that can assist you in getting a competitive advantage over all other competitors.

3. Emotional intelligence

Last but not least is emotional intelligence which is another major requirement of CRM skills. High emotional intelligence allows you to understand the feelings and emotions of your target audience which assists in a better understanding of the needs and demands for their product.

3. Content Diversification

Digital marketing comprises different types of content and as a digital marketer, it is essential to hone the skills for creating diversified content in order to utilize digital marketing to its full potential. Every channel has its type of content that gives the most benefits some of the key examples are

  1. Podcasts

    Podcasts are the latest types of content that are gaining wide popularity all around the globe. Hence, it is really essential for you to effectively grab the skills of creating and editing podcasts.

  2. Videos

    Video marketing is already proving itself as one of the most efficient ways to market your product and service to your target audience. There are multiple software such as After Effects and Premiere Pro and multiple applications such as Inshot that can be used to enhance your editing skills and in creating engaging videos. Moreover, some platforms like Instagram allow you to edit your videos on the app itself.

  3. Images

    Images have always been a great way to display your idea and message in different creative and innovative ways. You can create various infographics, graphs, and abstract images to deliver your message effectively.

Multiple editing software such as Photoshop and Canva can assist you in creating attractive and engaging images that can assist you in catching the attention of your audience.

4. Analytical skills

As Dan Zarrella correctly quoted, “Marketing without data is like driving with eyes closed.” It is pretty evident that we all live in a world where data and insights are the most powerful tools that can assist businesses in earning a competitive advantage over their competitors. Different technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have assisted many industries in collecting some powerful insights.

However, only collecting data is not enough to avail the benefits, you effectively need the ability to comprehend the data. In such scenarios, effective analytical skills will really be a handful.

Effective analytical skills will assist in comprehending the data which can further assist in predicting future possible trends. Once the trends and data are efficiently analyzed, it can highlight the key areas that need specific attention from you. Furthermore, you can prepare yourself and hone your skills in order to hop the future trends.

Along with this, the analytical skills will also assist in analyzing the present trends which can assist you in enhancing your efficiency as a digital marketer. This can further assist you in gaining a competitive advantage over other marketers.

5. Project Management skills

Project management has been the base of digital marketing for a long time now. Moreover, it is no hidden fact that in order to be a successful digital marketer, you need to effectively practice project management skills. Especially if you are the team leader of different digital marketing projects and handle a full-fledged project and teams, project management skills are even more essential for you.

In such scenarios, some of the qualities that can assist you in enhancing your project management skills are

1. Time management skills

For digital marketers, time is really precious because trends in the digital world keep on transforming daily. Moreover, the way you manage your time while handling different projects of clients will reflect your responsibility and will contribute to your personal branding. For improving your time management skills, you can follow the Pareto Principle and see positive changes transpiring in real-time.

2. Leadership skills

As a digital marketer, it is really essential for you to lead as an example. Sometimes you have to handle it all alone and sometimes you have to handle the whole team. Hence, it is really important for you to foster leadership qualities so you can finish the project within the assigned deadline.

3. Problem-solving skills

While handling different projects, you might come across different problems that you have to handle on your own. In such scenarios, it is essential for you to practice effective problem-solving skills in order to handle the situation efficiently.

4. Delegation

Delegation refers to the distribution of responsibilities and duties to other members of the team based on their capabilities and abilities to perform. Digital marketing is not an easy job for one person. Sometimes, as per the situation, you have to delegate the tasks to everyone else in order to perform the task with maximum efficiency.

5. Budgeting

Maintaining and working under the assigned budget is one of the crucial skills that every digital marketer needs to possess. Effective budget planning will assist you in enhancing your profit and the revenue of your business.

6. Copywriting

Copywriting is the soul of digital marketing and it is one of the most crucial skills that are crucial to surviving in the contemporary digital world. Without copywriting skills, you will not be able to survive in the competitive digital market.

To elaborate, with effective copywriting skills, you will be able to effectively deliver the message to the right target audience in the most efficient manner.

Some of the effective copywriting tips that will assist you in enhancing your copywriting skills are mentioned below

1. Do your Research

The first and the most useful tip to hone your copywriting skills is researching what type of content is preferred by your target audience. It will assist you in understanding the needs of your target audience.

2. Be concise

It is always better to be concise and make relevant points in your ad copy based on your target audience. It will assist in hooking your target audience and delivering your message effectively.

3. Write appealing headlines

Headlines are the first glance of your advertisement copy and it is always advisable that it should be catchy enough to catch the attention of your target audience.

4. Engage with storytelling

The art of storytelling has been in the market for a long time now. However, its recent popularity made it one of the essentials of copywriting in digital marketing.

The bottom line is that these qualities will assist you in enhancing your copywriting skills which will further assist you in leveling up your digital marketing game.

7. Social Media Handling skills

We are all very well aware of the fact that social media is the heart of digital marketing. Some people even use them as synonyms but that is not the case. Social media is a major part of digital marketing. That is the reason, in order to amplify your digital marketing skills, it is essential for you to learn social media handling.

In order to effectively handle social media, you need planning, organizing, and executing skills that will assist you in presenting the content on social media in the most impressive and effective way.

Other skills that are really crucial for social media handling are researching and analyzing the recent trends of social media. This will assist you in effectively handling social media and creating engaging content that will hook your audience for a long audience.

However, every platform has its own algorithm on which the engagement of your content occurs. Hence, it is really essential to understand the algorithms of various platforms before you start handling social media. Some of the popular types of content that work the best on different platforms are mentioned below

  1. Instagram

    What blood is to our heart, videos are to Instagram. Hence, videos are the best way to enhance digital media marketing on Instagram. To substantiate, as per statistics, Instagram video posts are more than 2 times more likely to generate engagement than image posts.

  2. Facebook

    Talking about Facebook, user-generated content gets higher engagement than any other platform. To validate, user-generated content featuring a brand drove 6.9 times higher engagement than brand-generated content on Facebook.

  3. Twitter

    In the case of Twitter, images work better than videos. Fascinating, Isn’t it? To substantiate, as per the report Users on Twitter tweet images 361% more than they tweet videos.

  4. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is more like a business platform and talking about the content that works best on LinkedIn is the blog posts with images. To validate, larger images get 38% higher click-through rates than other images. As per LinkedIn recommendations, 1200 x 627 pixels is the ideal size of images that assists in getting higher engagement.

Hence, the bottom line is that learning and getting an edge over the social media handling skills will assist you in enhancing your social media presence and will boost your overall game of digital marketing.

8. Creative and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are the two strong pillars on which the whole concept of your digital marketing stands. As there are millions of digital markets all around the globe, your creativity and innovation are what make you different from others.

However, whenever someone mentions creativity and innovation, people usually relate it to design skillfulness. Although creativity and innovation are majorly related to design and graphics it also has importance in other fields. A detailed elaboration on all of them is given below

  1. In design

    The first and the most obvious is the need for creativity and innovation in the designs and graphics. The modern world is all about seeing and believing. In such scenarios, the creativity and innovation in your designs will assist you in catching the attention of your target audience.

  2. In problem-solving

    In the modern business world, you never know when the problem will arise and what consequences it will bring along. In such scenarios, it is essential for solving the problem in the most creative way to control the possible damage.

  3. In content

    We all are very well aware of the fact that content is the king of digital marketing. Hence, it is essential to add the element of creativity and innovation to stand out from the rest of the competitors.

9. Hard skills

Along with every soft skill, it is also essential to master the hard skills that will make you a pro in digital marketing. For instance, artificial intelligence is one of the basic trends that is getting prevalent in almost every industry. Hence, as a digital marketer, it is essential for you to know about artificial intelligence and various software and applications that are integrated with it.

  1. CRM Tools

    Effective skills in operating customer relation management tools will assist you in effectively managing your customers’ engagement and retention.

  2. Email Generator

    Effective understanding of multiple tools such as HubSpot and SproutSocial will assist you to manage your emails in the most efficient manner.

  3. Social media optimisation

    Social media optimization skills will assist you in enhancing your growth on social media. In order to effectively master the SMO skills, you need to analyze the insights and make further strategies based on the data.

  4. Google Analytics

    Honing the skills of handling Google Analytics will assist you in managing the PPC and your SEO. This will assist you in highlighting the key strengths and weaknesses of your strategies and tactics.

    This will not only save you time but will also allow you to indulge yourself in other significant tasks. This will assist you in both: enhancing the efficiency of your tasks and making you more productive.
    Hence, it is really essential for you as a digital entrepreneur to master the art of operating these software and applications in order to avail their tremendous benefits.


To encapsulate, it is an undeniable fact that a career in digital marketing is on the rise. However, out of all other digital marketers, your skills are what can assist you in earning a competitive advantage over all other competitors. Moreover, the above given are some of the skills that can assist you with the same. Hence, it is really essential to focus on honing your skills every single day.

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