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You have a major win in that someone has landed upon your site. There are many ways in which this win could have been achieved, but now the user is here, you need to start converting. How exactly can you improve your landing page’s conversion rate?

What do you want to achieve?

This may sound obvious, but it’s incredible how many businesses are unsure as to exactly what they want to achieve from their landing page, and as a result crowd it with too much information and too many possibilities which confuse the user, and may lead to a big bounce rate.

“Decide on your priority objective, and build your landing page around that. Other pages on your site can detail other things, but your landing page has to be totally clear and concise in its goal for it to be successful. Use a one-goal approach,” advises Vincent Denunzio, a marketer at Big Assignments and Eliteassignmenthelp.

Are your headlines clear and simple?

It’s often all about the headlines. If your headlines are too long-winded, or do not concisely convey what you are about (and link relevance to your user’s visit) then users bounce. It’s often as simple as that, so try to grab the attention of the user immediately with a simple yet powerful headline.

Is your text concise, and does it flow?

The copy of your landing page is important too, you just need to think that without a good headline, the user probably won’t even bother to stick around long enough to read your text. If they do, then the text needs to compel and flow smoothly – don’t make it hard to decipher, and certainly don’t make it too long.

“The point here is that many website designers and business owners get too caught up in the style of the site rather than the substance. Style is important, but if your copy is unconvincing, boring, or irrelevant, then you can say goodbye to the user,” warns Eve Gratton, a landing page analyst at Academized and UKWritings.

Are your images relevant?

Beautiful images are another obsession of designers and website owners alike, but what do they say about your business, what do they say about your brand? Of course, you want a nice combination of text and images, but those images must add value – if they are there for decorative purposes only, you have missed a trick.

Do you have clear CTAs?

Calls to Action (CTAs) are an essential part of your landing page, so do you have them, and do they have a prominent position on the page?

Imagine a user likes what they see, but can’t easily find what they have to do next, or where to go. They bounce. “That is the reality of the modern user – attention spans and patience are thin on the ground. Make your CTA clear in its message, position it clearly, and distinguish it from the other content on your landing page so it’s easy to find and follow. Simple,” says Fiona Adams, a marketer at Boomessays and Write My Paper.

What value are you offering?

Have you made a value proposition on your landing page? What will you bring to the user that they want or need? Let them know immediately what unique possibilities your product or brand will bring to them, and use clear, concise messages to convey this essential information. You want to grab interest as quickly as possible, and if the user sees the value for themselves, they’ll stick around, and ultimately convert.

Have you optimized your page’s loading time?

This is a technical issue but relates back to lack of patience. If your landing page takes a fraction too long to show up on the user’s screen, you can wave bye-bye. This boils down to issues of hosting and the size of images etc on your landing page, but get some good advice and optimize. Anything less will lose you those conversions

Is it mobile friendly?

We have reached a tipping point: more users will access your site on mobile devices than desktop devices from now on, so have you optimized the mobile version of your site? Have you ever thought about how your landing page looks on a mobile device? In this day and age, you need to think mobile-first, so building a mobile-friendly version of your landing page (and everything else) is your priority.

Have you tested?

This is a simple point, but there are many tools which allow you to A/B test your landing page, which means understanding better what your audience responds to. Use these tools, because they could be the missing piece in the jigsaw.

This is a guest post by Aimee Laurence. Aimee Laurence, a tech blogger at Best Essay Services and Coursework Help Services, shares tips and insight about technology and communication. She also works in HR on a freelance basis at Student Writing Services. Her passion is science fiction and reading, and many of her articles are on this topic as well.

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