Why Your Business Isn’t Doing Well on Social Media?

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Many people often complain that their business does not do well on social media, or that they’re having a hard time operating their business on social media.

Running a business on social media is no easy feat, it requires time, human effort, and a lot of technical expertise but most important of all is that it requires contextualizing the need of the specific business you’re marketing for. For example, social media marketing for clothing brand will be totally different from that of an immigration company, in terms of the approach.

When such happens, the usual story is that people often make one or too many of the mistakes that we’ll be discussing below.

1.       You Do Not Properly Cater to Peoples’ Demands

To run a successful social media campaign for your brand, you foremost need to understand social media as well as your audiences on a deep-rooted level, enough to get them to engage with you. Social media algorithms are designed in such a way that the most active and engaging accounts are highlighted. 

This means that accounts that are responsive to their followers’ comments, messages, and tend to post regularly are highlighted more and manage to make it to the coveted ‘Home’ page of many social media platforms, such as, Instagram and Twitter.  

However, when replying to people’s comments, messages, or posting new updates, you’ll have to ensure that the language you use resonates with your audience, so it’s best if you bring a cultural element into the equation. Also, share content that is relevant to your brand as well as for the people, and to achieve this, you must know your customer very well.

In addition, brands often make the mistake of targeting everyone everywhere. The rule of thumb for running a business on social media is that if you’re targeting everyone, you’re not targeting anyone. Social media is too diverse to cater to everyone’s needs; therefore, you must filter your audience as well as the content you share. The more personalized you make, the more positive results you’re likely to reap.

Your end goal should be to add value to the content you share and understand your followers, if you don’t understand them, all your attempts will be futile.

2.       You Project Yourself Too Much

Social Media platforms came about so that people could give updates about their lives to their friends and family. This technique does wonders if you consider yourself a social media influencer or a social media peoples’ person, but not when you wish to run a successful social media business.

The problem is that most brands (brick & mortar and digital) don’t understand social media. Unlike conventional media, social media platforms give the opportunity to have two-way conversations and build-on meaningful relationships and have impactful conversations. And all of this becomes virtually impossible if you’re simply sharing and broadcasting and posting videos and messages on social media. 

The purpose of social media is not just to post messages, but also interact with people, a critical component that people often overlook. Take this either as a word of caution or a helpful tip, if you purely focus your efforts on post sharing and product selling, you won’t achieve much. 

However, if you engage with the audience and try to get to know them, you will find yourself some good business in the shortest time.

Instead, you must find innovative ways to sell your product and interact with the audience simultaneously. And for you to accomplish that, you must have a deep-rooted knowledge about your brand and must build conversations around it. 

For instance, if you own a make-up brand and wish to run your business through various social media platforms, you not just need to advertise your brand’s philosophy, but also talk about topics concerning make-up, body positivity, and inclusivity. 

Therefore, your advertising strategy must not only be focused around selling your product, but also advertising your brand’s philosophy and having impactful conversations (opinion polls) around make-up as an empowering tool, and the unachievable beauty standards, etc. 

If you’re simply sharing marketing and sales messages and your prime focus is to ‘push’ people to buy your product, you’re more likely to fail. People will unfollow you. The key to a successful marketing campaign lies in not going too overboard with selling but understanding your consumers.

3.       Your Accounts Are Too Robotic

Most brands make the mistake of focusing on the ‘media’ aspect of social media rather than its social component. While it’s understandable that social media accounts are technology-based, brands often make the mistake of making them too inhuman and mechanical.

If you wish to run your business through social media, make sure that some form of human element is reflected in your account. A lot of social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, allow a greater degree of personalization, which you can use to humanize your online presence. 

They allow you to post relevant stories, display and cover photos, which can be closely related to your brand. Basically, try to humanize your social media accounts as much as possible by posting about your brand’s philosophy and the people that make it what it is.

4.       You’re not Responding To Your Audience

Most social media business owners make the mistake of not responding to the queries and comments of their audience. Also, if they do respond, they are exceptionally slow with their response. If you wish to have impactful conversations with your audience, you must respond to their queries and interact with them as much and as frequently as possible.

Most people think that data analytics and extracting technical information from social media accounts is difficult, but having a conversational tone with your audience is the most difficult aspect of running a social media business. 

While we suggest that you do NOT stay online at all times, doing so is virtually impossible and nerve wrecking, nonetheless, take time-out to have live sessions and regular chats with your potential clients.

5.       You Post Infrequently

The key to success in life is being consistent and persistent in whatever you do; the same formula works in social media. In fact, social media businesses require you to be more consistent than anything else in life.

For running a successful social media business, you must maintain a consistent brand image that is aligned with your brand’s philosophy as well as visually appealing.

The foremost thing that you must do is be regular with your posting. If you’ve just started your business, you may want to thrice or four times a week, if you’re established twice every week is fine. The second thing that you need to be wary about is your brand image. If, let’s say, you own a make-up brand, make sure that all your posts are about or related to make-up, body image etc. Do NOT go overboard with sharing everything on your social media accounts, you must build and maintain your brand’s image. 

Also, it’s never a good idea to get away from social media all of a sudden. It’s a good place to be at bay with the latest trends and interacting with your audience.

6.       You Are On The Wrong Social Media Platforms

One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they’re on the wrong social media platform, which is not suited for their business. You must understand that social media marketing requires time, money, and human resources, instead of wasting it on too many platforms, it’s best if you invest in one or two platforms that work best with your business.

Once you do that, you’ll see a sharp rise in your sales and customer satisfaction.


Through this article, we may have answered some-if not all- of your answers to your social media woes. 

If you wish to do well in your social media business, you must understand the medium and work on a strategy that works best for you as well as your organization. 

Last but not the least, don’t forget to interact with your audience. 

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