7 easy to create Instagram themes

An Instagram theme is the first impression for anybody who visits or accidentally comes across your Instagram page. This is important because the aesthetics of your Instagram page does make a huge impact on a person’s decision to follow you or no.
It is also super important is to be consistent by scheduling images for your gram ahead of time.

Having a theme for your Instagram accounts also keeps you motivated to create content also allows you to explore more tools to create great Instagram content.

Before anything else, it’s best to find your niche and work on everything that makes your account or brand look tasty. These could mean different tools to create

Few things that help someone on your page hit the follow button  —
1. A well-drafted and descriptive bio
2. Links to your website (if any)
3. Creating highlights with a themed cover photo
4. A consistent theme to enhance the aesthetics

Let’s look at the different kinds of themes that are simple to create and you could definitely give a spin 🙂

1. Checkerboard

This is one of the most common themes and super easy to create.
All you have to do is ensure you have two types of content and publish each of them alternatively.

This could be Text and Image, Image and video, Black and white backgrounds or any other two colors that would work too.
Here’s how the Five-minute journal maintains its feed by alternating between text/quotes and images/videos.

Here’s another Instagram account by Dr. Tanaya who alternates between text and videos to create that beautiful checkerboard feed!

2. Repetition

This is best for brands who publish posts of only their products.
An easy way to achieve this theme is by capturing the same object, person, or anything for that matter for it to seem repetitive, slightly symmetrical, and oddly satisfying feed when someone scrolls through it.

Here’s how Andrew created an account for his pup Momo on Instagram and posts pictures of this doggo at different locations and backgrounds.

It could also be based on a particular concept like Himanshu from — My Yellow plate taking us around the world with him while he eats on his yellow plate.

Another such account is by Desserted in Paris who posts pictures of desserts with matching shoes. Isn’t that super cool? 😎

3. Pastels

There’s something so calm and soothing about pastel feeds. It’s a great way to bring those colors together without being over the top and too bright.
The colors that sit well in the grid could be lilac, pink, mauve, peach, pale yellow, soft greens, lavender, and olive.

The beautiful pastel feed by Nupur Singh – @thelazyinsomniac is a perfect example.

And this feed by Marie – a visual storyteller who takes us through some of the most beautifully put-together florals in her pastel grid.

To create a pastel grid, you can pick images with pastel elements or you can put together images together and then add a pastel filter or theme that is available in the Preview app.

Alternatively, you can use the lightroom app and increase the brightness + exposure, add highlights, increase whites, and also decrease contrast and clarity.
You can try the steps here for a bright pastel theme and then gradually dabble around till you find what best suits your pastel type.

4. Minimalist

This one is slightly tricky because of the lack of colors but it’s still an easy to create theme.
All you have to do is ensure you have a focused object and lots of space around it.
It’s best if the colors are earthy and have more white spaces to give your feed that perfect minimal look.


5. Flatlay

Flatlays are one of the most Instagram-worthy content. It’s basically a picture giving the viewer a birdseye view.
All you have to do is arrange everything on a surface in an aesthetically pleasing way and take a photo from above. Adding elements, playing around with colors and white spaces does the magic!Let’s look at this flat lay feed by — My little journal blog 

And, this one by — Flatlay.io 

6. Color pop

This theme goes by its name. It is everything bright, vibrant, and colorful.
You can create this by simply taking pictures of an object/subject with bright backgrounds.
You can always look for bright-colored walls, use colored paper if it’s a smaller object, and add little contrasting elements for the colors in the image to pop up!

Rosie Clayton’s feed is the perfect Color pop example we could be inspired from

7. Rustic

This Instagram theme is everything warm with a touch of vintage.
It can be easily created using apps like VSCO that have filters you can apply and then adjust the blacklight + contrast by increasing it till you achieve the rustic feel to each image.
Jessica’s feed is the perfect example of a rustic feed.

You can also lookup for presets that are available on lightroom to create similar themes.

⭐️Bonus ⭐️

  • Puzzle grid -This Instagram theme needs you to slice your images and publish them one by one to create a puzzle of a bigger picture when put together. This can be created using the Preview or Later app that allows you to add images and preview your feed before scheduling the pictures.
  • Colorwheel – You can pick any color from the color wheel to be your Instagram theme and then post pictures that fall in the same shades.
    For example, if you pick the color black you can post  dark shades of greys, blacks, olive, etc.  Similarly, you can pick any color of your choice like Red, Blue, Green, and transition to lighter or brighter shades.
  • Borders – Adding borders to your Instagram images to make it stand out from other feeds makes a great Instagram theme for your account.
    You can use apps like – Canva and Photogrid to resize the images with a white border.
Here’s another example of a landscape feed with borders –

You can also choose the borders to be any other color too.

That’s all folks! 🙌
Let me know if you’ve tried any of these in the comments below ⚡️

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