9 best mobile video editing apps for content creators

By now we all know that the most eye-catching content of recent times is videos.
However, it is a big task to plan, create and execute a video from scratch.
Especially because it needs the creative side of your brain to work quicker, a whole picture from pen to paper, a good amount of time, and quite a lot of effort to put it together.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to shoot, edit and publish reels via your mobile device?
It would definitely help speed up the process, help save so much time, and also boost your motivation to create more video content.

Let’s look up tools that are available on Android and iOS.

1. Inshot

Inshot is a video editing tool with powerful features.

It helps you create and edit videos, add filters and effects and also replicate trending videos.

The coolest bit about this tool is that you can create Reels within the reels editing feature in the app. It allows you to import music, and add transitions, emojis, stickers, and text too.

Available for both Android and iOS

2. iMovie

This app is restrictive to iOS users only but makes a great tool for video editing, GIF-making, and putting together clips.

All you have to do is import the footage from your phone and if it’s on your machine you could simply upload it or drag & drop it under the project you created.

Once done, you can edit each clip, split and delete the unwanted bit, adjust the speed and stability, and add music and text if needed!

Available for iOS only

3. Cap-cut

CapCut is a free and simple-to-use video editing App that is available on both the App Store as well as Google Play recently. You can create fun cinematic videos in just a few minutes and a few clicks.

The only drawback is that they’ve rolled out the app to make it available to selected countries excluding India at the moment.

With Capcut, you can create collages, stitch images, and videos together, add transitions and so much more.

Available on Android and iOS

4. Kinemaster

KineMaster is available for both Android as well as iOS.
You can edit videos within the app as it comes with features to add multiple video layers and also explore the color settings.

The allows you to slice and crop videos, add music, or voiceovers too.
You can also add on sound effects, images, stickers, text, and special effects, transitions, speed up or slow-motion them.

When the video is edited, you can share them on your social platforms in just a few clicks.

Available for both Android and iOS

5. Viva video

Viva video is widely used by both iOS and Android users around the world.
The app has all the video editing features you’d need. You can cut, merge, edit with music, edit with transition and effects, and add stickers and text to videos too.
You can export the videos in 720p, Full HD 1080p, and 4K.

Available for both Android and iOS

6. Invideo

Invideo that is also known as Filmr is a free powerful video editor available on the web app,  Play Store as well as App Store.
You can create some really good content in about 15 minutes using this tool.

On the free plan, the videos will have a watermark while you export.
Otherwise, if you opt for a paid plan, you will be able to stitch together clips and export it without the watermark.

On the paid plans, you can create business templates, upload your own video, use the stock images that are available, and also create content in about 60+ languages.
You can also edit audio, and texts and add images from the available stock images on the app.

7. Videoshop

Videoshop helps you make your creative videos, memes, and gifs, including very impressive filters, sound effects, and colorful texts, as well as the basic functions that the other apps offer such as reversing, cropping, cutting, trimming, and adjusting the video speed.

Available for both Android and iOS 

8. Magisto

This one is a great video editing app, especially for those who don’t have video editing experience professionally, Magisto helps you edit a video without much effort by combining video clips, photos, music, text, video effects, and video filters.

Magisto is also a movie, collage, and music slide maker that uses artificial intelligence to find the best parts of your footage and apply video editing techniques including stabilization, object detection, filters, and effects.

Available for both Android and iOS

9. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a free mobile as well as a desktop video editing app You can shoot, edit and share professional videos on the go with its powerful tools.

With this app, you can arrange videos and audio, graphics, and photos.
It has drag and drop, trim, and flip mirror video clip features too.
You can also add overlays to video clips seamlessly.

Apart from this, there are royalty-free soundtracks unavailable that you can pick and add to the videos to make it complete.

Once the video is ready, you can export it and also resize them based on the dimensions of the social media platform you’re publishing to.

Available for iOS only

That’s it, folks! 🙌

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