10 Ready-Made Facebook Messenger Chatbots You Can Clone Today

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Facebook has always been a favourite platform for businesses when it comes to business marketing and promotion. Being one of the most popular and top-used social media networks worldwide, Facebook has been accepted as an effective marketing medium.

Along with Facebook, Messenger has risen to the occasion and is being used in the modern world of social media marketing. Facebook Messenger is also one of the most popular marketing channels established about four years ago. The inception of the platform began with the event of Facebook, releasing a developer API that enabled automated customer communication on the chat app itself.

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That being said, it is intriguing as to how and why Facebook Messenger turned out to be such a popular marketing medium. This article will discuss some easily cloneable ready-made Facebook Messenger chatbots that can be super-effective for your marketing campaign and lead to high ROI.

But before we move on to Facebook Messenger chatbots, let us take a look at why Facebook Messenger became such a popular platform amongst brands, businesses, and social media marketers.

The Popularity of Facebook Messenger as a Marketing Platform

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Facebook Messenger marketing is the use of different tools available on Facebook Messenger to engage with customers. Facebook Messenger marketing offers some great opportunities to businesses and brands to market their products and services and offer some of these effective results.

Here are some of the known and reported results of the platform, as per the studies.

  • 1.9x the normal average order value of website purchases for LEGO.
  • 329% increase in revenue for Leiftech.
  • 11% higher appointment booking rate for Sephora
  • 20% sales increase for DBS.
  • 36% increased installations for NETWORK.

With over 1.4 billion registered users, Facebook Messenger is one of the most used social media networks.

Along with significant and proven results of Facebook Messenger marketing, the platform is popular as it enables marketing automation by allowing businesses to interact with customers automatically and at scale.

And when it comes to marketing on Messenger, engagement is the most crucial factor. Facebook Messenger chatbots are the tools that must play a vital part in any Messenger marketing campaign and must be utilized for maximum effectiveness and success of the campaign.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots: What They Are and What They Do?

Facebook Messenger chatbots are small programs that help businesses communicate with Messenger users who interact with them and answer some basic questions or information about the business.

The most powerful and useful aspect of Facebook Messenger marketing is the feature of marketing automation that allows automation of conversations on native webchat and SMS! When you create and operate a Facebook Messenger chatbot, you can automate your engagement with customers. You can also ensure that critical information is always available for customers along with  24/7 communications.

In today’s time of increased competition, every company or brand marketing on Facebook Messenger must look into utilizing chatbots. With the multi-channel chat marketing platform’s utilization, any company can boost its social media engagement and offer better services to its customers. Facebook Messenger marketing and chatbots offer a customer service paradigm that already consists of current and potential customers of the brand or company.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are growing fast and are the most effective mediums to connect and engage with customers. Since 2016, when bots were launched, these programs have assisted several brands scale and assess the ways of interacting and engaging with customers. They have also enabled businesses to offer better one-to-one services to their clients.

From personalized recommendations to scheduling tasks, and a lot more, Facebook Messenger chatbots help interact with customers at much lesser costs. Let us now look at the 10 ready-made Facebook Messenger chatbots you can clone for your brand’s effective and valuable results.

Top 10 Most Effective Ready-Made Facebook Messenger Chatbots You Can Clone

We have listed 10 ready-made chatbots on Facebook Messenger for effective and efficient multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Let us look at how you can use these templates to set up your bot today! These chatbots help different kinds of businesses operating in different types of industries and are utilized accordingly.

1. Real Estate Chatbot

Real estate professionals and companies need to handle several inquiries from prospective clients and sellers daily. Real Estate chatbots on Messenger can effectively take care of many important aspects of the real estate business operation on the platform.

The real estate chatbot template on Messenger includes pages covering all aspects, including buying, selling, and renting properties. Businesses in the real estate industry that involve the operations of property sales and rentals can make use of the real estate chatbot on Messenger for a variety of purposes including:

  • Collecting the contact information of any new clients interested in selling a house.
  • Collecting contact information from new clients who want to buy a house.
  • Collection of contact information of clients interested in property rentals.
  • Provide the listings of all available homes for sale.

These bots can help users interact and choose suitable options and the best matches based on their preferences.

2. Lead Generation Chatbot

With the right contact information of a prospective client and accurate information, you can help them enter your sales funnel. Once you have them in your sales funnel, they can be moved through the buying process much faster.

This is what the lead generation chatbot does. You can customize the bot according to your convenience from offering a download or webinar to generating new leads. The bot can efficiently and automatically collect leads even when you are busy with existing client work.

3. Ecommerce Chatbot

The Ecommerce chatbot is designed to help businesses showcase specific products and help their customers find suitable products and services. You can create product galleries with complete photos of items, brief descriptions, and links to their e-commerce websites’ product pages.

With these bots’ help, you can help your customers, and the potential audience learns about what you can and offer them. If they find a product of their preference, they can easily navigate the site and purchase the products. These bots can also help businesses collect order information and carry forward the information to the customer support team for better customer assistance.

4. Beauty Salon Chatbot

When it comes to businesses in the beauty industry, setting appointments and attracting new clients are the key aspects that should be taken care of.

The beauty salon chatbot includes:

  • Automated appointment setting
  • Customer service and FAQs for clients
  • Customizable pages
  • Pricing information
  • Scheduling pages

5. Auto Repair Shop Chatbot

The auto repair shop chatbot helps clients and potential customers schedule appointments at the car repair shops and garages on an automated basis. You can customize the chatbot to answer specific qualifying questions.

6. Personal Trainer Chatbot

The personal trainer chatbot can help personal trainers engage and maintain personal relationships with their clients individually.

The bot can help in multiple ways, including:

  • Collecting basic information of prospective clients including age and level of experience
  • Collecting lead information
  • Scheduling free consultations

7. Restaurant Chatbot

Restaurant chatbot is perfect for restaurant owners and food businesses. It can help the customers of a food business to get accurate information on what they need and complete important tasks independently. You can also add image-rich information about your menu and food business and help customers easily browse and choose their items.

8. Marketing Agency Chatbot

Alongside all other kinds of businesses, marketing agencies especially need new and advanced marketing tools and trends. Marketing Agency Chatbots for Facebook Messenger offers prospects and subscribers with industry research and high-touch lead nurturing.

These chatbots can be very effective and useful from digital marketing and advertising services to web design and maintenance or SEO, PPC, content, social, PR, and branding.

9. Survey Chatbot

As the name suggests, survey bots offer great scope to customers to answer all your questions and collect streamlined customer feedback quickly.

10. Contest Chatbot

Contest chatbots aim to increase exposure, earn more followers, and drive new leads to a business. From comment-based contests to giveaway contests or promotions by other means, these bots can help execute all of it in an automated manner.

Closing the Gap

Using Facebook Messenger marketing automation techniques can make your marketing campaign foolproof, effective, and earn high ROI to grow your business. With the help of these chatbots on the Messenger platform, you can help your business grow and achieve success.

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