Email marketing guide for affiliates: 10 spicy tips

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There’s no denying that affiliate email marketing is on the rise.

It is considered an ideal stream of passive income.

Therefore it’s not surprising that many marketers are taking on affiliate marketing as a side business.

Most affiliates start with email marketing as their first strategy, and for a good reason. It is cost-effective and allows sending timely campaigns with almost no effort.

The market cap of affiliate email marketing only in the United States is equal to 8.2 billion dollars, making email marketing worth the money and time.

Whatever your level of experience is in affiliate marketing or your desire to do affiliate marketing through email, we know just how you can launch your affiliate marketing email sequence with winning results.

Here, you will discover some spicy tips on how to launch and succeed in your email marketing as an affiliate.

Let’s dive in.

What is affiliate email marketing?

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple. As a marketer, you can promote another company’s or individual’s products/services in exchange for commissions.

A variety of channels can be used to promote those links: email, social media, blogs, websites, etc.

Promoting affiliate links through email is one of the most effective methods. Emails that are well-crafted and targeted can have a powerful effect.

In comparison with printed or social media campaigns, affiliate emails provide one of the easiest forms of lead tracking and measurement.

As opposed to traditional email marketing, which aims to sell, affiliates aim to share the benefits of solutions they’ve used.

10 tips to boost your affiliate email marketing

Below, we will list some efficient tips and tricks to help you launch and take your affiliate email game to the next level.

1. Grow your email list

Traffic is great, but if you want to grow your business you need to capture your visitors so you can retarget them later.

A great way to do this is by offering a newsletter and incentivizing your visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

You can do this by offering a lead magnet or promising weekly/monthly updates, deals, or things that are relevant to your audience.

2. Check the emails of your recipients for validity

Email bounces can become a nightmare for your affiliate email campaigns. You lose credibility and domain quality if your email account bounces back continuously.

In order to avoid such a scenario, you should make sure to verify your email accounts before launching email campaigns to segregate your contacts.

By doing so, you can improve your sender score.

High scores indicate better email delivery and vice versa.

3. Perform A/B testing

A/B testing or split testing is the process of generating two versions of an email and sending them to different subsets of contacts to discover which version works better.

Don’t hesitate to make big changes to the different versions of your emails. Change your emails frequently if necessary. A/B testing will not make sense if just “Hi” is changed to “Dear”.

As soon as the best version has been found, you can add it to your email list.

4. Find a proper email marketing tool

Before getting started with your affiliate email marketing game, be sure to have a reliable email marketing tool to send bulk emails to your recipients.

Firstly, you must ensure that the email provider you choose will allow you to post affiliate links in your emails. Many service providers today prohibit affiliate links and discourage the use of affiliate links in campaigns.

An email provider may freeze or delete your account if you fail to check whether it supports affiliate marketing before sending emails to your recipients.

If you are unsure whether your email provider will allow affiliate campaigns, contact their support team first.

5. Send exclusive content to your recipients

Consider giving your email subscribers something extra and exclusive. You can encourage signups by providing followers with content they can’t get anywhere else.

There are many different ways you can create exclusive content for your audience, including blog articles, informative videos, etc. You’ll probably find some people interested in your content as long as it provides value and is relevant to your audience.

Keep in mind that your audience wants to receive valuable content and not just promotional stuff.

6. Add social proof to your emails

Adding customer success stories and social proof to your affiliate marketing campaign can help boost your trustworthiness as well as credibility.

For example, you can add logos for any certifications standing out in your market, your awards, or some powerful testimonials from influential people.

7. Add proper affiliate links

For a productive affiliate marketing campaign, it is crucial to use correct affiliate links.

First and foremost, the links should be relevant to your niche, so that they are interesting for your audience.

Imagine, you are subscribed to a SaaS website email newsletter, and one day receives an email promoting other unrelated stuff. What will you do? Right, hit that unsubscribe button.

In addition, it is ideal if the products/services that you promote are evergreens. This means that the chances that they will change over time are low. By doing this, you will free yourself from updating your content frequently.

8. Personalize your emails

According to SmarterHQ, 72% of consumers admit that they respond only to personalized messages.

This has a good reason: emails that are personalized stand out within the email inbox of the recipient as highly relevant and tailored.

By incorporating personalization into your emails you make your emails more likely to be opened, read, and clicked.

Start by personalizing your subject line, then the main content of the email.

9. Call your audience for action

The purpose of your email should be to advance the deal you are promoting. Emails that include a call to action are the best way to accomplish that.

Make sure to create a clear and precise call to action and repeat it several times in your email.

Keep in mind that using a call to action in your email campaigns can help you achieve your campaign goals more efficiently.

10. Avoid overwhelming your audience

Be sure you are not overloading your audience with your emails. Plan your email campaign and try not to send too many emails in a short period.

The frequency of sending emails depends mostly on the type of your business. For instance,

B2C leads can be contacted more frequently than B2B leads.


At first glance, it may suggest that affiliate marketing via email is simple. It sounds like you build a list and send offers to it, doesn’t it?

However, this approach involves many details and intricacies that you will want to consider as you progress.

It is possible to generate an incredibly high ROI through affiliate email marketing, but only if you utilize it effectively.

It will require a great deal of time and energy before you reach the necessary level of ROI. The good news is that there will be no better feeling than when you accomplish it.

Always remember that your readers are trusting you to share valuable information that can improve their lives in a number of ways.

Hope the spicy tips introduced in this article, will help you skyrocket your affiliate email marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you can use these tips to optimize engagement, conversion, and more.

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