How Social Media Can Speed the Brand Awareness Process

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In this digital era, survival is the victory for any business. Every business owner’s dream is to earn maximum profit and stay ahead in the competitive business curve. This is why they try emerging marketing techniques, be it SEO, social media, or email marketing for their business growth. No doubt, all these tactics have their own benefits and limitations but social media is one of the techniques that has caught the maximum attention in recent years. Getting your audience’s attention is no longer a cakewalk, you should have a solid marketing strategy to connect and engage with them.


Source: social media examiner

Undoubtedly, there are numerous techniques but social media could be a great addition to your overall digital marketing campaign. If you use social media tools and techniques wisely, you have great potential for growing your brand awareness. No that does not mean you should opt for paid social media advertising but you can simply promote your content to keep customers engaged with your brand.

According to Statista’s prediction, there will be more than 3 billion active social media users globally by 2021.

If you are a business owner, adding social media to boost your company’s brand awareness would be the wise decision you can ever make. And reasons are obvious, social media is effective and way cost-effective than other marketing tools for increasing brand awareness. Before you create a profile on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you also need to find which platform is suitable for your business.

Social Media Is Great for Brand Awareness

Promoting your business across multiple channels and platforms won’t give you fruitful results. You have to be there where your customers are. For instance, if you are engaged with the restaurant industry, Instagram would work best for you. If you are running an eCommerce business, Facebook and Instagram both will work for you.

We are living in a world where people trust social media recommendations more than anything else. Whether you are using influencers, run paid advertisement campaigns,s or simply post quality content on your profile, social media has proven to be an exceptional factor in creating brand awareness.

This is because your customers are there and it enables you to establish relationships. It will also generate some kind of sales opportunities. In fact, more than half of the people learn about new brands because it was recommended by their friends on social media.

Who Ruling the Social Media Game?

Warren Knight from Social Media Examiner provides great insights into the number of users active on each social media platform. He stated that,

  • Facebook is having more than 1.86 billion active users in 2020
  • Twitter also not behind in the game and having 319 million active users
  • Instagram stands on the top as it has 600 million active users

Based on your demographics, here you need to choose the platform. Moreover, it’s not only about promotions but a strong social media presence fosters customer loyalty and garner trust.

If you are a brand and willing to establish strong brand awareness, this post is for you. Here we are going to explore several ways that enable you to make most of the social media to softer brand awareness.

Social Media Accelerate Brand Awareness

To put it simply, social media marketing is a technique where you can promote and sell your products or service at pocket-friendly pricing. However, you have to be smart enough because competition is neck-to-neck on these platforms.

The research claimed that almost 91% of retail brands are active on 2-3 social media platforms to promote their services. Now you can anticipate the level of competition on these platforms. Although, it has become the center for promoting your brand awareness. Here are several ways social media can speed up your brand awareness process.

Harness the Power of Visual Content

Content is king but here you need to focus more on creating and posting visual content because the audience is more interested to engage with visual content rather than text. It means to try to post quality images, infographics, short videos, etc. that grab the user’s attention for the very first time. Along with that, also use informative and unique captions that speak your brand.

A recent survey conducted by Buzzsumo, posts on Facebook with visual content get 2.3 times more engagement than normal posts. Here we have explained certain ways that help you create interesting and engaging posts for your social media profiles.

  • Use advanced tools such as Canva and Figma to create visually interesting content
  • Keep post designs minimalist
  • Don’t overlook image copyrights
  • Keep your text bold if possible ( in readable format)
  • Don’t forget to include the logo
  • Use catchy and unique captions with hashtags

Visual content is more engaging and easy to grasp for social media users. Experienced marketers stated that highly engaging visuals often attract attention from potential audiences.

Collaborate with Niche Influencers

Source: smart insights

Today, you can say that social media and influencers walk together like peanut butter and jelly. Influencers are social media content creators who have huge fan followings in a particular niche. It could be in fitness, lifestyle, travel, health, cooking, etc. For example, if you own a restaurant, collaboration with famous food bloggers and chefs would be extremely beneficial for your brand. It will simply create awareness of your brands among their followers.

You might get shocked to know that in the year 2017 alone, more than $570 million was spent on influencer marketing. This figure keeps growing with time as it offers plenty of benefits to brands in the long run.

Further, this would be useful for those entrepreneurs who are new to the business world as they won’t have to invest time and effort to establish a strong social media presence. All they can connect with social media experts, bloggers, entrepreneurs, celebrities to promote their products and services. It will also offer the opportunity to generate more leads, bring new customers to doors, and amplify overall profitability.

Be Consistent

What do you mean by consistency? No, the consistency does not mean keep bombarding content day and night to engage with users. Here consistency means your social media profiles scream your brand name. Post quality and engaging content, communicate with your industry experts, build relations with customers, offer them attractive deals or incentives. In the long run, all these create brand awareness.

While you are working on social media strategy, post content based on the platform. Make sure you also know the right time to post content across different social media channels. There are different timings and days on which users are most active. Work on these timings and plan out your content accordingly.

Make Use of Hashtags

Choose hashtags that reflect your brand identity. Hashtags basically allow end-users to find relevant content or pages based on their interest. From a marketer’s point of view, using hashtags helps you increase your social media engagement level and gives you a unique identity. Follow the below tricks that will enable you to increase the efficiency of the hashtags you are using:

  • Keep your hashtags simple
  • Find hashtags that match with your industry
  • Don’t overuse. Try to include 2-3 hashtags in a post.
  • Be unique and catchy

As per the recent data, brands can boost 50% of engagement level on social media using unique and trendy hashtags.

Take into consideration the above tips while crafting social media strategy. The significance of brand awareness has become paramount with the evolution of digital technologies. Today, people are more connected to social media to know about brands, leverage the superpower of it, and stay ahead in the competition.


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