Here’s how the team at The Brain Driver uses Crowdfire to streamline their social media content

“You are by far-and-away the best social media app we have ever tried. Your content curation is like an encyclopedia of articles.” — Alex Heredia

Before using Crowdfire

Alex is a life-long “serial entrepreneur”.  He’s also a devoted yoga practitioner and (helmet-wearing) long-distance cyclist. His life passion is developing products that enhance the lives of others.
was when The brain driver was born.

Alex and the team back at The Brain Driver spent a significant amount of time in a day finding articles that relate to the product. While this was a challenge, his headstrong focus remained to ensure the content he finds and shares with his audience is something they could relate to.
He also would manually schedule posts to multiple social media platforms.
This would be at random times and dates according to timezones they’d have a maximum of their target audience.

They turned to social media as a tool to promote the business and reach our target market in new ways.
In the midst of this, he looked up Playstore for social media management tools. Another search query we used was “how to easily post to all our social media sites” and came across Crowdfire.

Using Crowdfire

In the words of Alex — Crowdfire is an innovative app that lets us share published articles with our customers through different social media platforms. By selecting relevant topics to TheBrainDriver through the app’s content curation, Crowdfire generates a plethora of articles for us to sift through, choosing those that our audience and customers will appreciate, and hopefully learn from.

The team at The Brain Driver extensively uses Crowdfire and performs 4 tasks.

  • Using the content curation feature to fetch relevant articles and images
  • Scheduling posts using Best time and custom time feature. 
  • Planning their social media content using the Calendar view.
  • Revisiting analytics of the published posts to understand what does well for them and what does not. 

Here’s what The brain driver team’s workflow looks like –

  1. The team scrolls through the content curation tab and searches for relevant images and articles to share.
  2. Strategically sorts posts and reviews on which social platforms they’d like to publish via Crowdfire.
  3. Then, they select the social platforms and schedule them to the social accounts via Crowdfire.
    They prefer using the “Best time feature ” or the “Custom time feature”
  4. Then they review all the posts that have been published and also dig deeper into analytics to get an overview of the performance.

Why Crowdfire?

Crowdfire is an outstanding value for our money and is a vital need for our company doing consistent, serious business. This service offers systematic management of our social media accounts. Whenever we need to gas up our accounts Crowdfire has perfect options to do so simultaneously across all of our social media accounts — in harmony, just like interlocking gears! Crowdfire allows for growth and diversity so a company’s team (whether large or small) can expand and collaborate positively.

At TheBrainDriver, they focus on a vastly undiscovered, cutting-edge technology that enhances peak performance and builds pathways to mental clarity through micro-electrical brain stimulation. Crowdfire aligns perfectly with their philosophy of maximizing social proof across social media outlets to make sure that they find their niche and consistently build an active audience at the right time with the most useful information.

The Brain Driver recommends Crowdfire!

I would highly recommend Crowdfire to any organization that wants to streamline its social media content curation and maintain messaging that adheres to the company’s core values. The vast amount of content at your fingertips that is truly relevant to your needs supports these goals.

Thank you Crowdfire! You are by far and away the best social media app we have ever tried. Your content curation is like an encyclopedia of articles.

Many other apps were tested, both free and paid, but ultimately deleted. Crowdfire has made our social media efforts, not only automated but also consistently engaging with our growing core audience. With Crowdfire, our team can work together remotely and seamlessly.

Quick reasons the team prefers using Crowdfire!

1. Saves them more than a few hours a day spread across our team to research articles.
2. It helps them
maintain relevance and be at top-of-mind with their core audience, including customers and potential users.
3. It’s a
quick and easy app that helps seamless multitasking to reach social media goals and in expanding business.
4. Schedule content for the future in just a few clicks.
5. Having all their content on a calendar helps them stay more organized.

Summing it up, Crowdfire helps them swiftly and efficiently work with social media platforms so that they can focus their entire efforts on other aspects of the business while still being able to richly engage with a large audience.


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