Best Suggestions to Improve Your Email Marketing by Storytelling

People like stories. Regardless of what you might think and say, people love to hear and read interesting stories. So, why not use them in email marketing as every letter is nothing else, but another story told to a person who needs to hear it. 

A good story told in the right place and at the right time can solve a lot of problems and bring a lot of benefits to the narrator. When it comes to talking about email marketing, the inclusion of storytelling lets the marketer establish a rather personalized connection with the potential customer, which automatically enhances the probability of securing a purchase.

Hence, given the indisputable need for the presence of storytelling in modern email marketing, here are some best suggestions for you on how to use it in order to improve and enhance your email marketing.

Personal and Insider Information Is Important

There is a vividly seen reason for why social media actually exist. They have come into this world to connect people, regardless of the type of connection that exists between them in real life. So, go on and supply the customers with the original stories which they will not be able to track anywhere else.

Remember, the first thing that you have to do is make your clients interested in reading your email till the end, follow the lead, and purchase the service or product advertised. Thus, your emails have to stand out from the general crowd of the tons of texts that your customers receive from other marketers. Make sure that you infuse your emails with stories that will make them more radiant and thus captivating to read and interact.

Customers Have a Lot of Stories Themselves 

When a potential customer reads the story of success of the person who has already purchased your services or products, there is no motivation more powerful than this one to embark upon cooperation with your company. Simply tell your clients how the thing that you sell has helped others change their lives for the better. 

“Incorporating customer stories into your marketing emails and nurture campaigns is another effective way to leverage this content to move prospects and current customers along the sales funnel”, says Kait Bowes from the BrightCove platform. You can find an extended explanation of why customers’ stories can become a proper tool of changes for the better in marketing here

Show it to your customers that you care about their well-being and not about yourself. This psychological trick has been recognized by marketing specialists from all around the world as one of the best strategies for luring customers into purchasing things. Nowadays, people are lonely and desperate to have someone who would care for them. You have a wonderful chance to fill in this position with brilliant storytelling in your emails.

Let Them Know Who You Are

All the customers without an exception are eager to know where your company comes from. So, let them know the truth, especially if you are a new entrant to the market, you have to share your origin story. Otherwise, you can forget about what successful brand exposure means.

As a matter of fact, sharing your origin story with your customers might eventually help you identify your position in the market. That is, it quite often happens that a company enters the market thinking that it knows its position really good. Meanwhile, it is only after retelling it to the customers that it starts realizing that it was different from the very beginning.

However, there is a need for you to be able to distinguish between what is the company’s origin story and what is its historical synopsis. Josh Ritchie from the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog claims that: “An origin story is a story about how your company came to be. It includes details like why it was started, when it was started, how it started, who started it, where it was started, etc.”.

That is, the company’s origin story is that one that can be used for building its future and not for dwelling upon its past. If you want to know more about why telling your origin story is so important for the success of your email marketing strategy, visit Josh’s blog.

Let Them Know Your Plans

By the way, talking about the future of the company is as crucial as telling your customers why they should buy from you now. When the customers see that the company is planning on serious and massive development steps, it is easier for them to perceive the organization as a solid and reliable business partner for the years to come.

For example, telling your customers how the company is planning to improve its products and what innovative decisions are going to be made in order to improve the customers’ experience can significantly boost the customer’s overall impression of the company. As it has been already mentioned, when the customers know that the company is doing well and is planning big for the future, it infuses them with a feeling of insurance in the quality of the commodities or services sold by the company. 

Mind Your Writing: Improve Your Skills

One thing you have to understand about the desirable quality of the stories that you will write to your customers is that they must be so good, catchy, and captivating that the customers must want to share them with others. However, do not be afraid and may you not forfeit this interesting game of marketing wars just because you are not confident in your writing. 

Nobody is born a great writer. This is a whole set of knowledge and skills that can only be attained. So, you have to practice your writing in order to make your stories incredibly interesting to read. Denise Gabbard from Scripted states that: “Effective copywriting requires a marketing slant — and not every writer is a salesperson. As a marketer, you need to know how important it is to highlight the crucial aspects of a product when you have seven seconds to get your points across”. You can find more reasons to work on your writing here.

There are a lot of ways to improve what and how you write. It all starts with the selection of the topic, then proceed to the creation of content, structuring, proofreading, etc. Nonetheless, the value of proper writing to successful email marketing cannot be denied. 


 Nowadays, anyone who wants to become successful in the domain of email marketing has to understand how profitable it may be to learn how to implement storytelling in the emails sent to the customers. Every email that features a story is, first of all, more interesting to read. What is more, it helps the customers disclose their desires and needs because it establishes a personalized connection between the vendor and the buyer.

When a customer opens an email and sees an interesting story there – in which the company discloses its plans for the future or shares the stories of success of its other customers – it is quite probable that such an email will resonate with the customer. As soon as there is a sense of personal informational exchange between the company and the customer, the email marketer can consider his or her mission to be successfully accomplished. Meanwhile, there is no better way to establish that connection than to use stories in your emails.

 Born in Wanneroo, Australia, Jennifer Broflowski always knew that her life would be connected to language, texts, and writing. After graduating from the University of South Australia and years spent as an editor of the university’s literary journal, she started cooperating with various renowned writing companies, such as CraftResumes services and Paper Leaf. Jennifer is known in the world of writing as one of the best specialists in the domain of marketing as her articles are being read all over the world.

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