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You probably know how to come up with content ideas, run a Twitter hashtag contest, get more Twitter followers, and grow your brand with hashtag marketing.

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Well, all these are cool. But to get more results on Twitter, you should aim to get more retweets on the platform.

Let’s face it; the world is more connected like never before. By merely pushing an icon on the screen of your smartphone, you can get your message across to millions of active Twitter users.

Yes, not everyone on the platform will get to see your tweet. However, you can get more reach and viewership using retweets.

Here’s the thing, if you get more retweets, it probably means that your content is relevant, and your audience finds it valuable.

Simply put, retweets translates to more twitter engagement, more traffic, and probably more sales.

Here comes the big question — how do you get more retweets.

Here are some strategies to help you get more retweets 🙌

1. Tweeting at the right time

Pushing out tweets at the right time is arguably the most important factor to consider. If you are publishing tweets, and no one is seeing it, then you are probably shooting yourself in the foot.

Reports show that 48% of Twitter users are based in Eastern Standard Time. And since most retweets take place during 5 pm EST, tweeting during that time is probably your best bet.

Don’t get it twisted — you can get some retweets during other times of the day. But if you desire to maximize your exposure, then retweeting during 5 pm EST is your best bet.

What’s more, tweets on Wednesday tend to have more visibility. Therefore, to get more retweets, you should consider tweeting on Wednesdays by 5 pm EST. You can also use the power of twitter analytics to find the best time to post tweets.

2. Use eye-catchy images, charts, and mini-infographics

Humans are visual creatures, and if you want the average person to engage in your tweet, you should consider using compelling images or mini-infographics.

The tweet below shows the power of an infographic when used the right way.

By merely using an infographic, the user-generated a whopping 266 retweets. These retweets led to a staggering 30,000 twitter impressions, and over 600 people clicking through the article.

That’s a big win!

Moving on, charts tend to get more retweets. To get the best out of charts, you’ve got to download the chart and publish it along with the link. This way, your followers get to see the chart and read the information even without clicking on the link.

Here’s what Larry Kim did here.

3. Take advantage of fun tweets

There is nothing wrong with having a good laugh. Yes, you’ve got an online presence, and one of your primary objectives is to generate more eyeballs for your brand. 

What if adding some humour to the mix is one of the best ways to go about it?

Here is one way of promoting your product with some humour.

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There is nothing wrong with promoting your product with dry humor. After all, the tweet had over 200 retweets — that is a good number for an obsolete product.

4. Useful content get more retweets

Your audiences are regular people — and people are value-driven.

Here is something you may have not considered — your audience is looking for free education. And if you can provide that to them, then you are on a fast lane to generating more retweets.

That’s how Set Godin generates lots of retweets from a tweet.

Everyone loves useful content — and if you can offer that, you would get some juicy retweets in return.

5. Be real and vulnerable

People can smell deception from a mile. If you claim to be who you are not, you are in for some huge failure.

Remember, business is not a sprint — it’s a Marathon. And one way of excelling in business is in building a good relationship with your customers. To do that, you’ve got to be real. Your twitter profile should speak to what you do.

Furthermore, learn to be vulnerable. It’s not business all the time. Show them the face behind the brand, and let them know some things that go behind the scene.

One way of being vulnerable is by sharing family or personal tweets.

Let’s face it, most people have a family, and all your customers have personal things going on in their life. If you could be more vulnerable and publish some personal things, you will likely connect on a deep level with your audience.

See how Naomi Biden generated thousands of retweets by merely sharing a family photo.

Yes, it may feel weird being vulnerable and sharing personal things online, but such content tends to resonate with your audience, and it’s a sure way of building a more meaningful relationship with them. It is one of the most retweeted tweet of their twitter account

You are a real person — not a robot. And your followers desire to know you better on a personal level.

6. Place retweet buttons on your blog posts

Running a business blog is good. What’s even better is inserting retweet buttons on your blog posts.

Here’s the thing, you spend quality time creating a compelling blog. It’s engaging, factual, and your audience loves it. You can take it a step further by creating an easy way of sharing some blog pieces — and that’s where retweet buttons come into play.

Growthlab did a good job of inserting retweet buttons in some of their blog posts.

You see, inserting retweet buttons on your blog is a sure way of getting more retweets in no time.

7. Use retweet as a payment model

There are various ways to get paid online — and one of such ways could be a retweet.

Here’s how it works…

Let’s say you’ve got a private Facebook group or Telegram channel for your members. Before a new member gains access to such a group or channel, the member would have to retweet your blog.

This way, you get to gain even as you provide more value for each new member in the private Facebook group or Telegram channel.

Furthermore, you can create a system where your readers get to retweet before gaining access to an eBook or white paper. 

Yes, before gaining access to free material, the reader will have to retweet.

It’s that simple!

It’s a sure way of boosting your brand reach.

8. Ask for retweets

Why not ask your audiences for retweets? It sounds counterintuitive, but you would be surprised to see the number of people who would retweet just because you asked for a retweet.

Do not underestimate the power of asking.

By using a call to action like Please Retweet, you get to boost your chances for a retweet by a whopping 160%. 

You can use a call to action like please retweet, Pls RT, or RT.

Conclusion — Get more retweets using simple techniques

Getting more retweets is not rocket science. You can start by tweeting at the right time, using eye-catchy images, and taking advantage of fun tweets.

If you are up for it, you can also use other strategies mentioned in this guide.

With more retweets, you get to have more brand exposure and also reach more customers on the platform.

Now you understand the power of retweets and how to get more of it, which strategy will you be using to get more retweets?

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