5 reasons why you should use GIFs on Social Media

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GIF marketing is a thing! Yes, using GIFs to make your Social Media messaging more attractive and increasing your reach is now a common practice.
Visuals are good but GIFs, GIFs can take your Socials to the next level 🙌
Sometimes words are not enough to express what you want to say, but the wide variety of GIFs available on the internet can make it simpler!

Here are 5 reasons you should use GIFs on Social Media

1. GIFs help you connect with your audience in a different way. They help you convey your emotions with higher accuracy than words. Yes!

2. GIFs make it memorable. That’s the beauty of a visual, people remember it.

3. GIFs add the dash of human touch to your content and make your feed more authentic!

4. GIFs are more catchy than images but they take lesser time to play than a video. They’ve lower production value than videos and still make consumption of information easier.

5. There is a GIF for every mood, every reaction and every action. With access to a gold mine of these magical moving images, all you need to do is use the right keyword and you’ll find the right GIF.

Now that you know that the best of brands use GIF marketing and why you should do it too, go ahead and schedule your GIFs using Crowdfire!

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