5 ways to boost your social media ROI

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As all marketers know, social media has become a beloved channel for building tight-knit, high-converting audiences.

In fact, by 2026, social media ad spend is projected to reach a whopping 358 billion dollars — an increase of 176.8 billion in just five years.

If you’re like many brands and social media managers, always on the hunt to discover more ways to boost your social media ROI, we have a valuable treat in store for you today.

Let’s dive into five ways you can make the most of your social media marketing efforts in 2023 and beyond.

Ready to learn more?

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1. Use strategic hashtags

To boost your discoverability rate, it’s vital to create a hashtag strategy in line with your niche and target audience.

To get as detailed as possible, take a hard look at your buyer personas.

Who are you serving? What do they need? What kind of hashtags would they search for on the social platforms you’re using?

For instance, if you create social media content for healthcare virtual scribe agencies, then you’re probably writing content geared around helping audiences find value in hiring a virtual assistant.

You might also write content aimed at overcoming potential buyer objections, such as feeling confused about how to hire a virtual assistant or why a virtual assistant is worth the cost.

In either case, you might choose hashtags, such as:

  • #virtualscribes
  • #hiringavirtualscribe
  • #virtualassistants
  • #hiringvirtualassistants
  • #needanassistant
  • #howtohireavirtualassistant
  • #isavirtualassistantworthit

Another helpful tip is to plug your client’s industry or keyword (with a hashtag in front) into the social channel’s search bar to uncover the most related, sought-after hashtags:

As you can see in the image example above, there are six related hashtags people search for when you plug in “#virtualassistant”, including:

  • #virtualassistantservices
  • #virtualassistants
  • #virtualassistantforhire
  • #virtualassistantlife
  • #virtualassistantcommunity
  • #virtualassistantservice

2. Focus on truly nurturing your audience

To get the most out of your social media efforts, nurturing your audience must be a top priority and a consistent practice.

But you can’t do that unless you know your audience deeply.

So, dig deep into your audience by uncovering their:

  • Innermost thoughts and feelings
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Needs and pain points
  • Reservations and common objections
  • Core brand questions
  • Goals (and how your brand can help them reach them)

Next, consider specific ways you can use this data to personalize content with them in mind.

Finally, discover what your audience values and looks for in a brand and why — how you can cater to those values and mirror them in your brand’s social media content.

A great way to learn this?

Post polls, surveys, and questionnaires in your Stories and email them out to social media audience members. (Hint: Your social media audience members should be on your brand’s email list!)

For instance, if you market for a brand that sells TV packages, its audience might struggle with understanding what package is best for them and why the investment is worth the cost.

Its audience might also be looking to buy from brands that offer a wide variety of payment options, pay-later options, and monthly discounts.

In this case, you’ll need to make sure your social media content breaks down each package, the investment cost, and why the price is more than worth it (for instance, because it comes with generous bonus offers).

Be sure to also pay attention to what kinds of posts you’ll use to highlight this — for instance, a carousel post on Instagram or a Story series could be effective ways to detail the brand’s TV packages.

You’ll also need to make sure to mention the brand’s payment options and discounts when planning out your sales-specific posts and promotional posts.

For instance, you might choose to include them as:

  • Calls to action (CTAs) at the end of your posts
  • Annotated text in your images, Reels, and videos
  • Branded digital posters, Stories, and highlights when marketing a promo
  • Branded digital posters, Stories, and highlights when featuring something specific you’d like to sell

3. Become memorable by maintaining a consistent brand image

While modern-day social media design isn’t as rigidly planned as it once was, aiming to maintain a consistent brand image is still key to remaining memorable.

The brands you represent look to you for your unique expertise, so be sure to highlight how important it is to stick with similar colors, styles, and themes on their social media accounts.

To put this into practice, ask your client –
– If they have a branded social media style guide.
– If they don’t, work with them to put one in place or offer to create a style guide on your own.
-To create a style guide, you’ll need their color palette, fonts, logos, and any other relevant visual elements.

Then, grab a Google Doc and type it up or search for a style guide template online and fill it in.
You’ll also need a solid plan when it comes to choosing and editing images.

For instance, if your clients sell products, get your hands on a tool that can help you remove the background from images so their products can stand out, distraction-free.

For example, if their colors are black, white, and purple, then you might remove the background from their product images and replace it with a solid purple background with black and white trim.

4. Capitalize on FOMO marketing techniques

If you’ve ever fallen victim to a “hurry, sale ends at midnight!” promotion, then congratulations, you’re officially like many of us who have purchased something due to FOMO — otherwise known as the “Fear Of Missing Out”.

FOMO marketing techniques work because they put pressure on your audience, stressing the fact that they’ll lose their chance to get a killer deal if they don’t act fast. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two examples of FOMO marketing brought to life.

That’s why integrating FOMO practices throughout your weekly content can help you nudge your prospects closer to conversion — and motivate your current customers to buy again.

The catch?

Make sure you and your clients are on the same page before you offer their audiences any kind of promo. In other words, never market a deal without getting explicit permission from your clients, first.

Here are some examples of FOMO text you might include in your social media campaigns with your clients’ permission:

  • BOGO Sale: Buy One Cronut Get One Free! Today only while supplies last! (PS: Did you know there’s been a 30% jump in search interest for the phrase “buy 1 get 1”?)
  • End-of-season discount party! Tap the image to shop dresses up to 50% off — sale ends at midnight tonight.
  • Holiday Special! Spend $15, get $3 off — this week only.
  • Enjoy 15% off or $20 off your first month of coaching when you book on Mondays between 4 pm — 8 pm!

And if you would like to add a twist to your FOMO marketing copy, you can use an AI-powered paragraph rewriter to generate compelling content for your social media audience.

5. Automate the planning and scheduling process

As you’ve probably learned the hard way, manually planning and posting your social media content is a major drain on your time, energy, and resources.

To alleviate unnecessary time and stress, look for a planner and social media scheduler that can help you:

  • Discover content (huge value-add!)
  • Plan content
  • Schedule content and hashtags
  • Tailor posts by channel
  • Manage all of your social accounts from one place
  • Spot brand mentions and visual products (another biggie)
  • Gather valuable insights and analytics
  • See and manage your content in a variety of view styles

Pro-Tip: We hate to brag, but did you know you can do all of the above and more with Crowdfire? 😉

In case you’re curious, with Crowdfire, you can:

  1. Discover relevant content based on the topics you’ve chosen.
  2. Publish content from your blogs and websites.
  3. Schedule your content.
  4. Get tailored posts for every social channel.
  5. Take advantage of more amazing features like getting images based on your favorite topics, using the Chrome extension to share articles you like, and adding your own RSS feeds.

Our customers also love our Mentions feature which allows you to spot brand mentions in real-time so you can reply to every social media comment as soon as possible. Genius, right?

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Wrap up

It’s no secret that social media has become an integral pillar in marketing a brand and building an audience.

And with ad spending projected to soar to over 300 billion dollars over the next four years, social media marketing will continue to make major strides in the branding space.

But, boosting your social media ROI isn’t always a straightforward process, is it?

From understanding, if a campaign actually performed well to knowing which KPIs to track, uncovering “the what and why” behind a high ROI takes some trial and error.

Luckily for you, we’ve removed some of the guesswork by sharing five of our top social media ROI tips.

For good measure, here’s a quick recap of the tips we shared today:

1. Use strategic hashtags
2. Focus on truly nurturing your audience
3. Become memorable by maintaining a consistent brand image
4. Capitalize on FOMO marketing techniques
5. Automate the planning and scheduling process

And that’s it for now, fellow SMMs.

To your (and your clients’) success!

And remember, if you need help along the way, Crowdfire is here for you.

Get started with a free account today, no credit card is required. ✔️

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