5 Ways To Avoid Social Media Burnout

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Being available 24/7, being online all the time feels like a necessity for Social Media Managers. But even if it isn’t your full-time job, you might feel compelled to check your buzzing notifications ALL.THE.TIME.

You might be feeling the Social Media burn, but you keep saying 👇

Social Media can be a wonderful place. It can help your brand find a voice. It can help you connect with your target audience but you need to make sure that it doesn’t come at the expense of your mental health. There are a lot of skills that Social Media Managers need to master but staying online 24/7 isn’t one of them.

When you start over-exerting yourself, you realise 👇

Some of the symptoms of Social Media Burnout include 👇

  1. Creativity block
  2. Lack of interest in work
  3. Looking at the notifications but not seeing them
  4. Sleep deprivation
  5. Fatigue
  6. Headaches and eye irritation.

    The symptoms are not limited to these as every individual experience it differently and it is important for you to figure out the symptoms for yourself. Trust me, if you’re burnt out, you’ll know. Ask yourself!

5 Ways To Avoid Social Media Burnout

1. Limit your Social Media time

You do not have to check each and every notification you get. Here are some things that you can try –
– Set your Social Media notifications on DND. You can check them at your convenience.
– Have a few set no-social-media timeouts throughout the day.
– Don’t check your phone first thing in the morning and the last thing before sleeping off.
– Use apps/ settings on your phone to control your Social Media time.
– Don’t check your work streams post working hours.

This is a process and it might take some time, but don’t wait for later, just go for it. With time you’ll realise that it’s important to control your notifications before they control you.

2. Structure your day

You have a limited number of hours in a day and you need to make the most of it. One of the most important things to work efficiently is to structure your day in a way that you utilise your hours in the best possible way.

Set aside time to

  • Check your Social notifications and mentions.

  • Curate content and share it.

  • Find the relevant audience.

  • Check daily/ weekly/ monthly analytics.

When you set proper time aside for all the tasks you’ll be able to beat your habit of refreshing your feed and getting overwhelmed by content overdose.

3. Plan

Plan. Schedule. Stay stressfree.

It is important to take time to think, curate and create content in advance. Coming up with something amazing and posting it instantly might be good for some occasions but for most of the days, a planned content calendar is a necessity.

Don’t wait for the burnout to hit you, be prepared.

  • Use the right tools.

  • Plan in advance and schedule your posts without a fail.

  • Create a backup content pool.

    When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This will only add to your stress and make you feel more burnt out.

4. Sleep, Meditate and Blink

  • Catching some z’s can work wonders for you. These z’s are the A-grade fire extinguishers for your burnout!

Here’s something you must read if you’re not sleeping enough – The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington – digested read

  • Meditating using apps like Headspace and Calm can help you a great deal. It might only be a 10-minute meditation session every day but it’s a really great habit to cultivate and with time you’ll realise how amazing it can make you feel.
  • Blink! My ophthalmologist told me that when we stare at a screen, we almost stop blinking. This means our eyes become dry and looking at the screen becomes painful. A blink break not only helps your eyes but it also allows you to have a mindful moment.

5. Move

Stand up and move 🚶‍♀️or set some time aside to work out. This will keep you away from the screen and will also help the creative juices to flow.

Remember – If creativity is a part of your job, you can’t achieve the heights of awesomeness by sitting at your desk. You need to move away and let your thoughts flow.

Here’s an amazing read for that – Lazy Work, Good Work


Burnout is your body’s way of telling that you need to slow down, that you need to change something. Listen to your body and start acting before it gets too late.

Schedule your posts to stay consistent, engage with your audience, see what your competitors are doing and track your analytics using Crowdfire. You can try it for free 😉

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