The Ultimate Guide to Seo Copywriting for Affiliate Marketing

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Want to attract hundreds or thousands of customers without the effort? Or do you know how to convey the value of any product to an audience and want to make money on it? Then affiliate marketing is for you.

Affiliate Marketing as a Powerful Tool

The concept of Affiliate Marketing does not have a literal translation, and therefore, in literature, it is most often found in its original form. It is most prevalent in the Internet business, being one of the most effective strategies for attracting new customers. In traditional business, Affiliate Marketing, combined with Referral Marketing, has developed in a whole separate direction – MLM (multi-level-marketing).

It is a common misconception that Affiliate Marketing is akin to affiliate programs. But this is not so: Affiliate Marketing is usually considered as an option to pay for the services of people or organizations that provide you with new target customers. The payment itself can be divided into:

  •       pay per click
  •       payment for lead
  •       payment per sale

Distribution of income usually occurs between several companies. The bottom line is that the main business pays for the transfer or search for target customers to other organizations or individuals (affiliates). There are several ways of interaction between such companies: ads on the site, placing links, recommendations, cross-selling, online advertising, and more.

The Affiliate Marketing strategy works well for companies that want to get thousands of new customers in a short time (half a year or a year). Besides, affiliate marketing allows you to attract the target customer at a lower cost than other channels of online advertising or offline promotion.

How to Manage Affiliate Programs Properly

In-house Management (internal management): This type of management involves launching a project on its own or by another employee of the company. In this case, a team of several people is led by a project manager. Responsibilities are signed, and each performs its part of the general task (conveyor or linear solution), and the parallel work of all team members accelerates the time it takes to introduce the program into the business (non-linear solution).

Network Management: It uses previously created affiliate networks, which can offer you various options for managing your program. This method is very costly, but you can get enormous benefits and advantages from working with a network that quickly establishes a connection with the best affiliates for your program.

 Outsourced Program Management – is the choice for the work of an external program manager (OPM). OPM will not only offer you its experience in implementing such programs in your industry, but it often costs less than in the case of network management.

After the affiliate program is selected and configured, you can begin to work. The most important task becomes so-called affiliate recruiting. 

You need to be sure that affiliates are fans of your brand, that your program lives on, and the quality of affiliates in your plan will be an ongoing task that should never end.

How to Promote Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs can be promoted in a bunch of ways. Two heaps, to be more precise. However, the most straightforward and low-budget methods that you can try without additional financial risks are as follows:

  •       Creating a web page for the program on your site with the necessary information, as well as links to the registration page;
  •       Notification based on their customers about the launch of the program. It is also worth mentioning this in every newsletter that you send to new customers;
  •       Announcement of the program on his blog;
  •       News on social networks;
  •       Subject articles on forums;
  •       Contests and bonuses for program participants.

The SEO Guide for Affiliate Marketing

Search engine optimization is the most effective way to increase referral traffic in affiliate marketing. Improving the position of your website in search results can significantly increase the number of visitors and enhance the quality of traffic.

Always Create Quality Content

High-quality content, containing a sufficient number of different keywords, will help you increase organic search traffic. If you are involved in affiliate marketing, you can create quality content in two ways: using landing pages and blog posts.

When creating landing pages, focus on what your customers need. Clearly indicate the product name in the page title. Tell us about its main advantages, describe the principal functions, and provide some feedback or customer ratings that may be useful to website visitors.

If you have a blog, your posts must answer questions that may bother potential customers (the answers to which they can search on the Internet). Useful and detailed blog publications that answer specific consumer questions and help them solve pressing problems will allow your blog to go much higher in search results than low-profile overview articles targeted at a broad audience. You can also link to your product landing pages on your blog.

Keep adding new content and keep the old one up to date. Relevance is what Google’s search algorithm takes into account.

Increase the Number of Quality Links

The crucial ranking factor, except for the website itself, is the links. For Google, quality links to your website or page are considered proof of the reliability of the website. Therefore, the more quality and well-known websites link to your content, the higher your position in the search results.

The first thing you need to do to increase the number of links is to start creating quality content that people themselves will want to share. You can also begin distributing your content yourself: on social networks, via email newsletters, and other channels.

Add buttons to your blog to post to social networks to make it easier for users to share. Social media links will not raise your website in search results but will help increase traffic and increase the likelihood that your blog posts will be posted elsewhere.

You can also contact the owners of websites and blogs dedicated to your industry and invite them to publish your articles on a relevant topic.

Focus on delivering content for Mobile Devices

The constant increase in the share of search traffic from mobile devices has led to the fact that the creators of the Google search engine have added several additional factors that are taken into account during the ranking.

In July 2015, Google launched the Speed ​​Update algorithm, which will evaluate the download speed of the mobile version of the website. This algorithm works the same as for a regular search: if the pages of a mobile website load slowly, then its position in the search results decreases.

This innovation was one of several key changes that Google introduced in April 2015, when the first algorithm designed to take into account the mobile Internet, Mobilegeddon, began work.

Obviously, Google is making the mobile search a priority. And that’s why marketing partners should follow suit. Check that your website is optimized for mobile devices: it loads quickly and works well on smartphones and tablets.

You can check the quality of the mobile version of your website using the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights or Pingdom tools – here, and you will also receive more detailed information about download speed and performance.


If you are an affiliate marketer, these tips will help you increase referral traffic through search engines. If you follow them regularly, over time, you will definitely notice a positive result!

Ben Grant is a blog writer and LinksManagement contributor. He likes to discuss modern literature trends and books, as well as give personal tips on how to improve your writing style.

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