Product Update: Scheduling to Twitter via Crowdfire is back!

We have news for you!
Twitter scheduling is BACK ⚡️

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After the whole Twitter API disruption episode, we had to let go of all Twitter features including the most used feature for this social platform — Scheduling, on 30th April 2023.

While Twitter features on Crowdfire were disabled, we didn’t pause trying our best to bring these features back!

We’ve sent multiple emails to almost everybody at Twitter HQ and tried our best to communicate what having Twitter features on Crowdfire is for you.

How were we able to bring scheduling to Twitter back?

In less than a month of weeping about saying goodbye to Twitter features, on 25th May 2023, the Twitter Dev team announced a mid-tier plan.


While it made us happy, it still had most of us only slightly smiling as we still feel $5000 per month is still a lot for this API.
I mean, we’ve been using it to create features and build Twitter-engaging improvements for over a decade.

But, we closely evaluated and discussed the importance of Twitter features for you and the feasibility of bringing the most used feature.
And yes, we decided to immediately subscribe to it.

What is happening now?

Okay, so now that we’ve subscribed to the $5000 plan, it allows us to help you resume scheduling and posting to Twitter using Crowdfire again.

All you have to do is fire the app, tap on Compose, add your content, and schedule.
You can schedule content from the content curation tab too.

What about other Twitter-related features?

While the API has certain limitations, we’re working hard on bringing other features back too.
We’ve prioritized analytics and we’ll share more details as soon as we’re able to take it live!

PS: The team has been working on some cool AI features alongside bringing Twitter features back to Crowdfire. I can’t wait for you to be introduced to it in my next product update post 😄

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for more on this  🙌

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