How to Promote Your Blog on the Internet Free: Tips and Tricks

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Finally! You have completed preparing your website and have some articles that provide critical insight into various issues in your field.

However, the traffic you are receiving for the pieces is less than you had hoped. Even worse, you don’t have the money to channel into the expensive social media marketing solutions at your disposal.

Worry not. This article will tackle various tips for promoting your blog for free, thus increasing the traffic without blowing your savings.

Social media

After establishing your blog, you should create pages for your blog n various platforms, thus boosting your online presence.

Next, contribute to your audience’s pages, thus establishing yourself as a credible source in your field. However, it is crucial to note that the content you post should be valuable to readers and provide answers to various challenges in your niche.

Next, ensure to frequent your page with meaningful content and engage your audience in the comment section. This creates room for sharing links to your articles while earning a new audience.

You could also consider sharing your articles on social media platforms in a condensed pictorial or video form. This sparks a conversation among your followers, leading to increased traffic of people seeking answers to the topic in question.

Participating on Forums

Q&A forums like Quora are a great way to tap into a wider audience. For this, you should engage members within your field and provide your perspective on various issues tackled on the platform.

When doing this, you can provide links to read further on the topics, thus building consistent traffic. However, ensure that you sufficiently tackle the question at hand instead of spamming the readers with links.

By providing quality answers, you get more people to interact with your posts, allowing them to determine if your page sufficiently scratches their itch.

Email marketing

While it often receives the back seat in marketing conversations, email marketing ranks among the best methods for promoting your blog on the internet for free.

Email marketing is an efficient way to capture visitors and convert them to regular consumers of your content. For this, you should provide a newsletter service with regular updates that apply to your reader’s interests.

However, you should follow various criteria to avoid being flagged as spam. Avoiding the spam box ensures maximum ROI and helps improve your communication with your audience.

Even more, Email marketing introduces your audience to new content in your field and keeps your site on top of their memories as a source for information in your niche.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a free approach to tap into the audience of established pages through backlinking the article to your page. For this, you should check for the blogs within your niche with high page authority and reach out via email for guest posting.

Also, ensure that you tackle a new perspective of the topic under discussion, thus arresting your readers’ attention. Even better, guest posting contributes to a higher SEO rank, bringing in more traffic to your site.

However, consult the site owners and confirm that they will give you a “do-follow” link to your article. Also, provide options for the readers to share the information on their platforms or reach out to you, thus increasing the chances of gaining new subscribers.

Commenting on other blogs

Commenting on blogs is an excellent way of building relationships with site owners and sharing links to your blog.

Commenting also generates new traffic for your site. However, this does not imply that you spam the comment section with links to your site. Instead, provide rich information that promotes a conversation among readers, thus compelling them to interact with your posts.

Preferably, select a site with a commentluv plugin as this allows you to add links to your article without getting filtered out as spam.

For higher rankings, use the Mozbar tool to analyze various pages for do-follow and no-follow settings. Do-follow pages serve as backlinks to your blog, thus help improve your rankings in some search engines.

YouTube videos

YouTube is a popular platform that attracts a variety of users throughout the world. Unlike other sources for free traffic, however, YouTube is more demanding as it requires time and skill to create engaging videos for your audience.

However, YouTube videos may help you increase your rankings as some search engines favor sites with video attachments, thus giving your higher orders.

Final verdict

It is essential to gain substantial traffic to get an ROI on your blog. However, do not divert all your focus to promoting your site, instead dedicate a small amount of time daily to traffic generation.

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