Social Media Strategy: What Brands Can Learn from Individuals on Social Media

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In this world of social media and fast-paced technology, many brands look up to social media influencers for tips and tricks on how to improve their marketing strategy. Influencers are known to receive more traffic and engagement on posts as compared to popular brands and companies. In fact, people choose to indulge in brands and products recommended by these popular personalities on their platforms. You might be wondering, what are they doing differently to be having more followers than high-end brands?  

To get you started, we’ve collected the best tips that brands can learn from influencers for better social media presence and to develop a consistent brand image across different social networks.  

1. Create content consistently

Almost everyone in the world checks their social media right after waking up, whether it is to check messages, read news updates, or casually browse through their feed. We come across different types of content while scrolling, from blog posts and articles to videos and podcasts, etc. You might have noticed that brands rarely engage in this sort of routine and only tend to post when something big happens. 

By posting once in a blue moon it’s easier for your followers to forget about your brand and move on without paying any close attention to what you’re saying. Instead, try to post relevant and valuable content routinely so your audience has your brand in the back of their minds. Switch up your pattern by going between blogs, infographics, short videos, and images; this way you keep your feed fresh and encourage followers to interact with your brand.

2. Collaborate with other brands

Creating a supportive and positive community on social media is important to draw different audiences towards your brand. People tend to follow many brands and businesses within one industry so they can gather the most relatable information and make the best decision for them. 

Influencers often collaborate with other content creators to entice their subscribers and gain more exposure from other audiences. Though, this might be difficult to achieve from a business point of view. So, brands can choose to build relationships with other businesses in different industries. This could work perfectly for package deals or special offers for regular customers, which encourages them to check out a different brand. Who doesn’t love being offered special packages and deals? When announced on social media, it drives a lot of attention and engagement from different sets of audiences, which can, in turn, generate leads and increase sales. 

3. Develop your marketing personas

Marketing personas differ depending on the social media channel, so you need to have a thorough idea of the audience each platform targets. Personas paint a clear picture of the crowd you’re aiming to sell your products to. Once you’ve mapped out the social networks you use, you can refine your marketing efforts accordingly and develop a social media persona specific to that platform. 

This is an excellent way to teach team members to build rapport with potential clients and create brand awareness. It’s a strategic way to empathize and relate with your customers, while also learning valuable information on how to enhance your brand and services. This means that you need to create a clever approach and top-quality content pieces for each social media network. In simple words, it segments your social media strategy so you can target varying customer bases with the type of content they prefer. 

4. Engage with your followers

We can’t stress this enough, but establishing strong bonds with your customers is important to build an impressive online presence. Influencers and content creators are always interacting and responding to social media reactions from their subscribers, be it negative or positive. 

Software Development Companies that provide internet marketing services have provided brands with the opportunity to connect with people and learn more about their interests and preferences to improve their products. When you respond to your followers’ comments, questions and messages promptly and effectively they know you’re keen to build a connection with them and value their opinions. This makes way for easy and open communication between customers and businesses. Engaging with your followers, reels in prospective customers and improves their perception of your brand, which in turn boosts your brand’s image.

5. Establish your brand voice and tone

Establishing your brand’s voice and tone gives it a personality on social media. This is especially important in cases where multiple team members handle your business social accounts, so if they’re not provided a set of instructions there will be different writing perspectives. Creating a specific tone and voice guide can help in effectively delivering the company’s motto and message. When you’ve got a unique tone, readers are able to identify your pieces and posts without having to directly visit your page and looking at your brand’s logo. In short, it helps create familiarity with the audience. 

6. Don’t be afraid to be yourself 

After you’ve set instructions to represent a distinctive brand voice and tone, next is to be your truest self online. Many brands are taking a more laid-back approach to handling social media so they have more space and freedom to work with. When you develop a social media presence that is both informative and lightweight, customers are always anticipating what you will post about next. Be it a humorous gif, a meme, or an educational guide; use your language to entice and engage viewers and gain conversion rates. 

Final Verdict 

Several brands have not outgrown the traditional marketing methods and fail to understand the impact of social media marketing. However, many are striving and learning from popular influencers and bloggers on how to leverage social media into creating brand awareness and building a loyal follower base. These individuals serve as ideal examples of how brands should prioritize establishing connections with customers, publishing relevant pieces, and developing a unique voice and tone. Consider these pointers as to the foundation of your social media strategy to put you on the right track to achieving success and fortune. 

Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions.

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