6 ways to thank your customers on Social Media

6 Ways To Thank Your Customers On Social Media

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Personalise, make them feel great, be sincere in everything you say, that’s what great customer service is all about!

“Thank you” always sounds good to your ears. But when it comes to showing gratitude to your customers, two words may not be enough. Customer service industry knows the value of gratitude in the attitude.

You can always create some WOW moments for your customers to make them feel special and you should! That’s what a good business does. You care about them, so show them your love in the most memorable ways.

Here’s why is showing gratitude on Social Media good for you

  • It makes your customers happy.
    Happy customers = Brand evangelists.
  • It helps you build your online brand as a great business.
  • It helps you show the authentic and the human side of you.
  • It makes you feel good about your brand!

Here are 6 simple things that you can do on Social Media instead of typing out “Thank you”

1. Respond with a video

Faces behind the username help in personalising the message. Responding with a short video saying thank you or a personalized GIF shows that your brand is ‘human’. Customer service is not just about robotically helping your customers but showing them your human side.

Learn how to create awesome GIFs.

2. Give them a shout-out

And make a big deal about it! Customers don’t always come and say great things about the brands on Social Media. It is easier to complain on Social Media than it is to say something nice.

So when someone says something nice about you

  • Reciprocate
  • Give them a shout-out
  • Re-share their post
  • Woo them with your words and show them how you feel!

3. Create something especially for them

It could be a video, a graphic, a GIF, a blog-post, a story (on Instagram/ Facebook), whatever it is, make sure it is just for them and the world gets to see it. If you’re creative enough, your customers, their friends and family and followers will have a great story to tell.

4. Share their work

What could be more amazing than getting a ‘Thank you’ message? Your favourite brand sharing your work along with that ‘Thank you’.
Always keep an eye on what your customers are doing and how can you help them achieve more. Share their work, they’ll appreciate it.

5. Be available

Being responsive shows that you care about your customers and you would go above and beyond to help them out. When you are available for someone, it means you value that relationship and that’s one way of showing gratitude. Time is one of the best gifts.

Use tools to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of your mentions.

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✅ Attach images and GIFs to your replies.
✅ Create a set of rules that will help you filter the messages that need to be responded to.

6. Help them learn something new

Check their bio, or recent tweets to know their interests and share with them some of the awesome resources you might have about the subject they might be interested in. Also, I don’t mean that you put up a status or share a tweet with them, I mean really communicate with them, @ them and share something that might help them. Helping them evolve is a way of showing gratitude.

Closing thoughts

How else do you think you can express your gratitude? Share with us in the comment section!

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While it’s important to have gratitude in attitude, every so often we need to tackle the negativity in customer service, these tips will help you with that 🙌

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