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Instagram has grown as an ultimate photo-sharing platform and has reached up to one billion users.  According to research, 500 million monthly users from all around the world are active on Instagram. In the USA, India, and Brazil, Instagram has over 130 million, 100, and 91 million Instagram users. With time and effort, several influencers have gained millions of followers on this platform. Brands are using them to promote their products. If you have the right plan, you can also boost your brand through Instagram marketing. All you need to know is how to use Instagram for your brand marketing? When and what to post? All your questions I have tried to answer through this blog. 

  • Open a Business Account 

The first step is to have an Instagram-business account for your brand products. When you create an Instagram account make sure that your account name is recognizable and easy to remember. To boost traffic to your website, you can include a link in the bio section. If you already have an account, then you can switch to a business account. To switch to a business account, you need to go to your Instagram setting option. There is an option present to switch from a personal account to a professional, where you can select between a business or creator account. There are several benefits of switching as now you can see your account activity, stats about the impressions, and reach of your posts. When you start to use these features, you will understand your audience.

  • Create engaging content

When you post your brand pictures on Instagram, then you need to focus on engaging content. If you have engaging content, people will love to like, share, and comment on your post. For that, you need to identify your audience, and their desires for your brand. To know your audience, you can use the free Instagram tools like insights and others. You can search the demographics of the audience like their age group, gender, location and target them accordingly. You should analyze the competitor’s page on Instagram to understand what they post, when they post and the reaction they get. Using this analysis, you can craft a more engaging product that can provide you a better return. Timing of the post is very important, according to one study, the most liked posts on Instagram are published between 7 AM to 9 AM. More people are free during these hours. 

  • Promote your Instagram post

To boost your brand through Instagram, you need to increase your followers on Instagram. Do several people have questions about how to increase Instagram followers?. The simplest way is you can tag influencers, use popular hashtags, provide details of your brand in bio, post regularly interactive stories, and timely post pictures with captions. If your followers share their love for your products, you will see a rapid increase in your follower count. When you post on Instagram, you can not assume that every person connected with your brand page will like and share your post. As many people stop using the platforms, some are inactive. Your brand needs to get connected with the people that already know. More people will start to follow your brand page, when you start sharing your Instagram post on multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Your audience will get another way to connect with your brand. 

  • Post your product teasers 

Instagram is the best platform to advertise your products by sharing its featured photos. If you follow the right advertising strategy, then you won’t annoy your audience or scare them with the advertisements. To attract more followers or audience towards your brand, then treasure your products. It is a simple way to introduce your product features to your audience and increase the excitement of your audience towards your brand. You can post offer discounts on limited products or percentage vice discounts on different products. Your post will receive thousands of likes and shares that are huge in the advertising world. The advertisement will work because the ad is not pushy, just like other brands that force the users to download the apps. 

  • Use branded and industry Hashtags

When you share posts of your products on Instagram, then you should use hashtags. You can create your brand hashtags to encourage your users to share and promote your brand. When a person buys your product and posts on their Instagram post, then they easily tag your brand. Along with the own hashtags, you can use the industry hashtags, community hashtags, such as #6strings (music), #Fashion (clothes), #unicornhair (beauty), to promote your brand. Using community hashtags, you can make your post visible on searches that will increase your brand reach. 

  • Interact with followers to boost brand growth

An engaging Instagram account can create a lot of loyal customers as well as boost your brand. You can generate engagement on your Instagram account. When you post about your products, offers, discounts, then people will love to know more about them. If they are commenting on your photos, then you should reply to them. When they buy your products and tag your brand in their posts, then you can share your story and thank them. Brands can adopt different ways to interact with your users, such as run offers for discount coupons if users put your brand post and tag their friends along with your brand. These methods can boost your page engagement as well as followers.

  • Create sponsored ads

When you open a business account with Instagram, you can access additional features to promote your brand. You can create a budget for your promotional activities. The budget can be allocated over some time, such as 5 days, 8 days, 12 days, you want to promote your brand. Before sponsored posts, only users following your Instagram account could see the brand updates and photos. If you are creating sponsored ads, then you need to ensure engaging content for better results.


Instagram has influenced the social media world with its features. It has billions of active users, sharing and liking the content of other users. You can also grab the attention of users towards your products. for that first, you must have an Instagram business account. Make sure you regularly post interactive photos, as well as stories on your Instagram, handle using the popular hashtags, tagging influencers. You also have to start promoting your Instagram post on other social media platforms. It might be possible that people are not aware that your brand also has an Instagram account. Finally, be sure that you track the right metrics to check the results of your Instagram marketing efforts. Also, keep an eye on your follower growth rate, engagement rate, and website URL click-through rate.

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