Product Update – Geo-targeting Facebook posts now on Crowdfire

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As your business grows, you’re going to need more and more personalised ways to reach your target audience. We at Crowdfire are always trying to find better ways to help you connect with your audience.

With Facebook geo-targeting, you can do a lot more than just post on your Facebook page. 

What is Facebook geo-targeting?

Facebook geo-targeting or location targeting helps you reach people based on locations such as country, region or city, i.e., it helps you refine your audience. 

News feed targeting

News Feed Targeting makes it more likely for your post to show up for your selected audience to see your post in News Feed.

Audience restriction

Audience restriction limits who can see your post.

How exactly does Facebook geo-targeting on Crowdfire work?

  1. Click on the compose button.
  2. Select a Facebook page.
  3. Choose News Feed targeting or Audience restriction.
  4. Fill the form with the location of your preference.
  5. Save

Note: Targeting by town/city, region or postcode isn’t available in all countries.

How to remove Facebook geo-targeting?

Click on the x (cross button) next to the geo-targeting to remove it.

Facebook geo-targeting is available for all Crowdfire users on our web app

Give it a shot now!

With Crowdfire, you can find curated content, schedule your posts, engage with your audience, deep-dive into analytics and create custom reports. Try it for free.

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