10 top tips for creating quality Instagram content

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Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing social platform. Instead, it is a place for over 1.2 billion active users to share their thoughts, which is expected to be 1.4 billion by 2025.

That means over 28% of Internet users are active on Instagram. Moreover, 200 million businesses use Instagram to build their brand and interact with customers.

So, here if you want to start a new Instagram business page, the road is quite bumpy for you. The reason?

Instagram algorithm!

The Instagram algorithm doesn’t accept mediocre content anymore. Today, consistency and high-quality content are the only way to grow on Instagram.

But, it is not easy to use social media content marketing. It takes constant thinking, analysis, and content creation efforts to leave your footprints on Instagram.

But, you have to produce your quality Instagram content a bit faster. That is because an average Instagram post’s lifespan is only 48 hours. So, at least within two days, you need to post new Instagram content to stay active on the platform.

And that’s a big challenge.

It is difficult to create high-quality content and run your business altogether unless you have a full marketing team.

However, there are some simple tips that you can follow to create high-quality and relevant Instagram content faster. So, let’s dig in.

10 tips to create quality Instagram content faster

Creating fresh and quality Instagram content on alternative days is much harder than you imagine. On average, 95 million posts are created on Instagram, making 3 billion per month.

There is so much content floating on Instagram that there is no way to attract more followers with average content.

You have to game up and come up with a dynamic strategy to create high-quality content without missing out on consistency.

Sounds like a tough thing?

Well, it is. But, here are 10 simple Instagram content creation tips that can help you produce relevant content faster:

1. Know your audience

So, the first quality Instagram content creation tip is knowing your audience.

Remember, you are creating content for people, not for the Instagram algorithm. Thus, define your targeted audience and know what type of content they engage with.

Once you know your audience, you can use account-based marketing to target individual audience groups and increase your business reach.

There are many ways to understand your audience’s preferences and interests, such as:

Use analytical tools

If you already have an Instagram page with sufficient content, you can use Instagram monitoring tools to analyze your previous content performance. Business users can also use Instagram’s native tools to understand which post has generated more engagement, likes, and shares.

Study your competitors

Another best way to B2B customer journey tracking is by exploring your competitor‘s Instagram account. For example, you can check out what type of content your competitor is posting on Instagram, which content generates more engagement for them, etc.

Stalk your audience

Stalking is bad. But, when you have a humble intention to help your audience with your content, a little bit of stalking is not bad.

You can visit your potential customers’ Instagram accounts and check their followers’ lists. Also, check what people are commenting on their posts and what type of content they are more engaging with. This will help you understand your customers individually to produce relevant content.

2. Create an Instagram content calendar

Having an Instagram content calendar can empower you to create consistent content. You can use a simple content calendar template to create quality Instagram content for an entire month.

Moreover, you can use Instagram scheduling software to plan your content publication. This can save you time and help you monitor your content’s performance better.

It can also allow you to follow your Instagram grid theme and plan your content accordingly. You can target various styles of Instagram content when you have a clear plan in order.

For example, you can design a balanced Instagram monthly calendar, including Stories, Reels, and Posts.

3. Select a template

Visuals are an important element of Instagram. You need high-quality and engaging visuals to rule Instagram.

However, creating content and then visualizing it into an interactive image is not easy. You need content writers and graphic designers’ support, which can be expensive for small businesses.

So, the best strategy is to create a standard Instagram post template and use it to create all your content.

This can not only save you time. But, it can also allow you to build a consistent brand image on Instagram. You can take references from your unique WordPress theme and use the same color scheme to create your Instagram template.

You can use tools like Canva or Adobe Photoshop to customize your IG photo template. If your budget allows, you can hire a professional graphic designer to customize a template suiting your brand tone.

Here check out this real estate brand’s IG posts. They have used one standard template for most of their posts.

4. Limit your creative elements

Your creative soul might want to create unique Instagram creatives to present your content. Definitely, it is a good plan to win over the Instagram algorithm.

But unfortunately, practically, it is impossible to create new graphics every day. Instead, it requires conceptualization, hours of designing work, and re-work to create Instagram-worthy graphics.

And that’s only possible if you have a team of graphic designers working for you. But, even then, it is hard to think, create and approve new IG visuals every day.

Then, what is the solution?

Keep your creative elements limited. For example, use only one or two colors, font styles, and templates to create your Instagram content.

This will help you create content faster. Moreover, it will build your consistent brand image on the platform, which helps people to recognize your brand without looking at your company logo.

Here, you can take inspiration from Marveta’s Instagram page. They have only used two colors — blue and white. Moreover, they kept one font style and fewer templates to present their content.

5. Comparing Instagram caption

The Instagram caption is an important element of growth. But, as much as Instagram prefers high-quality images, your caption can change the game.

Therefore, you should create a compelling Instagram caption that motivates your viewers to visit your profile and follow your account.

Today, every person has a different theory of writing Instagram captions. Some suggest that short captions with catchy hook lines work best. On the other hand, some advice is to write long captions to engage users.

But, in reality, nobody actually knows what the Instagram algorithm wants. So, the best plan here is to experiment with captions and monitor your Instagram posts. This will help you understand which caption has generated more engagement for you.

Here are some cool tips for writing Instagram captions:

  • Make the first few letters of your Instagram caption interesting to convince users to tap on the read more link.
  • Humanize your caption and try to tell a story rather than sell your product.
  • Your audience can relate to your caption.
  • Use simple language and words.
  • Add a clear call to action.

This Instagram caption is both captivating and pertinent to grab users’ attention. You can try something like this to start a conversation on your post.

6. Stay Informed

Social media is all about following and creating trends. Therefore, you should keep an eye on all the latest Instagram trends to create your content.

This way, you don’t have to develop interesting ideas to create your Instagram posts. Instead, you can simply follow the latest trends and create interesting content around them.

Moreover, targeting trending hashtags can increase your post’s engagement and viewership.

To stay informed about all the latest social media happenings, you can follow Crowdfire. They share all the latest social media news, updates, and trends on the platform. You can also subscribe to the Crowdfire newsletter to receive real-time updates in your inboxes.

7. Focus on user-generated or employee-generated content

What if you don’t have to create your Instagram content and can still stay active on the platform?

Not possible?

Well, it is possible with user-generated or employee-generated content. You can ask your employees and customers to create content for you while you simply repost it on your page.

It is the best cost-effective and engagement-generating Instagram marketing plan. You are not only saving money on creating content. But, you can also promote your Instagram content for free without paying any advertising fees.

This strategy is today being used by many popular brands.

Buffer is a popular social media scheduling software that leverages user-generated content on Instagram. In addition, the brand has created #BufferCommunity to share its user’s photos and experiences.

Starbucks’ partnership program is the perfect example of employee-generated content. Starbucks treats its employees as partners and has created a separate Instagram page to share employee-generated content with #ToBeAPartner.

8. Invest in a high-quality camera

A photo can express more than words. You can share high-quality original photos on your Instagram account to engage with your users.

However, the keyword here is high-quality. You cannot post random pictures from stock websites on your IG account and expect high engagement.

Today, Instagram takes image quality very seriously. Thus, you must invest in the latest DSLR camera or powerful camera phone like iPhone 13 to click stunning shots. You can also hire a professional photographer if your budget allows.

Fashion brand Mango is doing an excellent job in promoting images on Instagram. This brand has only used high-quality images to build a vast community on the platform.

9. Use paid ads or other services

When you create great content, don’t limit its reach to your followers. Instead, use digital ads to spread your message to your targeted accounts.

Instagram allows you to promote your posts based on your audience persona, such as age, gender, location, etc.

Besides this, there are Instagram SMM panels available that offer genuine likes, comments, and followers.

Though, you should partner with a third-party SMM service provider after comprehensive research. Some companies use aggressive methods to promote your business on Instagram, which might send bot alerts to the IG algorithm. As a result, you might end up blocking your IG profile.

10. Create Instagram-specific content

Many people mistake recycling their content shared on other social platforms, on Instagram.

This a social media marketing suicide. Why?

That’s because every social media algorithm behaves differently. For example, the Instagram algorithm is driven by high-resolution images. On the contrary, the LinkedIn algorithm promotes text more than images.

Moreover, all social media channels have a unique layout. For instance, both Pinterest and Instagram are photo-based social platforms.

But still, you can’t use Pinterest content on Instagram because both platforms use different image dimensions. Instagram post dimensions are 1080 x 1080 pixels, and the Pinterest layout supports 1000 x 1500 pixels.

Moreover, the audience behaves and engages with the content differently on each social media platform.

So, always create content that fits Instagram perfectly for better reach.

Ready Produce Quality Instagram Content?

As you can see, quality Instagram content creation is not a hard task. But, first, you must plan and strategize to produce consistent content targeting your Instagram audience preferences.

Before planning your Instagram content, you must first create your audience persona and understand their requirements. After that, select a standard theme, color scheme, and font style to produce quality IG visuals faster.

Also, follow all the latest social media trends to create engaging content.

Like this, we have discussed the top 10 tips to create quality Instagram content with you. So, follow all the tips and instantly create your entire month’s IG content.

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